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From the common cold to superinfection: go to the doctor now!


If a second bacterial infection occurs in an actually harmless cold, superinfection develops. So only help antibiotics and especially the way to the doctor.

Warning sign for superinfection

Therefore, you should take the following warning signs seriously: yellowish or green nasal secretions, epistaxis or purulent cough. Furthermore, severe headaches or headaches or high fever can be a sign of such superinfection.

A possible consequence: myocarditis

In the worst case, this can lead to inflammation of the heart muscle and to long-term consequences, sometimes for life. Therefore, colds should be taken very seriously. More in the video. (MZ)

The participant of the show "Marry Buzova" Valentin Korobkov will no longer try to win the heart of Olga Buzova


12:03, 10/18/2018

A man who has passed 324 kilometers on foot to meet a TV star does not want to fight for her outside the project.

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Olga Buzova kicked off Valentina Korobkova, a participant in Project Marry Buzov, after a fight, which began with other contenders for the heart of a television presenter. Sergey Zelensky, Alexander Grinev and Yevgeny Nazarov told the star that their rival came to the project only for PR reasons, and she herself was of little interest to him. In response, Valentin convinced Olga of the falsity of these accusations, and when she did not believe him, she organized a fight. After the expulsion from the project, Korobkov said that he would not leave anyway and that he would continue to fight for Buzov, because he really fell in love. Valentine's Day even traveled 324 kilometers to Rome to meet Olga. However, now that the show is over, Korobkov has announced that he will no longer try to conquer the heart of Buzova.

Olga Buzova and Valentin Korobkov

After Olga Buzova defined the winner of the project Denis Lebedev "the most monstrous and unmoved man on this earth" and confirmed that they were not together, the project's fans asked Valentine if he had tried to new to building a relationship with the star. "No," Korobkov snapped, without explaining the reason for the refusal. It is interesting to note that the day before he released a video in his microblogging on Instagram, in which he threatened Lebedev violently if he pursued Olga, and he also assured that he would continue to protect the television presenter and his family. Among other things, another ex-participant of the show "Marriage to Buzov" Yevgeny Pesennikov condemned Valentin's advertisement, accusing him of hypocrisy and trying to attract public attention through the name Buzova.

Comments under the publication of Valentina Korobkova on Instagram

Although Korobkov has given up trying to reach Olga's position, he has no regrets of having fought for his heart until the end and of having come to Rome on foot. The former participant noted that he did not seem attractive enough, but expected that the star would forgive him for a fight for the action he had done. "Excellent Vidocq, Ol .. I know you'll like it, what do I expect with such a vision? I expect you to be a different person, who appreciates the actions," Valentine said on a video posted on an Instagram microblogging.

The same Buzova regretted having met so coldly the former candidate for his heart. Subsequently, he admitted to the subscribers that he was ashamed of his action, but then he thought only of Lebedev and that it would be unpleasant. Now, the TV presenter claims that no one has trampled on his feelings of ex-lover. Olga has even hired a guard to protect herself from him. But Suzdal's cheesemaker will not despair and continues to convince the public in Buzovoy's love. He also intends to sue the publication, published on him filth.

Olga Buzova and Denis Lebedev

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Withdrawals: two out of three French people are afraid of being poor when they are old


According to a CFDT poll conducted with 120,000 people and published this Thursday morning, more than half of the French feel anxious when they think about their retirement.

More than half of the respondents (56%) say they are worried when they think about their retirement and only one in two active French (52%) think they can benefit from a pension. This is what emerges from an unpublished survey by the CFDT, "Let's talk about retirements", which Franceinfo reveals on Thursday 18 October. This year the union confederation collected the opinions of 120,000 people interviewed about the aspirations and fears of the French pension.

The under 35 are the most perplexed. Almost two thirds of them are not sure of receiving a pension.

While a clear concern emerges from this survey, the pay-as-you-go system remains widely acclaimed. Three quarters of respondents (75%) say they are proud of being able to pay for retirement for the elderly. But two thirds of respondents (65%) are afraid of being poor when they are old. One quarter of them (26%) think for example that they will not be able to stay in their current home, 23% even think that they will not be able to guarantee their current expenses.

