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The most profitable professions in Russia have become famous.


MOSCOW, October 18 – RIA news. The financial sector became the highest paid in Russia in the first quarter of 2018, the WG reports cite the NAFI analysis center report.

Welder at work
"All professions are important": IT and welders are also needed

The experts analyzed the statistics of the main labor market indicators and concluded that the average earnings of financiers are 87,991 rubles, twice the national figure. According to experts, the average monthly salary in the country is 42,521 rubles (before the deduction of personal income tax).

Secondly were the professions associated with the mining sector (86 982 rubles), and the third – with the information and communication sphere (70 839 rubles).

The lowest incomes were recorded among hotel employees and catering companies, their average salary was 25,842 rubles. In addition, agriculture and forestry, hunting, fishing (28,251 rubles), water supply, water disposal, waste collection and disposal (30,519 rubles) proved to be not too profitable .

Furthermore, experts have indicated regions with higher and lower earnings. The list guides the central districts (53 406 rubles) and the Far East (52 759 rubles), followed by the North-West (48 654 rubles). The lower middle patch is set in the District of the North Caucasus – 26,251 rubles.

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Platinum Edition Fallout 76 is sold without the game itself.

Platinum Edition Fallout 76 is sold without the game itself.This move has been ambiguously perceived by many fans and the hot debates on the network are being reduced.

As you know, Fallout 76 will be out in the middle of next month. For the first time in the twenty-year history of the legendary Fallout 76 series, there is no classic single-player campaign in offline mode. Instead, the game focuses on the exploration of the world and the interaction with other players who, if they wish, and with a certain amount of luck, can even be "roasted" with a nuclear missile. A similar move has been ambiguously perceived by many fans, and the heated debates on the Net do not subside, reports the Internet Chronicle.info edition with reference to overclockers.ua.

In anticipation of beta testing Fallout 76, which is scheduled for October 23 for owners of the Xbox One console and October 30 for PlayStation 4 and PC, the company Bethesda introduced a special edition called First Guide Fallout 76 Platinum Edition . It has a rich collection of collectibles, but has a disadvantage. A copy of Fallout 76 is not included.

But there is a box for the game disc version, a user manual, a set of cards, a detailed map of the game world, several notebooks, coasters for a cup or a glass and a poster. The cost of the set is $ 115 and shipping will start on December 14th. By the way, Bethesda has already released a collection of Panzerhund Edition for Wolfenstein: The New Order without a copy of the game itself several years ago.

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Recall, Fallout 76 is scheduled for November 14, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. There will be several editions of the game, including Fallout 76 Standard Edition ($ 60), Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition ($ 80) and another Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition ($ 200).

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More than 11 thousand children became ill with ARVI during the week in Kuzbass


Last week, from October 8 to 14, 15 056 residents in Kuzbass, including 11 475 children, turned to medical organizations with reports of headache and runny nose. Everyone was diagnosed with an acute respiratory viral infection.

For laboratory monitoring, 52 patients with SARS were examined and, according to the Federal Supervisory Office for Supervision of Consumer Rights, no influenza viruses were detected.

On the eve of the flu season in Kuzbass on October 15, about 565 thousand people were vaccinated against the flu. About 664 thousand more must be planted.

Doctors strongly recommend that residents of the region take care of the flu immunization of children aged six months to six, pupils and students and people over 60 years. The most optimal time for influenza vaccination – September-October, according to immunologists. The vaccine delivered during this period will have time to prepare the body for the onset of the epidemic increase in the incidence of influenza.

Green Derby: Salavat Yulaev HC will compete with Ak Bars in Kazan

Ufa, 18 October – AIF – Ufa.

Today, October 18th, the Green Derby will take place in Kazan. A standoff of princes at the Tatneft Arena will compete in the hockey club Ufa Salavat Yulaev and in the local Ak Bars.

In the previous game, "Yulaev" proved to be stronger than Magnitogorsk "Metallurg", winning 2: 1. "Ak Bars" in the last lost game against "Jokerit" with a score of 2: 3.

Now "Salavat" is the fourth line of the East with 25 points. Kazan is higher, but still has another game.

