Outstanding medical and pension, in Issstep Puebla

Its director, Miguel Angel García, pointed out however that, for now, concentrates its efforts on the health problems by Covid-19

To three weeks of the change of general direction in the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Workers in the Service of the Powers of the State of Puebla (ISSSTEP), the new administration has identified outstanding resolve in the areas of health, pension and disqualifications.

The new owner of the agency, Miguel Angel García Martínez, pointed out that their efforts at this time are being directed to the attention of the medical aspects given the situation created by the pandemic Covid-19 in Puebla, as part of the main functions of the institute.

“Some adjustments already started to do, but what interests us is the face medical, the face of the institute. There are also problems of pensions, there are problems of disqualifications, among other things, but right now the priority is the health careespecially for the pandemic, “he said in an interview.

García Martínez he explained that they have faced the same problems that other institutions of public health, although they have had favorable results in the statistics. Mid-week, the Center of Respiratory Diseases had an index of contagion, which the officer recognized as high and a smaller proportion of deaths.

“We cannot say that we have done very well because on all sides they have had problems with supply of drugs, but in index of free we have over 550 patients treated in the Center of Respiratory Diseases and we have had 40 deaths, “he said.

As reported by other institutions of health, explained, in the case of the deaths it has been observed that they were patients with previous diseases that have complicated his prognosis before the diagnosis of Covid -19.

On the other hand, the director general of the ISSSTEP Puebla he stressed the need to address the shortage of medicines for various ailments among which stands out the cancerwhich have been derived in complaints of beneficiaries registered this week.


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