The other lesson in this survey is the French vision of the reform of the pension system that is being prepared. Three quarters of respondents (74%) find the current system unjust and most do not really understand it. Only a quarter of respondents (25%) say they are familiar with the pension system. Eight French in ten (80%) think, for example, that the share of their salary used to pay pensions is less than 20% while the contribution levels are higher, between 23% and 27%.

The majority of respondents (58%) also want a pension system with common rules and specific rules for companies. One third (35%) expect uniform rules for everyone.

Finally, according to the CFDT survey, three quarters of respondents refused to accept their pensions. And more than half (55%) defend a pension with strengthened solidarity, especially for women. 55% think it is normal for them to benefit from the pension system because they are disadvantaged in terms of their career.

The "Let's Talk Retreats" survey was conducted between June 12 and August 29, 2018. More than 120,000 people responded. Data were adapted and analyzed by a group of social scientists at the CEET (Center for the Study of Employment and Labor) to make the sample more similar to the French population (gender, age, union membership and level of study ).

Du is collaborating with Amazon Prime Video during GITEX Week


DUBAI, the subsidiary of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has announced its partnership with Prime Video to provide entertainment experiences to customers in the UAE and allow them to enjoy more options to watch high-quality entertainment content.

The announcement was made during GITEX Technology Week 2018.

Through this partnership, du aims to provide many experiences of leisure and benefits to its customers in all the UAE.

Commenting on the service, Fahad Al Hasawi, Executive Vice President and Head of Communications Services at the integrated telecommunications company Emirates, said: "We are increasingly aware of our customers".

"We always strive to strengthen our partnership with content providers and industry leaders to deliver the best entertainment experiences, and we're delighted to partner with Prime Video in this unique partnership to enable our customers to see premium content on TV and smartphones..

This partnership is another step in our quest to enrich our customers' experiences and meet the growing demand for quality entertainment content"He said.

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While NASA's precious telescopes are wavering, astronomers fear losing their eyes in space


The giant Hubble Space Telescope is seen as suspended in space after the deployment of part of its solar panels and antennas in April 1990. The Hubble Space Telescope was set aside this month by a gyroscopic difficulty. (NASA / AP)

The great observatories of America – the Hubble space telescopes, Chandra, Compton and Spitzer – have scrutinized the unknown and made revolutionary discoveries about newborn stars, dark matter and the age of the universe itself .

But these telescopes, which began in 1990, are aging, if not already dead, and there is no budget or political will to replace them. This reflecting reality was highlighted this month when two were afflicted with technical problems, including the Hubble Space Telescope, which temporarily interrupted their science.

Reduced budgets and projects mean that astronomers will lose some of their key eyes in the skies before NASA can launch new telescopes. He will do some research impossible.

"The reluctance to invest in a substantial science has begun to worry us," said the astrophysicist Matt Mountain, president of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which runs the Hubble telescope on behalf of NASA. "We are facing a very daunting prospect as a community," Mountain said. "Some camps do not have a telescope and science will not be possible in any other way".

Some of the biggest questions of science – What is dark energy? Does life exist beyond the solar system? – can only be answered by great observers working in particular parts of the light spectrum.

If investing in pursuing these questions "is a choice for the nation," said Paul Hertz, director of NASA's astrophysics division. "What missions we will do will be influenced by community priorities and funding choices made by the political system."

The system gave priority to the Great Observatories program when it was conceived in the years & # 39; 70 and & # 39; 80 – four telescope missions to cover the entire spectrum of light in space. They launched between 1990 and 2003. C & # 39; was the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory to capture the most energetic explosions of the universe. The Spitzer Space Telescope looks for infrared radiation from exoplanets and newborn stars. The Chandra X-ray Observatory could probe the depths of black holes and the evidence discovered for dark matter and dark energy.

The Hubble Space Telescope was the crown jewel of the program, whose huge light-gathering plate in the ultraviolet and visible wavelengths helped determine the age of the universe , revealed black holes in the center of galaxies and photographed the most distant objects ever seen.

Space telescopes are difficult to engineer and expensive to build. But they are necessary to have a clear vision of the cosmos. Even at night, the Earth's atmosphere distorts light from space, making blurred images and other signals – particularly gamma rays – impossible to see.

