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SEC of the USA launches a "Strategic Center" to address the problems of DLT and digital resources


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched the Strategic Innovation and Financial Technology Center (FinHub) of the Agency, according to an official announcement published on 18 September. October.

The FinHub will be led by Valerie A. Szczepanik, Senior Asset and Digital Asset Advisor and Associate Director of the SEC Corporate Finance Division. The goal of this center is to facilitate the participation of the SEC in the fields related to fintech technology, including, among others, distributed accounting technology (DLT) and digital resources. It will also take on some of the tasks of existing working groups focused on similar issues.

According to the statement, FinHub's main objectives are to provide a portal for industry and the public to interact directly with the SEC staff, promote information on the activities of the SEC and collaborate with other national and international SEC regulators. fintech field. The center also plans to organize a FinTech forum, which will address the DLT and digital resources in 2019.

Szczepanik said that "with the launch of FinHub, we hope to provide a clear path for entrepreneurs, developers and consultants to involve SEC staff, look for information and test ideas". SEC president Jay Clayton said:

"The SEC is committed to working with investors and market players on new approaches to capital formation, market structure and financial services in order to improve and in no way reduce investor protection. central focus point for our efforts to monitor and participate in innovations in the securities markets that are promising but also require a flexible and rapid regulatory response to carry out our mission. "

Following the innovative developments in Finnish technology, other financial control bodies have also been restructured around the world to regulate and monitor the DLT and the cryptocurrency industry more effectively. In July, Japan reformed its financial regulatory authority, the Financial Services Agency (FSA). The new Office of Strategy Development and Management, which has replaced the Office of Inspection, will develop a policy of financial strategy and address issues related to the digital currency market, leading edge technology and money laundering. In addition, the office is responsible for administrative tasks and the inspection of financial institutions.


Facebook prepares its "room of war" for the intermediate elections


(CNN) – Facebook set up a "war room" at its headquarters in California as part of its plan to avoid repeating what happened in the 2016 election, when incorrect information was widely publicized on the platform.

The hall was designed to bring together the leaders of the company's political, legal and security teams as the political campaign increases in the last weeks before the November mid-term elections.

The company was subjected to an intense evaluation by Congress, federal investigators and the media, after it emerged that Russian government-related agents manipulated its platform to hit the Americans in 2016.

The company says it has hired thousands of new moderators, has invested in artificial intelligence, has had the help of former US intelligence officials. and introduced new rules for political advertising, all in an attempt to deal with a disinformation crisis.

Samidh Chakrabarti, director of the elections on Facebook and head of civic participation, told CNN that the war room was "the culmination of two years of massive investments we have made with both staff and technology to ensure the safety of our platforms – and safe for elections ". "So it's based on the work we've done to get rid of the fake accounts, in the fight against spreading fake news on our platforms."

Chakrabarti said the trolls are becoming more sophisticated.

"We know that the bad actors trying to interfere in the elections are very well funded," he said. "They are engaged and are becoming more sophisticated, so, for example, I think they have improved in terms of masking the place they come from".

In most cases, moderators and managers of the company's teams make decisions about content that may violate platform policy, said Chakrabarti. However, if a problem that is "particularly partial" arises, it can be taken into account by the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the operations manager Sheryl Sandberg.

"We have established a chain of command until Mark and Sheryl are able to analyze the most important things," Chakrabarti said.

In August, the company eliminated a network of alleged pages related to Russia posing as American activists.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that the company had eliminated a network of 1,700 fake pages of the March of Women running from Bangladesh.


StarKist pleads guilty of price adjustment and faces $ 100 million


StarKist has agreed to plead guilty on Thursday for charges of price incrimination for his role in a large conspiracy to block the price of canned tuna and ready for consumption, the Justice Department said.

The company has to pay a fine of up to $ 100 million to force buyers to pay inflated prices from at least November 2011 to December 2013, the Justice Department said.

