Pack Esquí Blizzard Black Pearl 82 SP + Tpc 10

Season after season, the versatile skis of the brand BLIZZARD They have established themselves in the world of skiing, becoming essential. The BLACK PEARL 82 SP + TPC 10 DEMO women’s ski pack lo reflects by offering efficient and accessible skiing on all terrains, with a highly refined design appreciated by women.

Intended for intermediate to experienced skiers, this ski is ideal for progressing on all types of snow. It was designed to make your life easier by finding the right compromise between responsiveness and tolerance. Practical and easy to learn, however, it is a player for the more experienced. Easy turns with good grip will allow you to discover the pleasure of chopped turns. New sensations that you will greatly appreciate.

Its versatility will give you the opportunity to savor the pleasures of off-piste when there is snow thanks to its lightness and its tip and tail rocker.

An ideal ski for fun in all snow conditions!

Product characteristics :

– Side wall sandwich structure: integrated side edges for better power transmission

– Construction with Carbon Flipcore technology: lightness, stability and resistance to torsion

– Fiberglass with carbon reinforcements

– Duratec coating: for durability

– Rocker Camber Rocker: traditional camber with rocker in the tip and tail that provides maneuverability, lift and grip

– Marker TPC 10 Demo: Adjustment without tools, 30 to 100 kg (DIN index 3 to 10)

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