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Pôle emploi is inspired by "The Voice" for his assumptions … and does not make the unemployed laugh


At least 8 agencies would have made fashionable job interviews with the famous TV hook, reveals StreetPress. The agents of Pôle emploi were moved. The management of the institution does not see the problem.

The device resembles the famous tele-hook TF1. "Sitting in red chairs, three recruiters turn their backs on a candidate, the job seeker is standing in the middle of the room, answering questions," reports the online StreetPress magazine on Wednesday 17 October. Except that the scene is happening in an emploi agency in Pôle, during the real job interviews. He is an employee, shocked by a post mentioning the Pôle emploi intranet, which has alerted StreetPress. According to his research, at least 8 agencies, distributed over several departments, would set up interviews of this kind.

The various agents of the work center interviewed by the online magazine continue not to return. "Voice candidates choose to participate in the show, there we are talking about people who are unemployed, sometimes for a long time, finding a job is a necessity, not a game," outraged. "We are not in a commercial position, where, at most, it would be justified to test the capacity for conviction, but on manual trades and, for some, there is not even a job at the key," judges another. An internal document specifies jobs at the key: slaughterhouse worker, electronic engineer, welder, production agent, commissioner or operator.

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Unemployed part, it is also very reassembled. "It's the games of the circus, it's totally degrading to put a job seeker in this situation", for example Pierre-Edouard Magnan of the National Movement of the unemployed and precarious. And what do you think the direction of Pôle emploi? Although some officials have complained, the management of the institution has not questioned the merits of the approach. He only advised not to use the codes of "The Voice" … to avoid the legal recourse to the production of the game. The National Movement of the unemployed and the precarious in any case challenge the management of the work center at a meeting on 25 October.

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Goodbye Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft


Together with Bill Gates, he switched to the software industry; he was also a philanthropist

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft along with his childhood friend Bill Gates, died yesterday at age 65.

Vulcan Inc., a company owned by Allen, stated in a statement that his death occurred on Monday. Earlier this month, Allen revealed that the cancer he had undergone in 2009 had returned. It was a different lymphoma than that related to Hodgkin's disease.

Allen, passionate about sports, owned the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA and the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. Announcing that the disease had presented itself again, Allen promised to fight aggressively against it.

Although most knew that Paul Allen was a technology entrepreneur and a philanthropist, he was a beloved brother and uncle for us, as well as an exceptional friend, "said Sister Jody Allen in a statement.

Allen and Gates attended the same private school in North Seattle. Later, the two friends left school to pursue the dream they were dreaming of: a computer in every house.

Gates believed so strongly in this project that he left Harvard University in his first year to devote himself full-time to the incipient business he had created with Allen. Originally, that company was called Micro-soft.

Allen spent two years at Washington State University before defecting.


Both founded the company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and their first product was a language for the Altair personal computer. After some success in selling the MS-Basic programming language, the two Seattle businessmen moved their business in 1979 to Bellevue, Washington, near Microsoft's definitive office in Redmond.

Microsoft took off in 1980, when IBM Corp. decided to venture into the production of personal computers. IBM asked Microsoft to provide the operating system.

In fact, Gates and his company did not invent the operating system. To meet the needs of IBM, they spent $ 50,000 to buy a known program, QDOS, to another programmer, Tim Paterson. In the end, the refined product from
Microsoft and renamed DOS (disk operating system) has become the heart of IBM PCs and other companies around the world. And Microsoft has begun to dominate the industry.

Source: Excelsior

Tarbes: mad with rage, rips off a part of his ex's thumb with his teeth



Various facts

Crazy with rage, he tears off part of his ex's thumb with his teeth at Tarbes.

Crazy with rage, he tears off part of his ex's thumb with his teeth at Tarbes.

The events occurred on the evening of Monday in Tarbes. The police are alerted following a violent domestic dispute between former comrades, dispute that has gone wrong: the former partner, probably at the peak of anger, has severed the first phalanx of the thumb of his former partner to bite.

On the scene of the raid, the police find only the victim, who exposes the facts, but the author is not there. No matter, first they worry about evacuating the unfortunate for emergencies, before looking for the former partner, who would leave to work away from Tarbes.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested on Tuesday in the late afternoon and then placed in custody at the Tarbes police station, where he was heard. It would present another version of the facts, but the traces of the bite on the thumb (whose phalanx could not be sewn) of his former partner leave little doubt about the facts.

