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Strawberries infected with hepatitis A.


Fans of the strawberry, who can not do without the fruits even after the summer months, will find these news difficult. It has been found that in some frozen strawberries there is the hepatitis A of the pathogenic virus.

Pay attention to contaminated strawberries

According to the Austrian portal krone.at, in Austria and Sweden there have been some cases of hepatitis A in the past. Since July, 14 cases have been registered in Austria. According to the analysis, most people have previously consumed strawberries. In eight cases, the disease was referred to a strawberry ice cream consumed with ingredients from Poland.

Strawberries come from Poland

As the portal further reports, strawberries come from an Austrian wholesaler who imports goods from Poland. He supplied the products to "13 other wholesalers, two hospital kitchens in Austria, two wholesalers in Slovakia and an ice cream maker in Italy". A transmission of the pathogen is usually above the water, which is why great caution is needed.

Summer dessert

Layered dessert with fresh strawberries

Celebrate the summer with this delicious recipe.

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The depression has progressed in France between 2010 and 2017


In France, it is estimated that almost one in five people have suffered or will suffer from depression during their lifetime. According to the World Health Organization, this disease affects over 300 million people worldwide. The prevalence of depression in France increased by 1.8 points between 2010 and 2017, according to a recent report by Public Health France, in particular among women (+3 points), 35-44 years (+4 points), unemployed (+5 points) and low-income people (+3 points).

For comparison, eIn 2017, among people aged 18 to 75 years, the prevalence of depression was estimated at 9.8% and was twice higher for women (13.0%) than men (6.4% ). He appeared taller between 18 and 44 (about 11.5%) and then fell linearly from the age of 45. In men, the prevalence was higher between 18 and 34 years and among women between 35 and 44 years. Individuals with a lower socio-economic status would be 1.8 times more likely to develop depression than those from a privileged environment. Life events such as emotional interruptions (divorce, widowhood) would also increase the risk of depression.

Who are the most affected?

Among those working, the prevalence rate of depression was 8.2%. The sectors most affected were accommodation, catering services and financial and insurance activities. Occupations and intermediate employees have the highest prevalence of depression (about 12% for women versus 6% for men). The executive men were the least affected (4.5%).

"Because the workplace is a favorable environment for the development of actions to promote and prevent mental health, these results should help drive prevention actions, especially in the most affected sectors," say experts Astrid Chevance and Raphaël Gaillard .

Depression at work

Regarding the psychosocial factors at work, the risk of having a depression in the last 12 months was higher among the men and the employed women who, in the last year, had been afraid of losing their jobs, having been verbally threatened, humiliated or intimidated and physically beaten or wounded.

The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that depressive disorders are the leading cause of morbidity and disability worldwide. Therefore, there are over 300 million people suffering from depression in the world, an increase of over 18% compared to 2005.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is described as a group of symptoms whose mood (sadness, loss of pleasure or anhedonia) is only one dimension next to instinctual functions (sleep, appetite and libido) and strongly altered cognitive and motor functions. "On the other hand, because the syndrome is pathological, it is necessary to objectify clinical suffering and / or an alteration of the professional, family and social functioning of the person", specify the experts.

According to INPES, the symptoms of depression are characterized by: living for at least two consecutive weeks feeling sad, depressed or hopeless, almost all day, almost every day; live for at least two consecutive weeks having lost interest in almost all things, almost all day, almost every day; Feeling exhausted or lacking more energy than usual having taken or lost at least five kilos; have more than usual difficulty in sleeping; have more problems than usual to concentrate; I thought a lot about death; they have lost interest in many things like hobbies, jobs or activities that usually give pleasure.

Monitoring of depression on Facebook

A study by US researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Stony Brook showed that the post analysis of Facebook could improve screening for depression.

The researchers analyzed data shared by consenting users in the months before the diagnosis of depression. They found that their algorithm could accurately predict future depression. To achieve this goal, they highlighted a lexical field of depression, which they called "markers of language associated with depression," using words such as "tears" and "feelings", as well as the l & # 39; use of first person pronouns such as "me" and "me" are part of it.

"What people write on social networks and online is one aspect of life that is very difficult to access medicine and research," said H. Andrew Schwartz, lead author of the study. "This is a relatively underdeveloped dimension compared to the biophysical markers of the disease."

