Sport Ozoliņš played the day after the operation, recalls 'Dinamo'...

Ozoliņš played the day after the operation, recalls ‘Dinamo’ doctor Aivars

Latvian hockey legend Sandis Ozolins once went to the field of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) teams Riga “Dynamo” the day after the elbow surgery, the program “eXi visits” remembers the club ‘s doctor Āris Aivars.

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The long-term doctor of the unit, when asked about Ozoliņš, remembered the case when the guard had had surgery the day before due to bursitis of the elbow, but the next day he arrived at the KHL match.

“I say, ‘Sanja, you had surgery yesterday. You won’t play. “He says,” What are you killing here? I will play. You won’t teach me, “” Aivars remembers.

Both have gone to the team’s head coach Julius Schuller, who led Dinamo in its early years.

“” Coach, Ozoliņš can’t play today because he had surgery yesterday, “Aivars said. “Ozolins said:” This is not your business. I’ll play! “He went, got dressed and played. After the game comes,” Oh, doc, look at my elbow. “All the seams were in half, the naked meat came out, so to speak. So I say – he was old.”

Elbow injury Ozolina was suppressed in 2009/2010. in October, but he spent a longer period only from 23 November to 22 December.

The sports talk show “eXi” is a program created by Jānis Celmiņš and, which can be watched every other Thursday evening at 21.15 on the TV channel, and later available on the portal In it, former athletes view current sports events through the prism of former athletes.

“eXi ciemos” is a special summer edition of the show, in which Celmiņš will visit one of the “eXu” friends in five episodes together with former athletes Kristaps Valters, Edgars Lūsiņš or Jurijs Žigajevs.


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