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EU Coinsiglio: Count three days in Brussels, with Merkel the first crucial meeting


Council of the EU

Brexit and migrants are the topics of the summit, but the Italian maneuver will not be missing: the subject is dear to the premier, who will leverage the leaders of member countries to soften, if not bend, the European Commission responsible for evaluating the document. But also to Juncker: "The case is sufficiently serious and the threat to the euro large enough" say EU sources do


Giuseppe Conte arrives in the afternoon in Brussels for the three days of the European Council and the Europe-Asia Summit. The first appointment, which keeps Italian officials in Brussels, is already one of those that count: at 18.30 the Prime Minister will have a face to face with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The themes of the summit, Brexit and migrations, theoretically hold in the background the question that is most dear to Palazzo Chigi at the moment, the welcoming of the economic maneuver by the EU. But Conte has repeatedly reiterated that he wants to leverage on the leaders of member countries to soften, if not bend, the European Commission which is responsible for the assessment of the balances and measures that Italy has launched in the last Council of Ministers and condensed into the Document budgetary program delivered to Brussels. And that the question of the Italian maneuver will end on the table of the Council also say EU sources, according to which Juncker will not be able to talk about it, because "the case is sufficiently serious and the threat to the euro large enough to worry the President of the Commission". And it is these hours Commissioner of the Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger: "The EU Commission will reject Italy's maneuver".

"Too big to fail"
The meeting with Merkel will certainly be an opportunity to remind the most important European partner that Italy is "too big to fail", too big to fail, so a clash too hard between Brussels and Rome risks hurting the building European Union as a whole. Moreover, on the eve of European elections which are announced as a delicate passage for the forces traditionally commanding the Union, popular with Merkel in mind.

The migrant question
On the theme of migration at the European summit last June, the government fellowship results mostly on the principles, such as the recognition that those who land on the Italian coast land in Europe. But in these months the hope of Conte, Salvini and Di Maio to get a reorganization of the rescue missions in the Mediterranean and the system of distribution of the migrants saved from the shipwrecks has not made significant steps forward. And in the last few weeks the tensions with Berlin on the "chartering of the dublinants" were rekindled that Germany would like to send back to Italy and especially to Paris, after the episode of the migrants who had been illegally returned by the French gendarmes, who would have trespassed in Italy.

Less relevant to Rome is the Brexit question, managed jointly at the European level and on which there is no Italian position distinct from the 27. As for the summit with Asians, which Premier Conte anticipated today meeting the South Korean president at Palazzo Chigi Moon Jae-in, could be an opportunity to cultivate the special relationship with China that in government circles will hopefully provide useful banks both in the field of commercial and productive investments and in the fundamental one of the placement of Italian public securities. , therefore in anti-spread function.

Le Monde: the 'timing' of the EU letter to Italy will depend on the Summit
The 'timing' of the letter with the request for clarifications that the European Commission is ready to send to Rome on the maneuver, will depend on the outcome of the EU Council today and tomorrow. The newspaper Le Monde writes it, wondering if the missive will leave before or after Pierre Moscovici's mission in Italy. The letter, writes the French daily, "will leave before the arrival of Moscovici in Rome, where it is expected on Thursday 18 and Friday 19, to leave room for dialogue? Or immediately after?". According to Le Monde's information, everything depends on the attitude of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, but also of his colleagues at the EU summit on 17 and 18 October in Brussels, where the Commission "hopes for an almost unanimous support from the leaders of the Union to its uncompromising line ". Heads of state and government will speak mainly of Brexit, but will discuss Eurosummit in euro-area reforms on Thursday. This will be the occasion to discuss also the Italian maneuver. "For now – writes Le Monde – no government seems to want to intervene to support the Italian populist coalition, neither the Portuguese government nor the Greek one, openly anti-austherity", because a shock on the markets linked to the Italian spread trend could destabilize them too. "We have already learned that the Italian budget will be rejected by the Commission," a diplomat in Brussels told Le Monde. "The Commission will have difficulty not asking for an adjusted budget", adds another source.

The London police block a road near the Ministry of Defense for a suspect package


The London police blocked a road near the British Ministry of Defense on Wednesday afternoon after finding a suspect package in the Victoria Embankment gardens, reports AFP.