The amount must be determined in a hearing by the US District Court in San Francisco, which must also approve the terms of the settlement agreement of StarKist. StarKist, an American subsidiary of Dongwon Industries of South Korea, has also agreed to collaborate with the federal investigation, which began in 2015.

"The conspiracy to fix prices on these basic necessities has had direct effects on the portfolios of American consumers," said Makan Delrahim, an assistant attorney general in the antitrust division of the Justice Department. "We will continue to hold companies and individuals who deceive responsible consumers".

Other legal cases followed, from food stores, restaurants, suppliers and retailers such as Walmart, Target and Kroger.

In July 2015, Thai Union Frozen Products revealed that she was sued by the Justice Department. The scheduled merger has been canceled.

Last year, Bumble Bee Foods pleaded guilty to StarKist's same pricing charge last Thursday and paid a $ 25 million fine. This was less than the Justice Department had asked, but prosecutors said they did not want to demand such a high fine to put Bumble Bee out of the game.

Haddad accuses Bolsonaro of manipulating doping


The presidential candidate of the Brazilian Labor Party, PT Haddad, has accused his right-wing competitor Bolsonaro of manipulating voters.

Hundreds of thousands of false reports were sent to voters via the Whatsapp messaging service to influence the October 28 outflow election, Haddad said at a press conference in São Paulo. More than 150 Brazilian entrepreneurs have financed the campaign. The electoral authority has initiated investigations. In Brazil, campaign finance is banned from the economy. Whatsapp also announced that it would continue the allegations.

Bolsonaro had won the first round of presidential elections in Brazil on 7 October. He came to about 46 percent of the votes, Haddad to about 29 percent.

Billions of losses due to a record tax robbery


The amount of organized tax fraud arising from transactions on Cumex securities is much larger than previously thought. Germany has also been hit.

By Mischa Ehrhardt, 10.10.2018

The "Cum-Ex-Files" read like a thriller. And they start like this: "Cooled the suite to 18 degrees, any drop of sweat on your forehead would be insidious, you do not have to look nervous." It's the beginning of a long story; the result of intensive research. It is the story of the greatest ever tax evasion.

The European research center "Correctiv" published yesterday the results of large-scale research – the "success files". 37 journalists from 19 media from 12 European countries participated. Result: due to dubious equity transactions, at least ten other European countries have lost billions in addition to Germany: France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. The leader of the injured countries is by far Germany, followed by France with at least 17 billion euros, Italy with 4.5 billion and Denmark with 1.7 billion euros of damages. "This is the biggest tax robbery in European history," says Christoph Spengel, professor of fees at the University of Mannheim.

Spengel has calculated that the local treasury has paid about 32 billion euros for incorrectly cum-ex-business to wheeled carts – in the years between 2001 and 2016. At European level, it estimates the research network, the damage it is more than 55 billion euros. If you add the cum-cum offers, the sum increases again considerably.

Multiple tax reimbursement

Cum-Ex refers to the transactions that take place around the effective date of the payment of the dividends of the stock exchange companies. The goal is to use banks to repay more taxes. "Cum" refers to shares with dividend rights, "ex" cards without. One can easily imagine the principle, if one considers, as one could in this country obtain a benefit for the children: in Cum Cum, a German summarily records foreign children as family members to collect child support. After you send them back. For Cum-Ex stores, children's registration would be carried out in several families.

Similar to the case of the shares: the capital gains tax must be paid once. But if you can double check two or more times, you can make a fortune. Documents with and without a request for dividends sometimes changed hands several times in rapid succession, so that the tax authorities were no longer certain of who eventually belonged and that he repeatedly repaid the tax.

Was Germany feeling too late?

In Germany, this practice is no longer possible since 2012, since the tax loophole has been closed. According to "Corrective", Germany should have warned other European countries, but only in 2015 from the ring roads. The Federal Ministry of Finance stressed at the request of this newspaper, it was very good "in the past several states, even at their request, inform of the procedure at Cum-Ex-shops".

