Pablo Iglesias anticipates that Podemos will not go back to coalition with Sumar and will act independently in Congress

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The growing tension between Podemos and Sumar, the left-wing space with which it participated in the general elections in July, has worsened in recent hours. And the more than likely departure from the Council of Ministers of the party founded by Pablo Iglesias has been the last drop in the glass of accumulated reproaches to overflow.

He was precisely the former leader of the formation household the one who has anticipated the break with Yolanda Díaz, the person he himself appointed to replace him as vice president of the Government. He has done so through an editorial in Network Diarythe media outlet that he founded after his departure from political life, in which he has specified what the steps of that divorce will be.

“At first, this dynamic will be reflected in a differentiated parliamentary activity between the left-wing deputies and the PSOE-Sumar bloc, but there is no doubt that, in the medium term and as both projects become visible for what they are – two different projects – will also be reflected at the electoral level, where the new Government is leaving Podemos a wide avenue on the left to follow,” he details in an editorial published this Thursday in this digital newspaper, assuming that they will have a ballot own in next year’s European elections.

Among the arguments included in said article to try to justify that they should have a share of power in La Moncloa is that the purples They have five seats in Díaz’s group, the same as IU and the common, which according to the pools on the composition of the new Executive will achieve ministries. Also, they have “11 times more militants” than the only one of the 15 political forces that support the vice president that has consulted her bases about the investiture pact.

Iglesias’ newspaper also recalls that Podemos “fought” in 2019 to “break the exclusion clause and get the PSOE, after a repeat election, to accept by force the first coalition government since the recovery of democracy in Spain.” and the “only one in Europe with a presence of the left.” He also maintains that “part of the policies that the candidate for re-election boasts about bear the “signature” of the party founded a decade ago.

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