They have also cordoned off the entire area around the park while the specialists analyze the object found. Several ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles moved to the scene, a police spokesman said.

Authorities will cut different roads and, according to a Reuters photographer, an equipment deactivation robot is used.

It is not the first time that the British capital has experienced such incidents so far this year. On March 13, a suspect package was found in one of the Parliament buildings, only a day after that building was sealed after finding a suspect substance in a package sent to a deputy's office for the which two people have been hospitalized. for "caution".

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren turns to Amazon for work practices


After agreeing to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, Amazon faces new pressures from congressional members on corporate work practices. (AP Photo / Richard Drew, File)

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) And Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Are asking Amazon to explain the reports of "potentially illegal anti-union behavior", challenging the working practices of the corporate giant shortly after agreeing to raise the minimum salary .

The senators sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on a video warning the managers of Whole Food Markets of Amazon on the dangers of the trade union organization and asked him to respond to the allegations of the workers who emerged recently that expressing their concerns led to retaliation from the company's management.

The move comes shortly after Amazon agreed to raise its minimum wage to $ 15 an hour before this month following a campaign by Sanders and organizers to shame the low-wage company.

"We write to express our alarm in recent reports that your company is distributing anti-union materials to Whole Foods executives who direct and encourage potentially illegal interference with the rights of thousands of workers," write Sanders and Warren. "It's important to recognize that workers' rights do not stop at the minimum wage, and increase the pay of lower paid workers, while it's important, it does not give you a free pass to engage in potentially illegal anti-union behavior."

Amazon stated in a statement that their existing work structure has provided "the most effective way to understand and respond to the needs of our workforce".

At the end of September, the technology news site Gizmodo published a story detailing a video produced by Amazon and sent to the leaders of the Whole Foods Market food chain, acquired by Amazon last year. The video, which was also obtained by The Washington Post, lists the "Warning Signs" of the trade union organization, such as using words such as "subsistence wages" and "stewards", distributing flyers and wearing Union t-shirts.

"We do not believe that unions are in the best interests of our customers, our shareholders or, above all, our members," says the video. "When we lose sight of these critical areas we endanger the safety of everyone's work: yours, mine, and associates."

In another point, the video states: "Ultimately, it is up to employees to decide whether to participate" in a trade union.

Screengrab from the Amazon union training video

The legal experts have said that it is unclear whether the video is a violation of the law. According to the federal labor law, management is authorized to make predictions about what could happen if the unions were workers. Leadership is not allowed to make threats about the consequences of this, said Benjamin Sachs, a labor law expert at Harvard University.

"The law draws an ambiguous line between threats and forecasts," said Sachs. "It seems to me that a reasonable employee can understand" we jeopardize the job security of everyone as a threat ".

In the letter, Sanders and Warren ask Bezos for a copy of the video and details on its distribution, as well as on retaliatory reports against workers. Gizmodo also reported that an Amazonia worker at the Floridian Fulfillment Center of the company lost his job because he sent complaints about the low pay for Bezos's email accounts.

Amazon "respects the individual rights of employees and has an open policy that encourages employees to bring their comments, questions and concerns directly to their management team," a spokesman said in an e-mail. The company previously indicated a "comprehensive benefits package" for workers, including health care, vision care and dental insurance, as well as parental leave.

Amazon has faced criticism from workers for quotas related to how many items they have to order and pack every day, and it is said that it can be difficult to find time to use the bathroom or take a break.

The wage increases announced at the start of this month will affect 250,000 Amazon employees and 100,000 seasonal employees hired at Amazon sites during the holiday season. But without a union, Amazon could unilaterally rescind the wage increase, or neutralize it with loopholes and cuts in stock options and benefit packages, labor experts said.

"There's a big difference between getting a raise and having a long-term voice in the company," said Kate Andrias, a professor of labor law at the University of Michigan. "The stakes for the workers here can be just as significant."

At the start of this year, Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) Introduced the "Stop BEZOS Act", which proposed to tax Amazon on the public benefits its employees receive. With Warren, Sanders at the start of this year also published a bill to increase workers' rights, protect those in the gig economy, and make it easier to organize in the whole economy American.

"This is part of a broader effort to restore workers' rights," said Josh Miller-Lewis, Sanders spokesman. "Amazon should not contribute to the ongoing attacks on the trade union movement and the constitutional rights of workers to be organized".