Whatever happens, know that any prolonged break with your habits, whatever they are, must alert.

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Christian Heidel sees Schalke closer to the BVB


In an interview with the "kicker" Christian Heidel stated that "Schalke has approached BVB as a club". For the Royal Blues sports director, this statement applies irrespective of the current constellation of the table. Dortmund currently has eleven points more than its rivals in the district. "I think it's too early to evaluate it, at least athletically," says the 55-year-old.

Rather, his statements referred however to the basic feeling of the club. For Heidel it is clear: "Schalke has become a stable structure that does not fall when the wind sometimes comes in. I'm sure it can also lead to a storm." The season began with a stormy start this season. After five Ligapleiten in one piece, Schalke freed the last time with three consecutive victories, one of which succeeded in the Champions League.

However, since S04 is still at the bottom of the table, the sports director draws back with statements about international affairs: "I am reluctant to philosophize at a time when we are still only in 15th place." The fact that Schalke should be represented there to be on par with BVB is something that Christian Heidel knows best.

"During the rehearsals it worked every time": Banksy suggests that self-destructive acrobatics did not go as planned


Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

When Banksy's painting "self-destructed" after selling for 1.04 million pounds ($ 1.4 million) last week, it looked like a perfect find – taken by surprise by viewers and the world dell & # 39; art.

But the anonymous artist has now suggested that things did not go completely to plan.

The movies of the cell phones of the London sale show the art work that slips into a shredder hidden inside its frame, before arriving at a sudden stop a little further ahead halfway and transported by the officials dell & # 39; auction.

However, a new video, posted on the Banksy website on Wednesday, implies that the 2006 "Girl with Balloon" painting should have been completely destroyed. Show footage of an art work from the same appearance that are shredded from top to bottom, with strips of canvas falling from the frame.

The clip is accompanied by the message "During the tests it worked every time …"

Described as a "director's cut", the three-minute video offers further evidence of how the anonymous artist installed the shredder. The movie implies that the trick was initiated via a portable device, although it is unclear whether the first hit of a pressed button has been captured for sale.

The video also seems to attract the attention of the art industry. Scenes that were apparently recorded in a pre-sale event have been modified to present conversation fragments like "Oh kind!" and "more champagne?"

Artwork is seen partially shredded before stopping abruptly.

Artwork is seen partially shredded before stopping abruptly. Credit: Banksy

At one point, a man – who appears to be an employee of an auction house – is filmed next to the painting that comments his now infamous frame.

"Even the artist put the frame", one hears. "You often understand him with Banksy, he likes the romance of having a very elaborate frame, inspired by the National Gallery."

It is not clear how – or by whom – the movie was obtained and some sections seem to have been secretly recorded. The scenes from the inside of the auction room were turned by a series of different angles, fueling speculation on whether Banksy or his associates were present for sale.

Shortly after the auction, Sotheby & # 39; s announced that the painting had been renamed "Love is in the Bin". The winning bidder would proceed with the purchase, due to speculation that the value of the work of art could, indeed, increase due to its partial destruction.

Previously Sotheby & # 39; s denied involvement or even knowledge of the stunt.


The iPhone XR will be released tomorrow when Apple's pricing and business will be unveiled


The wait for the new iPhone XR is almost over.

Having been announced last month at the Apple keynote in Cupertino, this new device will finally be available for pre-order from tomorrow and is an exciting proposition.

This phone features a host of new technologies, including a 6.1-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, wireless charging and the new A12 Bionic processor, which is currently outperforming all of its Android competitors in speed tests.

A12 Bionic presents a six-core fusion architecture with two performance cores up to 15% faster, four efficiency cores up to 50 percent more efficient, meaning improved battery life.

Although there is only one 12-megapixel camera on the glass back case, the XR is perfectly capable of adding depth effects to your photos.

And the new depth control feature allows users to adjust the depth of field both in real time and after image capture.

The camera also features a wide-angle lens with f / 1.8 aperture with a completely new sensor, which offers faster auto focus, while larger and deeper pixels improve image fidelity and performance under poor lighting on photos and videos.

Other features include Face ID – which unlocks the phone by simply looking at it – and a water-resistant design that should cope with the daily dangers of your life.