The use of the fleet in concert further increases the power of these telescopes. Last year, the observations of Hubble, Chandra, Fermi and dozens of other telescopes allowed astronomers to confirm fundamental physics theories when they observed two colliding death stars.

They may not always have that skill.

The Compton telescope was lost in 2001, when a problem with its gyroscope – which allows the telescope to rotate and point to something – meant that the space agency intentionally had to root it or risk the spaceship crashing, uncontrolled, out of the sky.

Spitzer, which is slowly moving away from Earth, will end its mission by 2020. This loss has been predicted, but the difficulties with Hubble and Chandra this month have been an unexpected blow of undue.

An image of the Lagoon Nebula, a 4,000-year-old stellar kindergarten from Earth, taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. (NASA, ESA and STScI)

None of the ship's problems are fatal, NASA said. Chandra returned online a few days after a mistake with one of his gyros forced the telescope into safe mode. Hubble, which has also been blocked by a gyroscopic difficulty, should return to normal operations within a few weeks at most. NASA expects both telescopes to continue operating until 2020.

However, the brief touch with oblivion gave astronomers a lasting scare.

"People suddenly realized that Hubble has no intention of living forever," he said Tom Brown, Hubble mission leader at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Chandra is 19 years old; Hubble is 28 years old.

Brown said frantic fellow astronomers held his phone by playing "non-stop" in the last two weeks. "They are thinking about what will happen next."

NASA's one-billion-dollar astrophysics program currently flies on eight large telescopes designed to study space beyond the solar system. Of these, all but one are in their "extended missions" – the bonus years beyond the time for which the spacecraft was originally designed.

The only NASA space observer under construction is the James Webb Space Telescope, whose gold-plated plate is designed to collect infrared radiation from the first objects in the universe.

NASA meant that the times of Webb's mission overlapped significantly with those of Hubble. But the launch of the 10 billion dollar giant has been repeatedly delayed as the space agency deals with design problems and costly human errors. This year NASA announced that Webb will not be launched before 2021, reducing concerted observation time.

The technicians raise the mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope during the tests and the integration in 2017. (Laura Betz / NASA / AP)

The next big NASA project would be the Telescope for large-scale infrared surveys, also oriented towards the infrared wavelengths and in 2010 was considered the main astrophysical priority of the National Academy of Sciences. But funding for the observatory ended up in the air after President Trump omitted the telescope from his last two budget requests.

Prospects for research in other parts of the light spectrum are at most indistinct. When Hubble fails, Brown points out that there will be no visible or ultraviolet telescopes at that scale. Likewise, NASA does not have large X-ray observatories ready to replace Chandra. Compton was replaced by the smaller Fermi telescope, which has two Compton instruments for the four. Fermi is already 10 years old and has exceeded its original five-year mission.

Gamma Ray astrophysics Julie McEnery, the scientist of the project for Fermi, fears that even a temporary gap in telescope coverage may have lasting repercussions in her field.

"You must have a minimum level of activity in each area of ​​the telescope to maintain community experience so you can continue building tools," he said.

To avoid such gaps, NASA should start developing new missions now; most space telescopes take several decades from idea to launch.

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, a famous image of some of the most distant observed galaxies taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. (NASA)

The space agencies of other nations are already working on these programs. The European Space Agency is developing the ATHENA X-ray observatory for the launch over the years & # 39; 30. China announced in 2016 that it would build its own optical telescope with a field of view 300 times greater than that of Hubble.

"Their budgets are on the rise," Mountain said.

In the United States, NASA's budget has not kept up with inflation, and the fraction of federal agency spending has been cut in almost half since 1980. The agency has been scrutinized over dramatic delays and cost overruns of the Webb telescope. "The telescope that ate astronomy" was bitterly nicknamed.

This spring, NASA announced that it would "narrow the scope" (reduce the budget) of four proposals that it is considering for launch over the years & # 39;

"We need to make sure we can achieve a revolutionary science, adhering to a realistic and achievable scope and budget for the next decade," said Hertz, director of the astrophysics division, at the start of this year.

But big budgets are necessary for the "science of rewriting textbooks," Mountain said. "It will be difficult to replicate the capabilities of the Great Observers without using equivalent resources." The cumulative cost of Hubble was around 10 billion dollars, but look what he bought: the Nobel Prize winning research on the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, among other work pioneering.