"We are waiting for an interesting" green derby "to be held in Kazan.The Bashkir-Tatar derby will be very interesting and tense, as usual.The teams are now the same, the same.I think that the home arena will play his role in the match: The goalkeepers there, in both teams, are reliable, play with confidence, the game depends more on them.

"Salavat" is not launching lately, the team has clearly slipped. Therefore, I think that at home Kazan will be able to win with a difference of only one goal. I do not exclude even overtime, it's a derby. It's hard to say, to decide how the team will win at the end. An interesting game is waiting for us. Let's do this: Kazan's victory in one goal in the game, that is, in the main time ", – he believes twice Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR and expert "Rating Bookmakers" Alexander Kozhevnikov.

The meeting starts at 9:30 pm Ufa time. Live broadcasts: KHL TV, BST and Kurai TV.


The former robber photographed with Macron in Saint-Martin convicted of possession of drugs


October 18, 2018

One of the two young men, who had posed at the end of September with Emmanuel Macron in Saint-Martin on a controversial photograph, was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment Wednesday, four of which were suspended for possession of narcotics and rebellion. The man who explained to the head of state that he was imprisoned for a robbery, was arrested last Friday in possession of 25 bags of cannabis, or about 20 grams. On September 30, Emmanuel Macron had introduced himself to the young man in the Quartier d'Orléans in Saint-Martin, inviting him to find work "to do the work and rebuild. (…) we do not have to stay like It's stupid, the thefts are finished, your mother deserves better, "he had recommended.

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The head of state had posed with the young man and his cousin, both naked, for a selfie. In the photo, the cousin had made a finger of honor, creating controversy in France. Emmanuel Macron then assured that he loved "every child in the Republic, whatever its absurdity".

The young man was released for acts of violence

On Wednesday, the twenty-two year old was also accused of rebellion and violence. But he was released for acts of violence. According to the gendarmes, he struggled during his arrest, without blows. The defendant left the Marigot Criminal Court free of charge, but was summoned at the end of September before the judge responsible for executing the sentences.

He explained at the hearing that he kept drugs for a friend and assured his regret. He was in a state of recidivism for similar crimes committed in February 2016. At the beginning of October, the Guadeloupe prosecutor's office had denied various rumors circulating in the media and social networks on the judicial past of the two young people. In particular, he stated that "the information that transmits the proximity of one of the two individuals with the head of an armed band that controls the traffic of cocaine with Guyana" has not been confirmed by any current or past judicial inquiry. from the floor of Basse-Terre ".

Banksy wanted to completely destroy "Girl with Balloon"


Apparently, the artist of street art Banksy wanted to completely destroy his work of art partially destroyed during an auction in London. In a video posted on his homepage on Wednesday, it shows not only how the destruction mechanism was installed, but also the auction in the Sotheby auction house & # 39; if the partial destruction of the work, after the auctioneer had signed the contract. Finally, read on a board: "Samples always worked …" Then you can see a sequence in which a copy of the image was actually cut completely by the shredder hidden in the frame.

The famous photo "Girl with a Balloon" was sold just under two weeks ago for the equivalent of almost 1.2 million euros. Shortly after the fall of the hammer, to the amazement of the participants, he had passed through a shredder hidden in the thick golden frame, leaving only the upper part of the painting, the rest hanging in strips. Banksy, whose true identity is unknown, has subsequently interpreted the action on his Instagram account on the Internet as a long-term critique of the art market.

The auction house said that the buyer was a "European collector and a longtime customer of Sotheby's," and accepts it shredded. This was the "first art work in history, which was created live during an auction".

In the video entitled "Shredding the Girl and Balloon – The Director 's Cut", see first how the shredder has been inserted into a frame by a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt – Banksy likes this piece of clothing. This is followed by the auction footage of guests who enjoy snacks and drinks before the start of the auction. Then, when the contract is assigned, it is shown how a man pulls a trigger – apparently for the mechanism, so that the image of the shredder runs into the frame.

It is not clear, however, if the person pressing the shutter was actually present in the exhibition hall. The scene is cut in. The problem remains if Banksy were in the auction room.

