Overwatch 2’s new gameplay reveals redesigned maps in Havana and Dorado

Blizzard has uploaded several new videos of its recent Overwatch 2 review with the OWL pros in Hawaii, our first look at Dorado by day and Havana by night in the upcoming game.

At this point, we know that Overwatch 2 will be getting a slew of new maps such as New York, Rome, Toronto, and more. But on Saturday October 9th, Overwatch uploaded new videos of Havana and Dorado in the sequel, and it looks like both cards are going to get a big makeover.

Dorado has been a classic and popular Overwatch card since the game came out, and Havana also gained a bit of popularity after its release in May 2019. Although the developers apparently took the old Switcheroo with them in the sequel.

As you can see in the two videos in this story, Havana is now set at night, while Dorado is (finally) shown in all its glory in broad daylight. From Havana we actually didn’t see much beyond the second stage in our test match, as the offensive first team could only partially prevail through the first division.

But this little preview shows how great the Cuban city can look under the stars. Buildings are lit up, street lights bathe the payload route in their warm glow, and frankly, it looks like a brand new map, although only the lighting is different (which we can at least see now).

On to the fan favorite Dorado, in contrast to Havana, the entire Mexican map can now be seen in broad daylight. For years, players have wondered what the map will look like in the light, especially after the Castillo Deathmatch map was released, and now we can finally see it in all of its glory.

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Daytime Dorado looks stunning, the colors of the buildings stand out much more than they appear on the classic night map, and the new lighting gives the stage a completely different dimension. Just watching the preview feels like meeting an old friend for the first time after an impressive glitz.

New hero skills and maps are all well and good and are definitely the main attraction for Overwatch 2, but reworking old content is a real treat for seasoned players. With the sequel release date hopefully approaching, we can’t wait to see what other changes Blizzard makes to the cards we already know and love.

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