An X-ray image taken from the Chandra observatory that reveals the evidence of thousands of black holes in the center of our galaxy. (NASA / CXC / Columbia Univ./C Hailey et al.)

Hertz acknowledged that building the successors of all four big observers would require a far greater investment from the federal government. "There are some scientific questions that require extremely ambitious observers and can not be done cheaply," he said.

Detecting life outside our solar system requires a telescope like Webb. Explain dark energy and why the expansion of the universe is accelerating requires a huge and sensitive tool like the Wide Field Infrared Survey.

Hertz said that NASA is trying to make the most of limited resources. During the final maintenance mission at Hubble in 2009, the astronauts equipped the spacecraft with multiple backups of the most essential hardware, adding decades to his life. At 19, Chandra exceeded the duration of her original mission of over a decade; the problem of this month's gyroscope was the first of these problems.

The modest "small and medium explorers", which cost less than $ 120 million and $ 200 million respectively, are constantly in development. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, a "MidEx" project designed to search for unknown worlds around nearby stars, began scientific operations this summer.

Even without a gamma-ray telescope at the horizon, McEnery said he was optimistic.

"Yes, we are moving away from a" golden age "because this suite of great observatories has vanished," he said. "But there are new things coming to take its place." We are on the threshold of "it was completely new."

Correction: An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that the Spitzer mission would be terminated when the telescope lost contact in the next year. In fact, Spitzer could continue to operate beyond that time, but NASA has decided to end the mission.

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Prince Harry hugs the crying fan while Meghan Markle jokes with the lifeguards who ask the pregnant Duchess if she believes a dive on Melbourne beach


