PACA: vehicles shot down after refueling at the same station


Cascading failures, and within a limited range around Manosque, in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence. Dozens of machines broke down in a few days in the region, for no apparent reason, cluttering several garages in the department. It took a pilot to have a flash of clarity to identify the source of the problems.

Franck is refueling his vehicle on October 30 before going to work, but he will never get to his job, a failure that forces him to stop a few miles away. "I made a mile before a spy lit up and that the machine is not burning, "he explains. Provence.

"I parked on the side after the Durance bridge." In front of me, there was another stationary vehicle, and talking to the man on board, waiting for a tow truck, made me incline! " # 39; motorist. In effect, both vehicles had just been refueled at Manosque's Hyper U station.

Repair costs supported

In the process, many similar cases come back. Only the Renault and Fiat garages were collected 14 vehicles in the same case. Not to mention the cars towed in independent garages, says the regional newspaper. "I've never seen that in my career! This is a great first, "he says Provence a Renault mechanic, after having found large quantities of water in the tanks.

It remains to be seen how the water mixed with diesel. Heavy rains could infiltrate a tank failure. The tanker truck was able to transport vandalized fuel. The problem can also come from the Berre pond depot. After being closed, the Manosque Hyper U station was closed for several days, before re-opening without distributing diesel fuel.

For its part, the supermarket management refused to communicate, but indicated that upon presentation of the invoices, it is committed to repay the repairs. Knowing that replacing a tank can easily exceed 1,000 euros.

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