Pablo Bouza, new men’s rugby coach: "I’m not going to look for players outside"

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Qualify Spain for the World Cup in Australia in 2027 and win a game there. With this objective, the new men’s rugby coach, the Argentine, was presented this Thursday at the CSD headquarters. Pablo Bouza. “Spain has a huge number of players, they have good players,” highlighted the new coach, who has stressed the need to do many things first “on and off the field, so that they reach the calls in the best possible way.” .

Bouza, like his predecessors, faces the challenge of ensuring that Spanish players or players of Spanish descent who are part of French professional clubs can overcome the obstacles placed on them to join, when they are called, the XV of the Lion. “The most difficult thing today is the availability of the players, we have to organize ourselves as to when we can train them, so that we are clear about it, and then we decide who to call,” he insisted.

Bouza, who has been assistant coach of Uruguay in the World Cup that is just ending, has focused on the development of the Spanish youth team. “I’m not going to look for players outside,” he responded to EL MUNDO, although adding that it has those who have already worn the Spanish shirt. In a brief intervention, Pablo Bouza emphasized High Performance structures. “The issue of the youth, of the academy, is the most important thing,” he pointed out, pointing out “the very important achievement” that it represents. the classification of the under-20 team for a world cup in which only 12 squads compete.

The new coach likes rugby “with very good fixed formations, and that the team has a lot of intensity, in attack and defense, in work in training and on the field.” Bouza has described his recent time at the World Cup in Uruguay’s technical team as “a dream” and has emphasized passing it on to his new players. “The most important thing is communication with the players, how we transmit things.”

For the Argentine coach, who followed Spain’s qualification for the last two World Cups – although it was later disqualified for improper alignment -, our country’s rugby coincides with that of his country and Uruguay in “the passion of the players.” A foundation on which to build the men’s team. “The main thing is an identity, the message has to be that,” he stated.

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