The lifeguards of AUSSIE today mocked Meghan Markle pregnant if she wanted to take a dip in the water while she and her husband Prince Harry visited a beach in Melbourne.
Meghan-mania hit the Victorian capital as the royal couple continued their tour around Australia – but it was Harry who left a tearful fan of excitement when he hugged the thirty-six-year-old prince .
Getty Images – Getty Meghan has kindly refused to offer a diveIndia Brown, 19, was overwhelmed when Harry noticed his sign saying, "I've been here since 4 am, I've loved you since I was 8 years old . "
The teenager burst into tears as the prince gave her a hug, told her he had said, "You'll get me into trouble."
It's another busy day for expectant parents, who saw their namesake koalas in Sydney and got a taste of rural life in Dubbo during their 16-day Australia tour.
And the couple seemed happy when they had the opportunity to visit an Australian beach to learn about its sustainability program and chat with the lifeguards about their work.
The lifeguards are talking to joke with the pregnant Meghan while the royal couple meets fans in Melbourne
AFP or licensees The prince has brought a young lady to cry AFP or the licensors Meghan passes an Australian football during a reception held by the governor of Victoria Linda DessauPA: Press Association Pregnant Meghan Markle has shown a reference to her belly in Melbourne today Getty Images – Getty The la couple seemed at ease as they chatted with the lifeguards on a Melbourne beachGetty Images – Getty Meghan held her hair before it was blown away by the windEPA Meghan held her coat while visiting the beachThe couple was seen laughing with the well-dressed workers with a lifeguard later saying, "We asked them if they would have a swim today, but we decided it was a bit too cold.
"Maybe another time when I'm down here."
Meghan was seen giggling at the suggestion, saying to the group: "Maybe not today".
The reluctance of the royal couple could be attributed to the cloudy day in Melbourne, with the couple wearing both jackets as they hit the beach.
Meghan arrived in Melbourne wearing a dark blue suit by Australian designer Dion Lee and a trench coat by Martin Grant while Harry was portrayed in a dark jacket.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drive one of Melbourne's iconic trams into scenes reminiscent of when Queen visited the Australian city in 2011
AP: Associated Press Both Harry and Meghan seemed to enjoy their second stop on the third day of their real tourGetty – Pool It was too much for this teenager who was overwhelmed by the meeting with Prince AFP or the firemen Harry intervened to embrace the girl who was overtaken from the excitement after the prince talked to her AP: Associated Press Mum to be the designer dress of Meghan showed her growing baby bump Getty Meghan turned into flats and Harry exchanged jackets before the couple stood on the tram together with school children The clothing showed its pregnancy bump growth after the couple announced they were waiting for their first child a few days ago.
The new royal has remained sensitive to the visit to the beach, replacing the ecological flat shoes made with recycled water bottles by Rothy & # 39; s.
Prince Harry and his wife had taken the tram to go to the beach where they were full of questions from local students – which included even if they had chosen a child's name.
But Meghan gasped at every possibility, saying, "We have received a long list of names from everyone, we sit down and take a look at them."
The couple arrived late for their first engagement the day after being stuck in traffic, but their late arrival did not dampen their excited reception.
The duchess was also presented with a tiara by a student from the elementary school of Albert Park, with the locals who have been waiting since five in the morning to have a look at the royals.
The children give Meghan Markle a crown while visiting Melbourne with Prince Harry
Getty Images – Getty The royal couple arrived late for their first engagement in Melbourne after being stuck in trafficSplash News Prince Harry bends over to talk to a fan dressed as a princess. Getty Images – A red-haired local hopes to get a five the princeReuters After the walkabout it was time to go to the beach where they met the lifeguardsVantage News Meghan and Harry seemed in a good mood Reuters An afternoon at the beach called for flat shoes for MeghanRex Features The Duke He seemed to be in a good mood for a visit to the beach. The Duke chose Annie in the crowd after seeing her with a bouquet of flowers and a toy tiara.
"Are they for her?", Churches, gesturing towards his pregnant wife.
Meghan then approached, took the presents and said, "Oh my God, thank you, they are incredible."
Harry also had a smile at school when he was given the opportunity to name the snail and suggested Speedy.
As the couple left, a child said to Harry, "You remember my uncle."
The duke replied, "Is it a good thing, is it because I have a beard of ginger?"
Expectant parents stopped playing with five-and-a-half-month-old Harriet Bonaddido and chatted with her mother Jessica during their walkabout.
The 28-year-old said: "As soon as I presented my daughter to Harry, she said" it's a great name ".
"Maybe they will choose it for their child, which would be fun.
"Meghan was right behind him and he was playing tickling his toes and he said it was sweet that I had taken her out today."
Other signs, including "Worth the Detention" and "Fresh Prince with Red Hair" were held high up in the party, which made its way through the Royal Botanic Gardens to the Government House.
The exhilarating moment Meghan Markle jumps into bravado with the F1 car
Reuters The royal couple held their shoes as they walked along the sandReuters Large crowd went to meet the pregnant Meghan and her husband Harry as they arrived in MelbourneGetty – Pool The future dad Harry talks with the members of the crowd in MelbourneGetty Images – Getty Meghan beams Getty Meghan wore a dress by Australian designer Dion Lee and a trench coat by Martin GrantAP: Associated Press The couple spoke with the pupils of the Albert Park elementary school on the importance of keep the beaches in order. Maghan was also keen to test the Australian rules, taking the foot and kicking him at one of the women during an exhibition of Victoria's empowerment campaign This Girl Can.
After throwing the ball, she laughed, saying, "I'm not sure I did it right!"
Jerril Rechter, managing director of VicHealth, who showed Meghan the event, said: "He played AFL football, he did a handball, which is really incredible for everyone.
"He had never seen an AFL ball before Howard, the governor's husband, explained to her how it was – the weight of it is a little different, and that you do it by hand, do not pass it."
Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved Harry and Meghan arrived to cheer on South Melbourne Beach, after a short tram ride in the cityReuters They visited South Melbourne Beach to see the efforts of beach cleaners in the Getty Images area – Getty Meghan was inundated with gifts, flowers and cuddly toys as she made her way through the huge crowdsGetty Images – Getty Thousands of people lined the streets while Meghan and Harry continued their tour in AustraliaGetty Images – Getty The couple enjoyed the third day of their royal tourPA: Press Association The couple watched sports activities in the field of the Government HouseSplash News Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive at the base of the Sydney airport jet for their flight to Melbourne. The duchess is said to have told the children that "she did not have much free time" but she enjoyed "relaxing and watching TV" shows ".
The former Suits star, reportedly, hesitated when asked what his favorite show was – saying, "There's a lot, I can not think of one."
The Duke and Duchess are in part through a 16-day tour, during which they will see the Invictus games and will travel to New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.
Earlier today, Meghan was surprised as he jumped the camera in fright at a flaming toy F1 car.
The Duchess of Sussex was running the models during a demonstration in Melbourne, when a loud bang made her wince with fear.
PA: Press Association The Duke and Duchess of Sussex react after starting Formula 1 model cars during a Formula 1 demonstration at SchoolsPA: Press Association Meghan was afraid when a miniature F1 car was noisier than expectedSplash News The Duchess cover his mouth with surpriseSplash News Harry and the crowd see the funny side of his reaction over-the-topAP: Associated Press Prince Harry made a rapid change after lunch before meeting the children during a visit to the elementary school of Albert ParkGetty Images – Getty Royal fans await the arrival of the couple at Government HouseGetty – Contributor Thousands of fans waiting to glimpse their parents for being After landing in Melbourne on the third day were greeted by a crowd approaching 5,000 and have abandoned their strict schedule to meet real fans for 25 minutes.
Gifts, including toys, flags and flowers, were given to future parents as a group began to sing Stand By Me, the gospel song performed in May during the royal wedding.
One of the most important gifts of the day came from Courtney Pistone, 10, who held a big teddy bear above the barriers and handed it over to Meghan for the unborn child.
He said: "I gave her to the nursery.
"I thought it would be suitable because we did not know if it was a boy or a girl and both boys and girls love bears."
PA: Press Association Animal lover Meghan fondles a guide dog she met today in MelbourneReuters Harry and Meghan look at the traditional Australian native ingredients during a visit to the corporate restaurant Mission Australia Charcoal Lane in Melbourne Meghan jumps of fear while her F1 toy car does a lot The couple also got a taste of Australia as the grilled kangaroo was on the lunch menu while visiting the Charcoal Lane restaurant.
The restaurant, in the trendy area of ​​Fitzroy, served an appetizer of mushrooms and quinoa nests and grilled kangaroo and wild boar first courses, saffron risotto and barramundi.
It was prepared by chefs trained by the Mission Australia program, which assists young indigenous Australians in the world of work.
Reuters C & # 39 was time for some art while stopping to visit a mural created by Gunnai and Waradgerie Robert Young ITINERARY
October 18th
Fly to Melbourne for official reception at the Government House
A public walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens of the city
Afternoon visit to the elementary school
Duke and Duchess will travel on an iconic Melbourne tram on South Melbourne beach