The Greens have requested immediate clarification from Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD). If it could continue to be deceived after 2012, "then it would be a monstrous failure and an embarrassing embarrassment for German fiscal policy," said Green Party president Anton Hofreiter.

While the amount of the robbery is slowly becoming apparent, it is still unclear to date if the commercial firms were really illegal. For a long time, tax experts have considered transactions as tax tricks. Today, most observers believe they were and are illegal.

Putin, in five quotes: The president's speech in the Valdái international debate forum


This year Vladimir Putin gave a bad prognosis for those wishing to destroy Russia and spoke about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust in the case of a potential attack on the country. Since "in the concept of Russia's nuclear doctrine there is no preventive attack", Moscow can respond with nuclear weapons when it is clear that "a potential aggressor is attacking Russia", assured Putin.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

The aggressor must know that the punishment is inevitable and will be destroyed in any case. And we, as victims of aggression, will go to heaven as martyrs, while they will simply die, because they will not even have time to repent.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

To strengthen its security, Russia developsfor nuclear deterrence and improves attack systems in response to the development of the American anti-missile shield, Putin said, ensuring that the Russian Avangard hypersonic missile system will enter service in the coming months.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

It is an obvious fact, and our partners understand, that we have advanced all our rivals in this matter. No one yet has hypersonic high precision weapons. Some plan to test them in a year and a half or two, but we have them already in service.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

Another issue addressed by the Russian leader was the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who entered the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul on 2 October and has never left. Putin said that Moscow is not rushing to ruin relations with Riyadh until evidence of his alleged involvement in what many consider the murder of the journalist will be presented.

In this sense, the Russian president has indicated the hypocrisy of the West, which was enough to make provisions against Russia the "highly probable" expression with which London described the alleged involvement of Moscow in the poisoning with an ex-dual intelligence nervous agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the United Kingdom without effort to present convincing evidence that behind the crime there was the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

There is no evidence against Russia, but the steps are taken. In this case they say that a murder took place in Istanbul, but no measures were taken. You must determine a unique approach to this type of problem.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

During his speech at the forum, even Putin did not lose the tragedy in the Russian city of Kerch (Crimea), where a student opened fire on Wednesday and detonated an improvised explosive before committing suicide, leaving 21 dead and about 50 wounded. According to the Russian president, "this is the result of globalization".

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

Young people with an unstable psyche create false heroes for themselves. This means that all of us – not only in Russia, but in the world in general – react badly to the changing conditions of the world. This means that we do not create necessary, interesting and useful content for young people. They take heroism supplanted by truth and this is what leads to tragedies of this kind.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

Putin's speech ended with the question about what changes he wants for himself, to which the president replied that he would like to end the conversation in order to have some time to play hockey.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

I want us to end this debate because I have a flight to Uzbekistan and I still want to play street hockey.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

Hydrochlorothiazide: risk of commonly used diuretic skin cancer

The doctor examines the skin of a patient / dpa

In Germany, less than 600 people die of white skin cancer every year. / dpa

Berlin – Hydrochlorothiazide diuretic, which is found in many antihypertensive drugs, promotes the development of non-melanocytic skin tumors (NMCS). Many manufacturers of the frequently used ingredient must now indicate it in a red-hand letter.

Chlorothiazides have been known to increase the skin's photosensitivity for more than 50 years. A corresponding note can be found in the technical information of drugs containing hydrochlorothiazide. The diuretic is contained in numerous antihypertensive drugs. It is also sometimes used to treat cardiac edema.

Photosensitivity means that exposure to UV rays causes skin damage more quickly and increases the risk of long-term skin cancer. The danger to patients has long been underestimated. First, Gary Friedman of the California health insurer Kaiser Permanente noted that patients treated with hydrochlorothiazide were severely affected by lip cancer. For patients treated with monotherapy for 5 years or more, Friedman found an odds ratio of 4.22, which was significant with a 95% confidence interval from 2.82 to 6.31 (Archives of internal medicine 2012; 172: 1246-1251).

