Pachama: the startup of a tucuman who wants to save the world – Tucumán

Diego Sáez-Gil is a man from Tucumán who has caught the attention of Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon), among other billionaire investors from the United States, with your startup, “Pachama“, an application that allows companies to buy carbon credits to offset the damage they cause to the environment.

The company was born after the frustrated success of Bluesmart that made smart suitcases that Sean Pean, Usain Bolt and Tony Hawk used. Diego took a year off to tour Asia. Later, he returned to Tucumán to take a car trip with his brothers to the middle of the Amazon. There he reconnected with nature. “After having seen industrial pollution in China, seeing deforestation in the Amazon, seeing what is happening with climate change and knowing the power of an idea, I spent a lot of time researching and came to this endeavor” , the tucumano tells The nation about the start of Pachama, a company that allows companies to buy carbon credits to offset emissions.

The carbon market was created by the United Nations and works like this: “offeror” is the one in charge of reforesting, generally hiring auditors from Washington DC or Switzerland who send inspectors to the field to count the trees and measure them. After a slow process, they give the carbon credit certificate to sell.

On the demand side, there are companies that are obliged to offset their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as is the case in Canada, the United States and some parts of the European Union, which buy these credits. Each carbon credit is equivalent to the life of a tree that captures an average ton of CO2 and can cost between $ 10 and $ 30.

“As the whole process to certify the carbon credit is expensive and difficult, it is not happening. We could be reforesting many forests, but the money is going to other projects that are easier to certify,” Diego says to The nation.

Pachama focused on building technological tools that make certification easier, using satellite images and artificial intelligence.

“One of the ways of caring for the environment is reforestation as it reverses the problem of climate change. In Tucumán it floods because the forests do not stop the water due to deforestation, they are a source of food for communities and biodiversity allows the land to be fertile for agriculture. They are a valuable solution for the future of humanity, “he explained in conversation with the Fundación del Tucumán and the newspaper replied

The startup uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to validate the work that forest restorers do and thus offer a list of quality forestry projects. In addition, it checks them to ensure that they protect the real carbon in old trees or in the growing of new ones.

“Projects use the support money for activities that protect and restore forests in cooperation with local communities, including hiring security personnel to protect boundaries, planting seedlings or creating new facilities, to support the forestry work ”, he warns on his website.

“We are a diverse group of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Our team members earned a PhD in forestry, designed space rockets, and developed deep learning models. We have a deep love for nature and we seek to achieve a vision that none of us could do alone ”, they conclude.

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