Thousands of people gather to greet Prince Harry and pregnant Meghan Markle as they arrive in Melbourne as part of their visit to Australia
Getty – Contributor Harry and Meghan watched the sports in the field of the Government House & # 39; VICTIMS OF STUPIDITY & # 39; Lidl calls the cops after the spouses try to buy the gins with their daughters, 11 & 14 AIR DRAMA The British tourists find themselves stuck while the airline collapses the BAKERY OVEN Child found stabbed BAKED in oven & # 39; by her gran & # 39; is in the picture MISSING KIDS FOUND Boy, 9, and the girl 11, disappeared in Blackpool yesterday found safe CARE BETRAYAL The autistic woman, 23, has had sex in public after being exploited by CARERS & # 39; WOMB KILLER Woman dies having "littered by the womb while tied to a tree with barbed wire"
They were greeted with hugs and flowers when they arrived in Dubbo a few days after they announced that they expected their first child in spring next year.
It is said that Meghan told fans of the series that "ran adrenaline" while the couple adapted to 76 commitments in 16 days.
The Duke of Sussex said that he and his wife "could not think of a better place to announce the next child" of Australia.
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Abu Setit discusses the transfer of Egyptian expertise in the cultivation of forests with the Ivorian Water Minister


The Minister of Agriculture and Reclamation, Dr. Ezzeddine Abu Setit, received the Minister of Water and Forests of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, Alan Richard Donfahi, to discuss the means of cooperation between the two countries.

The Minister of Agriculture said that the African continent is the natural extension of Egypt and that joint cooperation is of great strategic importance and stressed that there are directives of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of ## Egypt, to intensify cooperation between Egypt and all countries on the continent. Above all in all fields related to the agricultural sector.

