Outstanding productions: “Orestie” by Aischylos opens Hamburg Theater Festival


Scarce, exciting, timeless. And unconventional: This was one of the critiques of the premiere of “The Orestie” by Aeschylus in the production of Thalia director Antú Romero Nunes.

The production of the Vienna Burgtheater opens on Monday evening at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus the 11th Hamburg Theater Festival. The Greek trilogy is told with seven actresses – including Maria Happel, Caroline Peters and Andrea Wenzl – from the perspective of the goddesses of revenge.

Until June 13, the Hamburg Festival presents outstanding productions from German-speaking countries. «We want to show a stirring, emotional, atmospheric theater with outstanding actors and strong directing manuscripts from the German-speaking world,» said Artistic Director Nikolaus Besch.

For the first time, the privately funded festival will be held in spring rather than autumn. Thus, it takes place parallel to the Berlin Theatertreffen, which is considered one of the most important festivals of the stage scene. A jury selected and invited the ten most noteworthy productions from German-speaking countries.

In addition to the “Orestie”, the Vienna Burgtheater in Hamburg also shows “Medea” after Euripides (directed by Simon Stone). In the two-person piece «Heilig Abend» by Daniel Kehlmann of the Residenztheater Munich, Sophie von Kessel and Michele Cuciuffo can be seen. Ulrich Matthes reads Schiller ballads and the Deutsches Theater Berlin presents René Pollesch's “Cry Baby” with Sophie Rois, Christine Groß, Bernd Moss and Judith Hofmann. The Vienna Theater in der Josefstadt shows Arthur Schnitzler's “Der einsame Weg”.

For the first time, the festival is presenting its own production in cooperation with Kampnagel with “Macbeth” after William Shakespeare (adaptation and translation: John von Düffel). Directed by Matthias Hartmann, played by Catrin Striebeck and Oliver Masucci.


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