Louis Farrakhan makes an "anti-termite" Jewish joke, supports Kanye West's slavery comments


The minister of the nation Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, has published a clip of a Sunday speech in Detroit, in which he compared the Jews to the termites and said that both the whites and the Jews are working against him.

Farrakhan made comments in Detroit during the 23rd anniversary event on Sunday for the Million Man March 1995 in Washington, DC. Speaking to the recently renamed Aretha Franklin Amphitheater, the controversial minister said he supports Kanye West's remarks on the abrogation of the 13th Amendment. Farrakhan had also followed an anti-Semitic outburst in May making a joke about being "anti-termite".

"White people do not like Farrakhan," said the leader of the Nation of Islam. "Some of them respect me, members of the Jewish community that I do not like, thanks for putting my name on the whole planet because of your fear of what we represent, I can go anywhere in the world and have heard of Farrakhan. Thanks a lot. "

"I'm not angry with you because you're so stupid," Farrakhan continued. "So when they talk about Farrakhan, call me hater, do what they do, call me an anti-Semite, stop it, they're anti-termite."

In May, Farrakhan lost his Twitter verification status after speaking of "satanic Jews" during a three-hour speech. "I wonder, will you recognize Satan? I wonder if you will see the satanic jew and the synagogue of Satan … because Satan has deceived the whole world."

Farrakhan also said that former President Barack Obama was "under Jewish influence" and had discussed Jewish producers in Hollywood forcing aspiring actors to have anal sex to get roles.

Louis Farrakhan The minister of the nation Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, has published a clip of a Sunday speech in Detroit, in which he compared the Jews to the termites and said that both the whites and the Jews are working against him. Screenshot: Louis Farrakhan Twitter

Speaking of Kanye West's recent visit to praise President Donald Trump at the Oval Office, Farrakhan said: "White people say slavery is over, unless you commit a crime, so all your rights to citizen have disappeared. " Kanye was right … Kanye was right to get him out, he could not say that in the best way. "

Day to fight against obesity: the challenge of adding it to the public agenda


According to the World Health Organization, obesity and overweight are defined as a abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat what can it be harmful to health.

Through the 330/2017 decree published in the Official Gazette, Argentina took place last year "National Day for the Fight against Obesity", established for the third Wednesday of the month of October.

Among other objectives, we try to create this date Install the problem in the public agenda and, in this way, to sensitize the population on prevention and on the importance of carrying out the relevant controls.

How is it measured?

An easy way to measure obesity is the body mass index (IMC) which is the weight of a person in kilograms divided by the square of the dimension in meters. A person with a BMI equal to or greater than 30 is considered obese and with a BMI equal to or greater than 25 It is considered overweight. Overweight and obesity are risk factors for many chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The figures

In our country, according to data from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, 6 adults out of 10 are overweight. For school-age children, the figures are worrying: a 30% is overweight and a 6% l & # 39; obesity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), since 1975 it has almost tripled. in 2016 More than 650 million adults were obese and this figure is more alarming when we talk about childhood: data 41 million children under the age of five Overweight or obese

How to prevent it?

Limit the socket power.

Distribute food in 4 main meals e 2 The rules of comparison

Moderate the dimension portions

Consume 5 servings a day fruit is vegetables

to incorporate vegetables, cereals integrals, seeds is fruit dry.

Limit consumption of sugar is alcohol.

Add at least 30 minutes a day to physical activity

Why do you need a global approach?

Why is it necessary to have an integral approach and a multidisciplinary treatment of this problem, both from the public and private sectors? He asks the medical nutritionist Andrea Miranda.

"Because obesity – a syndrome of chronic and multifactorial evolution characterized by a general increase in body fat – is associated with co-morbidities that deteriorate quality and reduce life expectancy, among which we can list type 2, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, bone disorders or heart and cerebrovascular problems, and an obese person is more likely to develop different types of cancer ".

"In the work done over the years with overweight and obese patients, it becomes clear that many of them have difficulty managing their emotions, for example, anxiety, stress, distress, fears, among others, which usually channel into food. Approval of liraglutide – generic name of the active ingredient of this drug – means progress in this challenge when it acts on the brain receptors that control appetite and satiety .. Indicated by a specialist and generating healthy habits, patients will be able to reduce between 5 and 10% of their weight, because when they feel full and satisfied, the treatment continues without frustration ".

