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MIn the important Christmas business, the Hermes and DPD parcel services announced that prices will increase. Hermes, which belongs to the Otto Group and is the second largest in the industry behind DHL in Germany, wants to make home delivery more expensive.

"We will differentiate prices more, which means, among other things, that the delivery of the door will be more expensive," said Germany's chief Hermes Olaf Schabirosky "Hamburger Abendblatt" (Saturday). The company had already increased package prices by an average of 4.5% in the spring.

Next year, there will be another increase of a similar amount, announced Schabirosky. "Overall, we want to increase the price of a 50-cent package, but that's only possible in multiple steps." The goal is to be able to pay extra income with the carriers better. "We currently have a minimum salary of 9.50 euros proclaimed, and we reach 12 euros in about four years," said the manager.

Minimum wage and labor

DPD has announced that after an increase of 4.5% over the year, prices will increase by 6.5%. "In the coming years, continuous price adjustments will be inevitable," reads a Saturday statement. The reasons indicated included higher transportation costs, labor shortages, toll increases or collective bargaining.

For now, the cost of delivering parcels to the market leader's door should remain stable DHL. "We pay the best, about 98 percent of the packages are delivered by their own people who have collective agreements," said a spokesperson for the German news agency. The payment is well above the minimum wage, you do not work well with the subcontractors.

The boom in online commerce is driving the demand for higher and higher services. The parcel flood is a big problem for the delivery personnel, the search for drivers proves a challenge with low wages. "The labor market is empty," said Hermes' Schabirosky. "The growth of e-commerce has been enormous in the last few years, there are competitors who are able to pay higher salaries, and the target is courted in the course of the year, we have lost about 1000 drivers "Around 10,000 vehicles drive for the service, 13,000 during the Christmas season.



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