Over 400 immigrants died trying to cross the US border in 2018


You love me – Almost 400 undocumented migrants died trying to illegally cross the US-Mexico border in 2018, according to data from the Lost Migrants Project.

This group, which monitors the deaths of migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers on migratory routes around the world, he represented 376 deaths on the border with the United States, according to the figures collected today by the conservative Breibart media.

This figure includes the death of 214 men, 20 women and 4 children, to which we must add 138 human remains of those who failed to identify their age and gender.

The 376 deaths were recorded until 21 December last, due to the partial closure of the United States government due to the lack of a budget agreement, it is therefore expected that they will increase when those produced up to the 31st month are accounted for.

According to this organization, of the 376 deaths, it is assumed that 90 come from South America and the Caribbean, 100 from Central America and 2 from Asia, while the remaining 184 are unknown.

Breibart indicates that 230 of these deaths occurred at the Texas border, including 48 in Brooks County, located 128 kilometers north of the Mexican border.

The provisional figure for 2018 could result in a reduction compared to those recorded in the two previous years, respectively with 415 and 401, although it would be significantly higher than in 2015 (339) and 2016 (306).

The investigation of the Migrantes Project Perdidos began with the death of at least 368 immigrants in October 2013 in two shipwrecks near the Italian island of Lampedusa, said the organization on its website.

The southern border of the United States has seen undocumented immigrants grow in recent months and in the last fiscal year, ended September 30, 2018, the figure was 521,090 people, while in the previous fiscal year they were 415,517.

Last October and November, the last two data of which official documents exist, 123,228 migrants were detained on the Mexican border, many of them unaccompanied families and minors, which represents a significant increase compared to 73,992 in the two months of 2017 counterparts

This Monday, the commissioner of the Office for customs and customs protection (CBP, in English), Kevin McAleenanHe assured the press that the increase in the arrival of migrant families is creating an "unprecedented crisis".

He assured that many of the undocumented people arrive in the country suffering from diseases such as influenza, pneumonia or tuberculosis, forcing to hospitalize six children and eleven adults.

On Christmas Eve, a eight-year-old Guatemalan boy He died in a hospital in the state of New Mexico after being under the supervision of the CBP for more than a week.

He was the second son to die in December in custody of US authorities after a 7-year-old Guatemalan woman lost her life in a Texas hospital after crossing the border illegally from Mexico with her father. .



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