The shredded image is one of the most famous of Banksy, a girl who tends her arm in the shape of a heart-shaped flying balloon. The reason appeared for the first time as a mural in London. The image now destroyed, sprayed on canvas, dates back to 2006. Born in Bristol, Banksy is known for his social-critical works. In 2015, it caused a sensation with an installation called "Dismaland", a gruesome anti-amusement park on the English coast. (AP)

WhatsApp to get the new Vacation mode soon, feature Linked Accounts: Report


Whatsapp according to sources, he is working on a lot of new features for the platform. There is a holiday mode and a feature of accounts linked under work.

According to a relationship of WABetaInfoWhatsApp is currently testing these features and will be implemented very soon for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users.

WhatsApp for Android. Image: tech2 / Shomik Sen Bhattacharjee

WhatsApp for Android. Image: tech2 / Shomik Sen Bhattacharjee

Vacation mode

The first function reportedly tested is the Vacation mode, which is essentially an extension of the silent mode, which was recently implemented for Android users (scroll below to learn more about the feature).

Currently, when you archive a chat, WhatsApp will cancel it automatically when a new message is received from that chat. However, when you enable Vacation mode, conversations will not be archived even if you've previously disabled them.

WhatsApp holiday mode function. Image: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp holiday mode function. Image: WABetaInfo

The purpose is that if you're trying to get away from all the chaos of WhatsApp for a while, you can silence conversations and program a little bit. detoxification. And when you come back, you'll still be able to get back to your archives even though you've received a new message in that chat.

This feature will appear in the WhatsApp notification settings and will position itself right under the Show preview option.

Linked accounts

The second feature used is Linked Accounts, which will essentially connect your account with external services, such as Instagram, Facebook. The feature seems to be developed primarily for WhatsApp Business, however, according to the report, there have been some references to the function in the main WhatsApp app.

The Linked Accounts function will be in the Profile Settings on WhatsApp.

It is difficult to say what the purpose of the Linked Accounts function is. However, last month, WABetaInfo had shared a tweet saying that soon you might be able to recover your Facebook account using WhatsApp. This could be one of the purposes of the function.

The other possibility is, of course, cross-posting, which can be very useful for the WhatsApp Business account, in particular.

Silent mode

For those who have lost the silent mode of WhatsApp, the feature has been recently implemented and is available to most Android users. The function allows you to hide the app badge for deactivated chats.

This means that many launchers on Android show the number of unread messages received on the app icon, which also includes the number of messages for a chat disabled. However, in silent mode, app icons will no longer show unread messages on a deactivated chat.

It is not really necessary to enable the function from Settings, it is enabled by default.


Reasons why sugar shot 36%


Sugar futures hit the high for seven months on Monday, which represents a drastic change at the start of the fourth quarter after recording the largest drop in key commodities in the nine months ending in August.
Crude sugar for March delivery rose by 2.8% to trade at 13.43 cents per pound (453.592 grams) at New York's ICE Futures US.
The most active contract earned 36% from the 10-year minimum of 9.91 cents on 22 August.

Sucden Financial Ltd. mentioned three bullish reasons raised during a sugar conference last week in London: the timing of Indian exports, the demand for ethanol from Brazil and a change in hedge fund strategy.

After the increase, "the urgency could be diminished" for an increase in Indian exports within a plan to help the factories, said Nick Penney, a senior operator at Sucden in London, in a relationship.
Penney said that in Brazil, the largest sugar producer, drivers "have become used to filling the ethanol tank, and the habit should continue", after a change in government policies on gas prices has increased the attraction of fuel based on sugar cane.

Speculators hurried to break down bets, partly because of the low volume of sugar delivered against the October futures maturity, said Bruno Lima, head of INTL FCStone sugar in Campinas, in a telephone interview .
In the week ending 9 October, net short positions decreased by 72% to 46,313 futures and options contracts from the April record, according to government data dated 12 October.

The bear market at the start of this year, during the global surplus, "may have been exaggerated," said Penney.
"Others say the fundamentals have not changed much and that the increase is due only to the commercial flow," said Penney.
When exports from India emerge, "there will be an influx of other producers to surpass them in price," he said. The rebound of the real against the dollar in the run up to the Brazilian elections has stimulated some basic commodities such as sugar and coffee, eroding the attractiveness of exports with dollar prices.

