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Pregnant Meghan Markle shows her lump while Prince Harry hugs her fan while the couple lands in Melbourne


PREGNANT Meghan Markle showed a hint of her belly while huge crowds came to welcome her and her husband, Prince Harry, to Melbourne.
A real fan even broke down in tears after seeing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and having received a hug from Harry.
PA: Press Association Pregnant Meghan Markle showed off her belly in Melbourne todayIndia Brown, 19, was overwhelmed when Harry noticed his sign saying, "I've been here since 4am, I've loved you since I was 8 years old. "
The couple arrived in the capital of Victoria after spending two days in New South Wales, seeing their namesake koalas in Sydney and savoring a taste of rural life in Dubbo.
Meghan arrived in Melbourne wearing a dark blue suit by Australian designer Dion Lee and a trench coat by Martin Grant while Harry was portrayed in a dark jacket.
The outfit showed its growing pregnancy bump after the couple announced they were waiting for their first child a few days ago.
AP: Associated Press Mum is the designer dress of Meghan who showed off her growing bumpPA: Press Association The couple watched sports activities in the Government HouseAP field: Associated Press Both Harry and Meghan seemed to enjoy their second leg on the third day of their royal tour The couple arrived late for their first engagement after being stuck in traffic.
While in town, they will take a ride on one of Melbourne's trams.
Prospective parents will also take a public walk in the city's Royal Botanic Gardens and watch sports at the Government House.
Getty Images – Getty The royal couple came late to their first engagement in Melbourne after being stuck in trafficGetty – Pool It was all too much for this woman who was overwhelmed by the meeting with Prince Andrew Parsons Harry intervened to embrace the girl who was overwhelmed by emotion after the prince talked to her Reuters huge crowd met Megha pregnant and her husband Harry when they arrived in MelbourneGetty – the dad in the pool Harry talks with the members of the crowd in MelbourneGetty Images – Getty Meghan wears a dress of the Australian designer Dion Lee and a Martin Grant trench coat Getty Images – Getty Meghan was showered with gifts, flowers and cuddling toys as she made her way through the huge crowds. Getty Images – Thousands of people marched through the streets as Meghan and Harry continued their Australian tourGetty Images – Getty The couple is enjoying the third day of their real tour. Game news. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive at Sydney airport for their flight to Melbourne. A thousand and thirty fans were parading through the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple.
University student India had a hug from the Prince, despite being against protocol.
It is said that Harry told her: "You'll get me in trouble".
In the afternoon, the couple will take a tram to the beach where they will meet the pupils of the elementary school Albert Park and the president of the Beach Patrol and will help to put order in the boat.
The duke and the duchess are part of a 16-day tour, during which they will see the Invictus games and will travel to New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.
Splash News The couple continues his Royal Tour of Australia, directed to Melbourne, yesterday Getty Images – Getty Royal fans await the arrival of the couple at the Government HouseGetty – Contributor Thousands of fans wait to see their parents to be a ITINERARY
October 18th
Fly to Melbourne for official reception at the Government House
A public walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens of the city
Afternoon visit to the elementary school
Duke and Duchess will travel on an iconic Melbourne tram on South Melbourne beach

Meghan Markle lovingly holds Prince Harry while the backside stains Oz's picnic
They were greeted with hugs and flowers when they arrived in Dubbo a few days after they announced that they expected their first child in spring next year.
It is said that Meghan told fans of the series that "ran adrenaline" while the couple adapted to 76 commitments in 16 days.
The Duke of Sussex said that he and his wife "could not think of a better place to announce the next child" of Australia.
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The Minister of Culture and Governor of South Sinai inaugurates the Palace of Culture in Sharm El Sheikh image


Minister of Culture Inas Abdalayem and South Governor Sinai Khaled Fouda accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Awad, President of the General Authority for Cultural Buildings, have inaugurated the Palace of Culture of Sharm El-Sheik after its renewal and rehabilitation.

