Over the past few days, 12 people have been injured in road traffic accidents in the Riga region, one person has died

Since Friday, 154 road traffic accidents have been registered in the Riga region, in which 12 people were injured and one person died. Seven pedestrians are among the victims, according to information from the State Police.

On Saturday at 8:16 p.m. in Suntaži, Ogre region, on the Inciems-Sigulda-Ķegums highway (P8) near the boarding elementary school, the driver of a Subaru Outback hit a pedestrian, who died at the scene of his injuries. According to preliminary information, the man moved along the roadway without light-reflecting elements. The police are explaining the circumstances of the incident.

In the last three days, 13 drivers of vehicles were arrested in Riga and in the vicinity of the capital under the influence of alcohol and two under the influence of narcotic substances.

159 administrative violation protocols for speeding and 19 protocols for aggressive driving were drawn up.

One car theft, six bicycle thefts, as well as five home thefts and one robbery were registered in Riga and Pieri during the last three days.

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