Dose-dependent risk of lip cancer, basal cell carcinoma and spinalomas

A case-control study comparing 633 patients with lip cancer in Denmark, each with 10 healthy subjects, recently confirmed the suspicion. Patients taking hydrochlorothiazide had a significantly greater chance of developing an unusual tumor. The risk was dose-dependent – an indication of causality in epidemiological studies. For most of the patients exposed, Anton Pottegard from the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and collaborators reported a 7-fold increased risk (odds ratio 7.7, 5.7-10.5). And since hydrochlorothiazide is a widely prescribed drug in Denmark, Pottegard claims that no less than 11% of all lip carcinomas may be due to the use of hydrochlorothiazide (Journal of Internal Medicine 2017; 282: 322-331).

Non-melanocytic skin tumors are more common on other parts of the skin. As a result, Pottegard extended its analysis to all basalias and spinal cells. Once again, a dose-dependent effect was detectable. For patients with the highest cumulative hydrochlorothiazide exposure, Pottegard found a probability ratio of 1.54 (1.38-1.71) for basal cell carcinoma and a probability ratio of 7.38 (6, 32-8.60) for the spinal cord,

The use of other diuretics and antihypertensives was not associated with the two non-melanocytic skin tumors. The proportion of tumors due to the use of hydrochlorothiazide is – assuming causality – 0.6% for basaloma and 9.0% for spinal cord. Every 11th white skin cancer in Denmark would be activated by hydrochlorothiazide (Officer of the American Academy of Dermatology 2018; 78: 673-81).

BFArM draws consequences

The data recently convinced the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (BfArM) has now prepared a red-hand letter from manufacturers. Here doctors are encouraged to inform all patients who take hydrochlorothiazide as a mono or combination drug on the risk of skin cancer. Patients should be asked to check their skin regularly for new skin lesions and changes to existing lesions and to report suspicious lesions (to be confirmed dermatologically).

Patients should also be advised to limit exposure to sunlight and UV light. They should use adequate sun protection when exposed to sunlight to minimize the risk of skin cancer. For patients already suffering from non-melanoma skin cancer, the use of hydrochlorothiazide should be reconsidered, the regulators of the drug advise.

The risk for the patient is low overall. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, 190,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer every year. Because tumors rarely metastasize, deaths are rare. © heat / aerzteblatt.de


Düsseldorf as a guest: Frankfurt wants to settle down at the top

Sport (DPA)

Düsseldorf as a guest: Frankfurt wants to settle down at the top

| Reading time: 2 minutes

Adi Hutter Adi Hutter

On the road to success with Frankfurt: coach Eintracht Adi Hütter. Photo: Uwe Anspach

Source: dpa-infocom GmbH

Adi Hütter brought Eintracht Frankfurt on the road to success after the initial difficulties. Against Fortuna Dusseldorf, the winning streak will be expanded.

FRankfurt / Main (AP) – The new arrangement has been found. After three wins in a row before the international break, the Frankfurter intimidated seasonally want to continue their run against Fortuna Dusseldorf.

The four-win win-win entree comes into play as a loser this Friday (at 8.30pm).

DEPARTURE POSITION: With the successes against Hannover 96 (4: 1), Lazio (4: 1) and TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (2: 1), the DFB Cup winner in Frankfurt has recently fueled a lot of self-confidence. "We threw the box down," said Eintracht Adi Hütter's coach before the match. If another victory is achieved, the Hessians will close at night to Bayern (13 points) in sixth place. The situation is very different with Fortuna, who lost three times in a row and is only five points behind the table. "We have three, four points too little," noted the trainer Friedhelm Funkel.

READ: For the 64-year-old football teacher who pulls the sporting threads in Dusseldorf for two and a half years, it's a special game. For the first time in eight years, then with Hertha BSC, Funkel returns to his old job, where he sat on the Eintracht bench from 2004 to 2009 in a total of 194 games. "In Frankfurt it's very special to be a coach for so long, I had a great time and I always want to come back," Funkel said.