"The iPhone XR helps us reach even more people with the latest innovations of the iPhone, with the latest technology, including a 6.1-inch Retina Liquid display that goes from one item to another. The latest TrueDepth camera with faster Face ID authentication, a new 7-nanometer A12 Bionic chip with a second-generation neural engine and a 12-megapixel camera, takes photos in Advanced Portrait and Portrait Lighting mode, "said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Apple.

"The new iPhone XR has a gorgeous new aluminum housing and aerospace glass with IP67 protection from liquids and dust, long battery life all day and is available in six beautiful finishes.

"With iPhone XR it is possible that even more people will have the great experience of the latest iPhone X technology, in beautiful new designs, at a more affordable price."

Apple states that the iPhone XR will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models in white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT) RED starting at £ 749 from Apple.com and the Apple Store.

Contract prices will be unveiled tomorrow, but expect this device to reduce you by around £ 40 a month.

If you want to purchase XR without SIM and distribute the cost, you can choose to purchase it via Apple's iPhone update program.

In the UK you can get iPhone XR with AppleCare + protection and have the opportunity to switch to a new iPhone every year.

The iPhone update program is available for iPhone XR on apple.com and Apple Store in the UK with low monthly payments starting at £ 41.45 zero percent interest.

Customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone XR starting tomorrow, with the physical arrival in stores from Friday, October 26th.

RTL-Bauer is a member of a right-wing populist party


I have just started the first episode of the new season of "Bauer sucht Frau". Now it has been revealed: one of the candidates is a member of a right-wing populist party in Luxembourg.

Series of photos with 13 photos

The new season of "Bauer sucht Frau" began on Monday. After the barn party, farmer Guy Arend took the farm Kathrin, an applicant, who was actually selected by another person looking for love. Now it comes out: Luxembourgish is also politically active – in the "Alternativ Demokratesch Reform Party" (ADR).

Racing for the presidential elections

This reports the "Bild" newspaper. This year, according to the party's homepage, it even appeared as the main candidate for the 18 October presidential elections, where ADR received a total of 8.6% of the vote. According to the report, Guy Arend was third in the northern district of the list. He deals with agricultural issues at the party.

"I do not want anything to do with the law"

RTL knew about the political attitude of the 45-year-old farmer. A spokeswoman underlined, on request, the "image", but: "When" the farmer looking for a woman "speaks exclusively of love". In general, politically active farmers could easily participate in the show, "but in the program there is no room for political leadership".

Meanwhile, Guy himself commented on the membership of the party in an interview with the broadcaster: "I do not want to have anything to do with the law," he says, emphasizing the ADR: "We are very friends of foreigners People integrate and speak different languages ​​". He himself has "many foreign friends", "all nationalities are represented" on his farm.

Just a few weeks before the broadcast of the current season came an interview with retired farmers Hendrik of t-online.de a small scandal. The 32-year-old explained why he is no longer at Kuppelshow with him and runs Bodyshaming. "It was very important for me to have a thin woman," he said, causing a clamor in the media.


VW offers a national exchange prize



Cash for the purchase of a new car: Volkswagen wants to scrape mass cars to improve the quality of the air.

Cash for the purchase of a new car: Volkswagen wants to scrape mass cars to improve the quality of the air.(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Thursday 18 October 2018

Wolfsburg's plans ensure that the suffering diesel drivers sit down and take note: Volkswagen wants to scrap vehicles affected by possible driving bans for the purchase of a new car. Customers can hope for a premium of up to 10,000 euros when buying a replacement car.

The largest German car manufacturer Volkswagen grants diesel engine drivers a nationwide exchange incentive for the purchase of a new car or a used young car. The "environmental bonus" applies for diesel cars to the Euro 1 to 4 emission standard, VW said. Car owners who choose to operate should receive an award, regardless of their place of residence in Germany, which is staggered depending on the model. The sums payable are rich according to media reports from 1500 euros to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

The vehicles of the VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi brands, in which old diesel engines are installed, should be withdrawn when buying a replacement car and then scrapped. In this way, Volkswagen wants to ensure that the diesel concerned remains truly out of the way and that pollution in the cities goes back.

The amount of payment depends on the model, he said. In addition, car buyers should receive a surcharge in addition to the residual value of the end-of-life vehicle. "With this comprehensive package of measures to renew the vehicle fleet, the Volkswagen Group is making a significant contribution to improving air quality in German cities," said Christian Dahlheim Group sales manager.