Abu Setit pointed out that Egypt has about 33 forest forests at the level of the governorates of the Republic, connected to drainage stations, and 28 nurseries to provide forests with seedlings. He was pleased with the cooperation between Egypt and the Costa of Ivory in the formation, in the creation and in the creation of forests, The two parts.

For his part, the Ivorian minister praised the Egyptian experience of planting tree forests based on wastewater, especially for what he saw during his visit to the Sarabium forest in Ismailia, where he inspected trees in the forest, stations of lifting, filtering stations and irrigation roads, expressing its desire to cooperate between the two parties in this field.

Donovahi emphasized the importance of cooperation between Egypt and the Ivory Coast in this area, to transfer Egyptian experience to his country and to benefit from this experience, as the Ivory Coast wants to establish forests around the main cities and the possibility of creating a forest for Egyptian-Ivorian friendship.

Meeting of the Minister of Agriculture with the Minister of Water and Ivlorian

Meeting of the Minister of Agriculture with the Minister of Water and Ivlorian

Meeting of the Minister of Agriculture with the Minister of Water and Ivlorian

Should marijuana be legal?


Canada has just legalized marijuana. Should the United States follow the example? Or do you think Canada is making a mistake?

MONTREAL – Canada has become the world's first major economy to legalize recreational marijuana, beginning a national experiment that will alter the social, cultural and economic fabric of the country and present the nation with its biggest public policy challenge for decades.

On Wednesday morning, the government announced that it would introduce legislation to make it easier for Canadians who had been convicted of holding small amounts of marijuana to obtain pardon.

While the government is not offering an amnesty general, Ralph Goodale, the minister of public security, told a news conference in Ottawa that "for a matter of basic fairness" the government would seek to end the waiting period. minimum of five years to apply for the pardon and waive payment of 631 Canadian dollars.

"We will make the application process as simple as possible," said Goodale, adding that the details would not be available for several weeks.

The Newfoundlanders became the first Canadians to smoke the pot legally on Wednesday, when at midnight they opened dealers in the easternmost province of the country.

Throughout the rest of the country, government-run stores prepared to greet consumers, who will be able to choose between pre-rolled joints, fresh or dried marijuana flowers and cannabis oil – all permitted under the new federal law.

In a government cannabis shop in eastern Montreal, a line stretched out on a long Wednesday morning block. Hundreds of people, some of whom were waiting at 3:30 am for the opening of the store, waited, some steaming joints, filling the air with a pungent smell of marijuana.

As the first customers left the store with dried cannabis in brown shopping bags, the crowd applauded.

"I've never felt so proud of being a Canadian," said Marco Beaulieu, 29, a janitor. "Canada is once again a progressive global leader, we have had rights over homosexuals, feminism, abortion rights – and now we can smoke weed without having to worry about the police arresting us."

Kate Guihan, 29, a beautician, was in line for hours.

He said he planned to celebrate the "historic moment" on Wednesday evening with different puffs on a joint. The low cost of the government's pot, he added, was a major attraction for her, along with the fact that legal marijuana was screened and free of contaminants found in some marijuana on the black market.

"This is a great time for Canada," he said. "It will bring money, it will help to reduce the black market".

The supporters of marijuana were also exultant for the day.

"The fact that we are moving away from a model of prohibition is a victory for human rights and social justice, an economic windfall for the Canadian economy and a sign of social progress," he said Adam Greenblatt, a director of Canopy Growth, a producer who has been valued at over $ 10 billion.

Others were more cautious.

"The legalization of cannabis is the biggest public policy change that this country has lived in the last fifty years," said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Security of British Columbia.

– Do you think the current federal marijuana ban in the United States is a good public policy? Why?

– Should marijuana be made legal for recreational use by adults, as did Canada – along with nine states and Washington?

– Do you agree with this editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that if cannabis increases in Canada, legalization "should be seen as a failure"?

– What do you think could be the dangers of legalization? Do you think it will increase the number of people who abuse drugs? Will it lead to more traffic accidents or unproductive workers? Will it reduce academic performance or will it deepen family problems?