The work accuses Theresa May of trying to set the vote of the municipalities on the final agreement on Brexit


THERESA MAY has been accused of trying to "fix" a vote on municipal land on the last agreement on Brexit by the fierce Labor MPs.
The government's orientation issued last night recommended that any amendments to the so-called Voteful Vote come after the vote itself.
PA: Press Association / PA Brexit Secretary for PA Keir Starmer's pictures made it clear that Labor will not accept that Ministers can silence Parliament. This would mean that parliamentarians are given an immediate choice between accepting the Theresa May Brexit agreement – or a "No Deal".
The pro-EU backbenches hoped to be able to change legislation to push for a second referendum.
The Eurosceptic Tory, Jacob Rees Mogg, said the guide has shown "there is nothing that Parliament can do if the government is brave".
But Labor Labor Laburists called it a "shameful hoarding of power".
PA: Press Association Theresa May was accused of attempting to set a vote by the municipalities on the latest agreement on Brexit. Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer broke in: "The Labor does not accept that Parliament's choice is between any Theresa May cobbled or No Deal agreement.
"This is not a meaningful vote and ministers can not be allowed to silence Parliament.
"The parliamentarians must be given the opportunity to examine, evaluate and, if necessary, modify any resolution proposed by the government".
Dominic Raab wrote to Tory's MPs last week implying that the government would restrict the process of the Parliament so that parliamentarians would debate and vote on the final deal not "undermining" the intentions of the act of revocation of the 39; EU.
AFP or licensors Labor has called the government a "shameful take of power". DISABLED BOOST BENEFITS 180,000 Britons owed £ 5,000 each after benefiting from underpaid subsidies BREXTRA TIME speaks at the Brussels summit The UK could be linked to the EU for another year BENEFITS OF THE BUNGILE Thousands of debts of up to £ 20,000 in subsidies after a huge government error UNIVERSALLY ANGRY Rebellion of universal credit by 30 Tory parliamentarians while urging the Chancellor to turn the reverse END OF THE UNION? John McDonnell arouses indignation by saying that he "wants a united Ireland". NO DEAL Ministers REFUSE to reveal the true damage to millions of Universal Credit
He wrote: "Once the agreement has been submitted to Parliament, the procedure by which it is voted must allow an unequivocal and clear decision for the British public".
"Anything other than an immediate approval of the agreement will bring with it a huge uncertainty for businesses, consumers and citizens".
The government accepted a significant vote on Brexit after a rebellion by the Bulls led by former Attorney General Dominic Grieve.
Downing Street sources believe they can win the vote – they will probably be held early in the new year.
Theresa May says she will agree an agreement with EU leaders at the Brussels summit

The dollar strengthened after the publication of the Fed report

10/18/2018 09:07


(Reuters) Dollar strengthened to greater
competitors on Thursday after the September protocol
Meeting of the Fed, which confirmed the expectations
The US central bank is likely to continue to raise interest rates
rates this year.

As shown by the minutes of the meeting, which took place 25-26
In September, members of the Fed leadership spoke in support of the collection
rates and also generally agreed on the need for additional
the increase in the cost of the loan, despite the fact that
US President Donald Trump tightens monetary policy
already gone too far.

The quotations of futures on federal funds show
that the market evaluates the probability of a rate hike in December
the Fed meets at 83%, according to CME's FedEx program
Group. This will be the fourth rate hike this year, again
two improvements are planned for next year.

Dollar index that tracks the dynamics of the American
currencies against a basket of six major competitors
traded near the 95.65 mark, 0.08 percent above the level
close the previous session.

Make indicative 10-year US government bonds
Thursday rose to 3.21 percent in the middle
higher expectations for higher rates.

The euro is close to $ 1,1497, almost unchanged.
against the dollar after falling 0.65 percent on Wednesday.
The single currency has lost 2.73 percent of the dollar in the last three
of the week.

The pound weakened by 0.12% against the dollar
$ 1.3096, assignment of positions after the main negotiator
EU on the exit of the United Kingdom from the block Michel
Barnier said that to find an agreement with Britain
I need more time

The yen is trading at around $ 112.53, at 0.12
percentage more than the previous close. Previously, the yen has fallen
at a minimum level in six days, reaching 112.72.

The Australian dollar rose 0.3 percent to $ 0.7128
thanks to the good job statistics they indicated
Unexpected decline in unemployment in September a
minimum level for six and a half years.

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