The extended change premium for end-of-life vehicles affected goes beyond the measures for the 14 cities previously discussed with particularly polluted air. The board of directors of Wolfsburg has decided to adopt extensive measures for the conversion of the German fleet, said in a report by the newspaper "Bild". The goal is to prevent the driving ban for VW customers.

Three years "Germany Warranty"

In addition to the award, there will also be additional special offers for cars with the Euro 5 standard in 14 particularly polluted cities. One of these additional offers is cheaper financing, he said. According to the newspaper, VW also issues a "Germany warranty", which is valid for three years from the date of purchase. Therefore, the manufacturer seems to respond to the growing concerns of buyers in the diesel segment.

According to its communication, the main VW brand grants an environmental bonus for new cars between 1500 and 8000 euros. In addition, the brand will offer an exchange premium for the exchanges of a Euro 4 or Euro 5 diesel vehicle for an amount of € 500 to € 7000. Both prizes are valid based on the notification from now until further notice.

Source: n-tv.de



VIDEO. Gard: Abandoned in 2007, the train returned to the Perrier factory


The first containers left by train from the Perrier factory on Wednesday. – Nestlé Waters

  • Created in 1908 and abandoned in 2007, the train has returned to the Perrier factory.
  • The goal is twofold from the brand of sparkling water: ecological and economic.
  • Perrier targets the 2 billion units produced in the year by 2020.

Inaugurated in 1908, the Perrier factory railway line, located in Vergèze, Gard, no longer has a train since 2007. At the time, the famous brand of sparkling water wanted more, "for economic reasons". Eleven years later, the tracks were renewed and the railway infrastructure returned to service on Wednesday.

This long line of loading, like six football fields, will allow the site, the only factory in the world of Perrier, to transport 54 containers, from Monday to Friday, at the port of Fos-sur-Mer, in the Bouches-du -Rhône, one million liters in the year.

A problem that is both ecological and economic

A small revolution for the centenarian company that supplies the whole world to Perrier, whose trucks full of green bottles were facing intense traffic on the roads of the south-east. "This allows us to remove 27,000 truck passes in the year, the equivalent of 2,500 tons of CO2 saved, says Sylvie Yvon, the Gard factory manager." This is a real ecological problem for us. "

But not only: for Perrier, it is also an opportunity to support the growth of its plant, whose production volumes have increased by 40% since 2014. With, in view, the large export, in Canada or the United States .

"We currently produce 1.5 billion units annually," says the site representative. This project is part of our ambition to increase this figure to 2 billion by 2020. "The Nestlé Waters group, the owner of the brand, has already granted a multi-year investment plan of more than 200 million euros to its Vergèze plant. achieve its goal: in addition to restarting the train, new bottling lines have been created and the site has been completely reorganized.

Kate Garraway tells Owen Paterson MP not to have the phone in silence before moving on to bin trucks drowning the tonic Good Morning Britain interview


