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Of the ten games played last night in the NHL, we note the most interesting.

Tampa has maintained the first place in the standings thanks to the victory in the clashes. The best Russian scorer Nikita Kucherov was not able to participate in any of the "Lightning" goals, but he made his post-game bullet, which became decisive.


Defender Mikhail Sergachev made an assist.


"Florida" smeared the strong boys of "Boston" on ice. Eugene Dadonov scored his thirteenth record this season.


Events in the game developed in a sine wave. In the first period, three unanswered washers scored by Pittsburgh, Colorado, responded with three goals, and in the last twenty minutes the Penguins returned to the turn, with all three goals in 2 minutes and 47 seconds.


Evgeni Malkin scored a goal, made an assist pass and was named the second star of the match.


Avalanche goalkeeper Semyon Varlamov rejects 26 hits out of 32.

Even worse are the statistics of the "Colombo" goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky, who was replaced after losing 8 goals in 26 shots. This is only the second case in the career of the Russian goalkeeper, when he misses so much.


The home team led 4-1 at the start of the second period, which in most cases is enough to win. But not this time. Artemy Panarin made two broadcasts, but ended the meeting with a utility score of "minus 3".

The Toronto leader, Oston Matthews, who recovered from injury, scored two goals and scored an assist.


In three games after returning to his account 7 (5 + 2) points. "Toronto" won the fifth consecutive victory. In the next game, it is expected that the new contract signed, Michael Nylander, will join the maple leaves.

The finalists of the last Stanley Cup played to recover, but in the end the victory went to Las Vegas, which achieved most of the fifteen minutes before the end of the third period.


Alexander Ovechkin scored 20 goals in a season, Yevgeny Kuznetsov has an assist.


"Washington" is losing the second game in a row, there are still two games ahead.



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