Ozzy Osbourne: sweet declaration of love to his “goddess” Sharon


Again, say someone, princes of darkness have no sense of romance. Ozzy Osbourne (70, “Crazy Train”), who has been married to Sharon (66) for over 37 years despite some adverse circumstances, has made her a declaration of love that goes to the heart – and his wife in the Interview with the British newspaper “The Sun” immediately raised to Olympus.

At least her ability to forgive Ozzy's affair with a hair stylist from 2016 is not in his eyes of the world: “Sharon and I have never been as close as we are now, it's great, Sharon was one Goddess, “enthuses the frontman of the hard-rock band Black Sabbath. “I'm so lucky she took me back.”

Dread and comeback

He still could not understand why he had gone alien – “I will not understand until my death.” Speaking of death, Ozzy Osbourne also said in an interview, revealing that he had almost finished his life recently: “Everything went well until I turned 70 in December.” Then hell broke in on him. “I was scared, I thought that was it.” An inflammation of the respiratory tract tied him first to the hospital bed, later he also crashed hard and had to spend months again in the hospital. Even his tour had to be postponed.

But now he is doing much better again, even if he does not see himself at 100 percent. At least the stage comeback is coming in the near future. The tour with the telling title “No More Tours 2” will lead Ozzy Osbourne instead of 2019 then from spring 2020 to Germany.


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