Central writing


Voronin and Bocharov from Russia win gold at the Youth Beach Volleyball Olympics


TASS, 17 October. Russian women Maria Voronina and Maria Bocharova gold medal of the Youth Olympic Games – 2018 in beach volley competitions.

In the final, the Russians defeated the Italians Claudia Scampoli and Nicole Bertozzi with a score of 21:19, 21:19.

The third place was taken by the Norwegians Friede Berntsen and Emily Olimstad, who beat the American women Devon Newberry and Lindsay Sparks – 6:21 pm, 9:13 pm, 3:10 pm.

The Russian Olympic team had previously secured a victory in the total junior summer Olympics. At the moment, Russian athletes have won 26 gold, 15 silver and 12 bronze medals.

The 2018 Games will be held in Buenos Aires and will end on October 18th.

Only against the mafia of a man


The man is a fighting dog for humans in this wonderful, wonderful movie, which plays in a seemingly absolutely ugly world. Start by observing the hero, a barber of dogs named Marcello, at work. Marcello's hairdresser is a crumbling shed, the client is a huge improvised mastiff barking, drooling and banging his teeth in the broom that rubs his fur.

But the barber appeals calmly to the beast, lays it and carefully rubs it. The longer the camera's gaze is on the tight man and the grotesquely muscular animal, the more superficially disgusting acquires an irritating seductive power. Is not even a kind of tenderness revealed in the pain of the animal?

A coastal city in cement somewhere near Naples is the scene of the film "Dogman". The director Matteo Garrone became famous ten years ago for the drama of the mafia "Gomorra", a monumental film about organized evil based on the bestseller of Roberto Saviano. His new work sounds again in a world where laws seem to address only the weak.

Photo gallery


The life of a dog

The name of the devil is Simone and is a common type of bat

Blessed with a Clowsnicht, nice sympathetic actor Marcello Fonte interprets the dog hairdresser Marcello, the child actress Dalida Baldari Calabria whose daughter Dalida. She looks like a fairytale princess when her mother, long since divorced by Marcello, sends her for a visit from her father. And as a fairytale curse is the misfortune that afflicts Marcelllo. Because from one day to the other is with his reputation, his good neighborhood with the pubs and the local stalls – a violent and noisy coca-cola devil in the life of Marcello, who threatens to destroy the idol crooked of the groomer.

The name of the devil is Simone and is a common type of bat. Simone just got out of jail and was a boxer. First of all, he scrutinizes Marcello, who among other things sells drugs to young people in small cities, to cocaine. So Simone forced the dog hairdresser to services of criminal administration, forcing him to a complicit role. The director Garrone shows how jokingly, almost naively Simone lives his vulgarity. The gangster perceives the fear and the impotence of his victims – and they seem to believe that if they were small enough, they could survive the storm unharmed.

In the video: the trailer for "Dogman"

A film like the biblical battle between David and Goliath

It makes sense to interpret "Dogman" as a parable of the conditions in today's Italy and the corruption of the whole world – as a lesson of the political impotence of people who do not follow any rules. Like the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, director Garrone seems to be convinced of the need for belligerent resistance because morality and the rule of law go to the devil otherwise. In a harrowing scene from the film, Marcello brings back to life a small dog that Simone had previously thrown into a freezer. This is a moving act of goodness. But what is the use of a bit of heat when you board a brotherhood with the forces of darkness?


Italy, France 2018

director: Matteo Garrone
film script: Ugo Chiti, Massimo Gaudioso, Matteo Garrone
Protagonists: Marcello Fonte, Edoardo Pesce, Nunzia Schiano, Alicia Baldari Calabria, Adamo Dionisi, Francesco Acquaroli
production: Archimede, Le Pacte
for the holidays: Alamode
length: 102 minutes
rated: since 16 years
beginning: October 18, 2018

Basically, the film by Matteo Garrones works like the biblical battle between David and Goliath. It makes the cinema audience witness an unequal duel in which Simone's one-man mafia takes on increasingly monstrous aspects. It is doubtful that the solution that the dog hairdresser expires will eventually transform the world into a better place. But as long as people do not show the least solidarity that the inhabitants of the small towns in "Dogman" are incapable of, it remains a life of dogs that we bring together. And he continues: eating or being eaten.