BALANCE: the numbers speak for Hesse. Of the 44 Bundesliga fans so far, Frankfurt has won 22, only ten have been lost. Against any other current Bundesliga club, Eintracht has a better record. In front of a home crowd, there was also only one defeat – in January 1980. At that moment I met Thomas Allofs and Gerd Zewe, coached by Otto Rehhagel Dusseldorf in a 2-1 victory. The last time they met in May 2013, Frankfurt won 3-1.

Bundesliga from table football

Information about the game


Watch the very special announcement of Britney Spears from Las Vegas!


Are you ready for some exciting news on Britney Spears?

The singer "Oops I Did It Again" made an appearance in last Thursday's episode The show by Ellen DeGeneres make a big live announcement from Las Vegas, Nevada. The pop star joked that he had something up his sleeve on his Instagram, posting a mini clip of his name that shone with red lights.

Spears, 36, appeared in the daytime show at the start of this month and has hinted to have great news to share very soon.

"I have a huge announcement to make," he said. "My announcement is that I have an announcement, I can not announce it until October 18th."

See how Spears reveals what will be close to you in the video below.

The announcement of the surprise comes after ET has learned Thursday morning that he will return to Sin City for a new residence at Park Park MGM Park.

His new concert is scheduled for next year at the theater inside the new Park MGM Resort, the detailed source, adding that Spears will make over $ 500,000 in a show, in addition to the singer who gets a sales cut of tickets and goods.

"The agreement that his team has put together has a huge base salary and also gives it a percentage of ticket sales, goods and other things," the source said. "Britney has proven she can continually sell her shows after years in Las Vegas, and Britney's team used this as a bargaining tool for her new contract."

Spears concluded his enormous success A part of me residence at Planet Hollywood on New Year's Eve after a four year run. However, in January, he announced that he would carry itthe shows through North America and Europe. The tour was performed from July 12th to August 24th.

For more information on the new Spears residence, see below.


Britney Spears gets the brand new residence in Las Vegas, will make $ 500K a show

Britney Spears thanks Selena Gomez for the Workout inspiration while showing her Abs tonic

Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling have a Reunion of & # 39; Mickey Mouse Club & # 39; on & # 39; Ellen & # 39 ;!


Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Is Inspired by Magic: The Gathering and other card games


Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales

Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, the director of the game for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, published on PlayStation, in which he exposed some important things he wanted to know to fans before the game was released on October 23, 2018 for PC, and December 4 of the same year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Tomaszkiewicz wrote about how the game was heavily influenced by previous classics, including Magic: The Gathering.

Since I can remember, I've always been attracted to card games, their fantastic and illustrative format always brought my imagination into overdrive. I think the first digital card game I've ever played and completely fell in love with was Arcomage in Might & Magic VII. I also remember to watch my friends play Magic: The Gathering far behind when I was a child. After that it was Etherlords, which I thought was a wonderful idea, combining the mechanics of Heroes of Might & Magic, of which I am a big fan, with the format of the card game. Over the years I have also had several run-ins with other digital card games – different editions of Magic: The Gathering, Duels of Champions, just to name a few.

In telling a completely new story within the morally gray universe of the Witcher series on Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia, an unexplored character, Tomaszkiewicz wanted to ensure that players had the opportunity to plunge into a world that was worth exploring, but on a scale that suited the game's mechanisms better.

It was not long before we started testing what would have happened if we had introduced free circulation on the exploration map instead of node-based design. An inevitable discussion on the scale of resources began immediately afterwards: how big should the player's character be compared to objects in the world? A realistic scale would limit the size of playable areas. On the other hand, an out-of-scale approach did not seem to fit as well. The answer we were looking for was right in the middle – a scale that is closer to realism, but still undefined enough to allow players the chance to explore vast and varied areas, with Meve's character representing both her and her army.

It seems that the development of this game has certainly been put in respect of the hands. You can take a look at the gameplay trailer to see better which hands inspired those inspirations. For those excited Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: PlayStation]