Entertainment "Overcome by the situation": Vicuña dismissed Pampita

“Overcome by the situation”: Vicuña dismissed Pampita

Benjamín Vicuña made his first Instagram Live, shortly after the confirmation that China Suárez herself made about her pregnancy. The person in charge of interviewing him was his countryman, the Chilean journalist María Luisa Godoy, to whom the actor told him that he is in quarantine, taking it with “a lot of responsibility.” The talk covered different topics but the most striking thing came when he revealed what was the conversation he had with his ex, Pampita, about his three male children: Bautista (12), Beltrán (7) and Benicio (5).

In principle, he referred to the good news. “We are going to be parents, so we are happy in this strange moment, but staying with the positive, accompanying this pregnancy …”, indicated the actor, who is also pending the “growth” of his children: “Just Magnolia with two Añitos is learning to speak. When this topic started, I was in Chile and I felt a lot of anxiety and anguish that he would grab me away from my children, but at least I managed to get here to be with my family, which is the most important thing. ”

Vicuña specified that, as the governments of Chile and Argentina took different preventive measures to stop infections, when they were in Buenos Aires, they adhered to the current regulations of this country. With that foot, he revealed the treatment they reached with Pampita: “The first two weeks here the President determined, among other things, that they should be with his mother. But I discussed it with the boys’ mom and she said she was overcome by the situation, with no people to help her, no babysitters, or anything. And what was customary was, with the parents separated, that the father could see them 30 or 40 minutes ”. Then, fortunately, that was “transformed” and they arranged something that the Chilean artist described as “common sense: that the boys spend a week in each house.”

Then he affirmed that the decision made was “the correct way that we separated parents” and expressed his joy at the “benefits” that this brings. “The children are happy to be with their parents,” he said and reflected that “the great complaint of these times is that we do not meet children because of the great educational burden they have. My oldest son was 12 hours away from home, and he arrived exhausted. ” For this reason, in this confinement, he said, we must find the “positive side” of having the boys close.



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