– What do you think could be the benefits of legalization? Do you think it will reduce drug violence or will it keep more non-violent people out of jail? Will it expand people's rights and allow the government to regulate marijuana, how does alcohol and tobacco? Will tax revenue increase?

– In your opinion, how could a legal marijuana market be? Would marijuana be sold wherever there are cigarettes or would there be special stores? Would marijuana be advertised? Would there be company brands?

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Yandex.Taxi buys 83.3% of the Food Party food delivery service


MOSCOW, October 18th. / Tass /. Yandex.Taxi buys 83.3% of one of the largest food delivery services in Russia for the preparation of meals, the Food Party. This is indicated in the company message.

Yandex.Taxi will receive a 83.3% stake in the company. Another 16.7% will remain with the three co-owners of the Food Party, but Yandex.Taxi will have the right to purchase its shares for several years, "says the report.

Companies have already closed the deal. "Party of Food" remains an independent company under the guidance of co-founder and CEO Mikhail Peregudov. The functionality of the service will be integrated into Yandex products.

The amount of the transaction in the company did not disclose.

Yandex continues to develop its activity in the field of food technology. The company already owns the service for the delivery of ready meals "Yandex Food" and the saving of services on "Food" purchases.

"The Food Party team has achieved excellent results with attention to detail and quality assistance at all stages, from supplier selection to delivery, Yandex's expertise and capabilities in business. downsizing will take the service to a new level and make it accessible to millions of people. " commented the operating director "Yandex Taxi" Daniel Shuleiko.

The company "Food Party" was founded in 2014. In September 2018, the "Food Party" delivered more than 200 thousand sets for cooking dinners. Two-thirds of the company's customers use the subscription service, receiving weekly products.

Other dissidents, the United States asks Vietnam, after "Mother Mushroom" has been released


The US government wants more political prisoners in Vietnam released after the authorities released "Mother Mushroom," a prominent dissident, after visiting Defense Secretary Jim Mattis this week.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, a 39-year-old blogger better known as Mother Mushroom because of her daughter's nickname, was released at the start of Wednesday and arrived in the United States the same day with her mother and children, she said the US embassy. Spokesman for the Karen Tang embassy said that Mrs. Quynh and her family have clearly stated to US officials in previous conversations that she wanted to go to the United States if she were released.

Washington pushed hard to free Mrs. Quynh. It was probably the most important criticism of the government to be imprisoned in recent years and was well known in Vietnam for human rights campaigns and environmental issues, in particular a toxic spill that swept away marine life along a broad coastal strip in the 2016.

In 2016, people protested in Hanoi for mass fish deaths in the central province of Vietnam. They have a big banner that reads who has poisoned the central-Vietnamese coast? & # 39;

In 2016, people protested in Hanoi for mass fish deaths in the central province of Vietnam. They have a big banner that reads who has poisoned the central-Vietnamese coast? & # 39;


luong thai linh / European Pressphoto Agency

She was arrested in October 2016 and subsequently sentenced to 10 years in prison for defaming the Vietnamese communist government. At one point, Ms. Quynh's 11-year-old daughter wrote to the first woman Melania Trump to help protect her mother's release before President Trump's visit to Vietnam for an economic summit last year.

It is unclear whether Ms. Quynh's release was linked to Mr. Mattis's visit, during which he visited a site contaminated with the orange agent dioxin during the Vietnam War. The United States will fund a cleanup effort, starting next year, designed to improve relations between the two wartime enemies and counter China's growing influence in the region.

US officials are now calling on the government of Vietnam to release more political prisoners. He wants the country "to allow all Vietnamese citizens to express their views without fear of retaliation," said Ms. Tang.

Vietnamese officials did not respond to requests for comments on Mrs Quynh's release.

Vietnam has launched a profound crackdown on dissent in 2016, driven in part by the authorities' concerns on the way


it could be used to provoke anti-government protests.

More than 100 prisoners of conscience remain in Vietnamese prisons, often in harsh conditions, according to Amnesty International.

That number grew on Wednesday when another activist was sentenced to seven years in prison after a one-day trial. Prosecutors have accused Nguyen Dinh Thanh, 27, of spreading propaganda against the state by distributing leaflets calling on factory workers to join the protests against proposals to sell land to foreign companies.

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