Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – Love stronger than any addiction

In a world of scandals, divorces and materialism, we sometimes have the feeling that true love is only in books and movies. People fall in love and fall out of love faster than the change of weather this month. That is why 40 years of marriage seem to us an incredible phenomenon.

Such is the case of Ozzy and Sharon Osborne. In early July, they will celebrate their fourth decade together, wanting to renew their marriage vows on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The heavy metal star is still recovering from a difficult operation, but is determined to make this gesture for his partner.

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But love is like a rose – beautiful and with many thorns. The couple experiences both good and bad moments. And their common history began in 1970, when Sharon was only 18 years old and he was still married to Thelma Riley. They met when Ozzy went to the office of her father, who was the manager of the group “Black Sabbath” at the time. And no, the sparks between them do not fly at first glance.

I was used to American artists who were very neat and smelled good. Suddenly came these hairy, strange men from the north of England, who dressed in a way I had never seen before. I was worried about them“says Sharon about her first meeting with Ozzy and the band.

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Later, her opinion of them changed dramatically. It happens when she goes with her father to their concert in London, which leaves her amazed not only by them as performers, but also by the music they make. Their relationship remained friendly until 1979. She admits that what attracted her to him was his humor, talent and sensitivity.

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Thelma Riley divorced Ozzy in 1982, not because of Sharon, but because of his alcohol problems. That same year, the two lovers married, and later became the parents of their daughters Amy and Kelly, and their son Jack.

It is not easy for them from the very beginning. After the divorce, he left his children entirely in the care of their mother, due to his condition at the time. For her part, Sharon quarrels with her father over debts to the production company. He is not on good terms with his mother and brother.

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We both started with nothing. He had no family, nor did I. We were alone against the world and we won“, she shares.

His addictions also don’t work well for their relationship. In 1989, Ozzy nearly killed his wife while intoxicated. The police arrested him, but did not put him in prison. Instead, he underwent six months of treatment in a clinic. However, his wife is determined not to divorce him, instead asking him if she wants to hurt both of them and their children with this addiction, trying to make him realize his mistake. Ozzy manages to get on the right track and for a long time everything seems fine.

In 2016, the frontman of “Black Sabbath” cheated on her. The pain she is experiencing is indescribable, so she temporarily breaks up with him. In 2017, they renew their vows.

This is an obstacle in the way. Some days are nice, others are awful, and some are days away. But then you are always there“says Ozzy on the show” Good Morning America. “

The recent neck surgery that the singer is going through is another obstacle for their family.

He lay white as a sheet, with high blood pressure. I thought I would lose him“, says the host of” The Talk “.

Fortunately, the procedure was successful and the couple intends to celebrate 40 years of their wedding. Despite the problems, they move forward, still inseparable. They show every day to their children, to the world and to themselves that true love is worth experiencing, no matter how difficult its path.

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