KATE Garraway told Owen Paterson that she had not silenced her phone during a tense interview on Good Morning Britain.
The TV presenter seemed furious during the debate full of errors on today's Brexit, which also saw a noisy truck distracting the politician.
ITV Kate Garraway told Owen Paterson MP not to have the phone silent during their tense interview. While Owen was answering a question about Brexit via a video link from central London, a text alert went out causing the MP stumbled in his response.
Then a loud pickup truck passed him on the dark street where he was. He said: "Wait".
A clearly annoyed Kate in the ITV study said, "You have a lot to do, do not you? I think your phone is not quiet because I can hear it pinging and now you have trucks too."
He pulled the phone out of his pocket, embarrassed, to silence him, before the guest continued to question him – and the interview became icy as he refused to give her a direct answer to Theresa May's leadership.
ITV Owen did not give a direct answer to a series of questions about the leadership of Brexit and Theresa May, angering Good Morning Britain's guest. It comes after the dramatic end of yesterday's episode that saw Piers Morgan having a cake thrown in Harry Hill's face on behalf of "all fathers wearing papooses".
The TV star seemed shocked when the comedian gave him the dessert live on Good Morning Britain, before turning around and doing the same with co-host Susanna Reid.
Harry explained that part of his upcoming live tour Harry Hill Kidz Show: How To Be Funny … For Kids! – which starts on Sunday – sees him teaching children how to make a cream cake.
He said, "it's a dying art", before adding – while he drew a letter "P" on his cake with whipped cream – that "what's nice enough is to personalize it if you throw it against anyone in particular ".
ITV Even the politician was distracted by a pickup truck in the middle of the interview. The comedian then threw his cake to Piers' face, shouting: "This cake is for all the men who wear papooses, for Ross Kemp and Daniel Craig."
Susanna screamed before falling into a laugh of laughter, forcing Piers to throw the cake in his face, just before returning the favor.
ITV Owen took out his phone to turn it on in silence after the announcement. Comes after Piers has been laughed at by Good Morning Britain and previous guests on the show for his hatred of fathers who bring their children into swaddling clothes.
Earlier this week, the TV star slammed Daniel Craig for transporting his daughter into a papoose, and on the show this morning he branded the next "papoosegate" Twitter storm.
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His exasperated co-host Susanna Reid asked: "What's your problem with papoose?"
Explaining his anger at the children's slings, Piers replied: "I just do not like them!"
The camera then made an overview of the entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold wearing a doll in a duck, as well as the members of the backstage crew.
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The biggest organism on Earth is dying and it is our fault

One of the causes of problems in Pando.
Photo: Courtesy of Lance Oditt (Studio 47.60 North)

The largest organism on the planet is not the blue whale nor the African elephant. It is a tree, or more specifically a network of 40,000 cloned trees connected by roots in Utah. It's called Pando, weighs about 5,986 tons and was born sometime in the last ice age, thousands of years ago.

Pando has survived many things, but may not survive. A new study published in PLOS One analyzes the current situation of this clonal forest in depth and is worrying. The Pando system is not only growing, but for 30 or 40 years it has not been able to continue its clonal reproduction.

Preview article preview
The remotest tree on the planet will force you to rewrite history books

The inhabitants of the remote Campbell Island, south of New Zealand, know it as the …

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The cause? The director of the Wetern-Aspen Alliance at the University of Utah and co-author of the Paul Rogers study is clear: "It's our fault, human beings are at the center of the problem".

Humans are responsible for the population of deer and cattle in the area has increased. These animals feed on young clone Pando gems. Researchers have not been able to find a forest that is not dead or damaged.

In their time, bears, wolves, or pumas were responsible for keeping the deer population under control, but hunting and reducing their habitat killed almost everyone. To make matters worse, farmers in the area do not bother to prevent cows from grazing on the borders of Pando, contributing to the damage of clonal epidemics. Of course, the fault of all this is not of the wolves or the cows, but of the federal authorities that have not regulated both practices. Rogers has clear:

Humans are the ones who decide how many animals are in that area and where they go. The number of people walking around the area and living around it has limited the existence of natural predators and contributed to an overabundance of deer.

Between 2016 and 2017, Rogers's team measured the age, the number and the state of health of the trees that make up Pando. Then they analyzed the excrement in the area to determine how many animals live on this organism. During that analysis they discovered that the forest areas protected by fences are not so much. Fences are barely maintained and are in bad condition at many points.

The Pando system is not like the other trees. It does not reproduce by seed, but by cloning. When it detects that a tree dies, the organism sends a hormonal signal that makes a new outbreak appear at some point in the roots of the previous one. "If the trees die and there are no outbreaks that replace them, then we can activate the alarm signal," says Rogers.

The Pando border (in yellow) has not increased in the last 40 years.
Photo: United States aerial reconnaissance office. Salt Lake City

Pando's lack of growth is even more evident when analyzing aerial photographs of the area from 1939 to today. Some areas have been urbanized for housing or camps and the body no longer grows in them. In others, cattle and deer are responsible for the prevention of reproduction.

The study only analyzes the local problems of Pando, but leaves many questions open. It has not yet been analyzed how the increase in temperatures due to climate change is affecting this forest or other clone systems in Europe. It is also necessary to examine in more detail how animals interact with trees, for which it would be necessary to install cameras or GPS collars.

At the moment the alarm voice is skipped. It is time for local and federal authorities to coordinate to stop some of the threats to this millennial forest. We still know very little about how these huge connected organisms work. To learn more, we need them to stay alive.