Overwatch 2: Bastion New and Awesome Abilities

Blizzard Unveils Bastion’s New and Awesome Abilities in Overwatch 2.

Because the original Overwatch was coming to an end with its final match. Overwatch League, Blizzard has shared more insights on Overwatch 2. Bastion is being reworked along with updating its abilities and ultimate

Configuration: Recon

Configuration: Recon is Bastion’s default setting. In this configuration, Bastion can move around and fire bullets at medium range.

Overwatch 2 will see a configuration: Recon’s weapon fire rate is reduced by 50%, however, the guard will be more accurate. Damage drop range increased. This means that the ammunition will be more powerful in the long run. Weapon dispersion is also reduced to 0, so all projectiles will go where you aim. and does not spread around the target

Configuration: Sentry

When the Bastion is idle with Configuration: Recon, it becomes a powerful but immobile turret with Configuration: Sentry.

The biggest update to Bastion in Overwatch 2 is that you can now move around. can while in Configuration: Sentry movement speed decreased but still; Bastion is now a mobile deadly turret.

Configuration: Sentry has unlimited ammo. To avoid making Bastion a real powerhouse Weapon damage is reduced by 40%.


Bastion cannot be switched freely between Configuration: Recon and Configuration: Sentry takes 8 seconds to switch between the two modes. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds for abilities.

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self repair

In the original Overwatch, Bastion was able to heal itself by holding down the right mouse button. Even if you can’t fire while repairing. But it was a powerful ability that allowed Bastion to survive even without support from players.

This ability disappeared with Overwatch 2, giving players the necessary support for Bastion’s survival.

tactical bomb

To replace self-healing, Bastion gains a new ability in Overwatch 2: Tactical Grenade. Bastion fires a tactical grenade that detonates after a moment. Knocks off any enemies it attacks.

This bomb bounced off the wall. but clings to the enemy and the ground Shortly after being attached to an enemy or the ground, it explodes.

Configuration: Artillery

Overwatch 2 finally brings Bastion to a new ultimate — Configuration: Artillery. In this mode, Bastion locks in the ground and unleashes powerful long-range artillery attacks.

Unlike Bastion’s ultimate in the original Overwatch, players can manually select three locations with configurations: Artillery to attack anywhere on the map and surprise opponents.

Bastion now has a full set of gear with powerful abilities to destroy enemies at any distance and control the entire map. Tactical grenades combined with mobile configurations: Sentry can be lethal, making Bastion an opponent that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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