Overcome Gout Naturally by Consuming These Foods Said dr. Ema Surya Pertiwi

MAPAY BANDUNG – Gout is a disease that is often suffered by many people.

According to dr. Ema Surya Pertiwiif the body is excess goutit will cause certain symptoms.

There are also many ways that can be done to overcome the disease gout and various symptoms.

According to dr. Ema Surya Pertiwione way that can be done is to consume some food certain.

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Therefore, dr. Ema Surya Pertiwi this time will recommend some food which is efficacious in overcoming disease gout.

Recommendation food first according to dr. Ema Surya Pertiwi efficacious to overcome gout is celery.

According to dr. Ema Surya Pertiwithe content contained in celery in the form of luteolin, 2n butylfalate, and beta selinene which are very efficacious for treating disease. gout.

“The three ingredients in celery can help provide protection from inflammation caused by celery gout which is high in the body,” said dr. Ema Surya Pertiwi as quoted MapayBandung.com from the video on the Goldsuperrr YouTube channel Friday, 20 May 2022.

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