Over 200 applications with a virus detected on Google Play


206 mobile programs with malicious code were found in the directory of the Android application. The corresponding statement was made by Check Point Software Technologies in its publication.

It has been clarified that these applications have been downloaded in total on mobile devices almost 150 million times.

We are talking about a virus called SimBad, which was built in the famous simulation games. First, it showed users ads about other applications, so it started collecting information about the user. In this case, the advertising demonstration was carried out in the background.

In addition, the virus could open unauthorized links in the browser, download application ARK files from unknown sources and try to install them. Currently, according to Google Play, all the malware has been removed.

Previously, cybersecurity experts have discovered a new virus that infects devices with Android. Malicious software causes the rapid download of smartphones and tablets.



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