The opening ceremony began with the inauguration of the commemorative plaque, the brief public and its annexes were inspected, the total area of ​​the college is 1500 square meters, includes a theater of 580 square meters with 284 spectators , a public library and a library for children. It includes a Sinuya women's club, a literary store, a technology center, a talent development center and a special center for censorship of art.

In his speech, the Minister of Culture emphasized the leadership and support of political leadership in his approach by paying attention to the Enlightenment Enlightenment, which is the ideal model for the construction of Egyptian human beings and emphasized the importance of the palace in the city of peace as a new center to preserve the heritage of Sinai.

"It is a great opportunity to show that culture is one of the pillars of sustainable development in South Sinai and an important vision for the world to learn about culture and openness to the Egyptian cultural heritage, as well as to create creativity for all and offer our children the opportunity to assimilate their arts and heritage and learn the values ​​of beauty, art and creativity. "

"The opening of the Palace of Culture reflects a message of peace and love for all to consolidate the concept of national identity, belonging and awareness and to provide cultural and artistic services to the population of the province in all fields", said Ahmed Awad, responsible for the Authority of the Cultural Palace.

He added that the main objective of the restructuring and development of the building is the Egyptian citizen in the province of South Sinai, which has the right to find an adequate technical and cultural service.

Minister of Culture and Governor of South Sinai during the opening of the cultural palace of Sharm el-Sheikh

Opening ceremony of the Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Palace

Opening ceremony of the Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Palace

Opening ceremony of the Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Palace

Opening ceremony of the Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Palace

Opening ceremony of the Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Palace

Opening ceremony of the Sharm El Sheikh Cultural Palace

Media: in Syria, the militants of the IG have taken hostage citizens of European countries


  1. Media: in Syria, the militants of the IG have taken the citizens of the European states Kommersant hostage
  2. In Syria, the Western coalition mistakenly attacked the Kurds Moskovsky Komsomolets
  3. In Syria, militants captured Europeans among the 700 hostages of Komsomolskaya Pravda
  4. The pro-American forces in Syria allowed the terrorists to conquer lands from the Euphrates
  5. Full coverage


Salmonella in the chicken makes 92 people sick in 29 states of the United States


Salmonella in the chicken makes 92 people sick in 29 states of the United States

NEW YORK.- Ninety-two people in 29 states, including New York and New Jersey, have been infected with a multi-resistant form of Salmonella to products based on raw chicken.

Twenty-one people were hospitalized but no deaths were reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ten cases have been reported in New York and nine cases have been reported in New Jersey.

Epidemiological and laboratory tests indicate that many types of raw chicken products from different sources are contaminated with Salmonella Infantis and are making people sick.

In interviews with the CDC, sick people report eating different types and brands of chicken products bought in different places.

The epidemic strain was identified in samples taken from pet food based on raw chicken, raw chicken products and live chickens.

The antibiotic resistance tests carried out by the CDC on Salmonella bacteria isolated from patients show that the epidemic strain is resistant to more antibiotics.

The epidemic strain of Salmonella Infantis is present in live chickens and many types of raw chicken products, indicating that it could be widespread in the chicken industry.

The CDC and the USDA-FSIS shared this information with representatives of the chicken industry and asked about the steps they can take to reduce salmonella contamination.

Most people with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps 12 to 72 hours after exposure to bacteria.

Ternovoy: on UOI we communicate better with the Ukrainian team


BUENOS AIRES, October 18 – RIA Novosti, Veronica Gibadieva. Russian jumper Ruslan Ternovoy said that he and Ukrainian Sofia Lyskun did not worry about a joint performance at the Youth Olympic Games.

Thorn and Lyskun won Wednesday the bronze of the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in mixed-team competitions.

"We were not embarrassed by anything: among all the teams, we better communicate one another," Turnov told reporters, "I would not say there were a lot of jumps in the series, but there were many teams, it was still fun and interesting, here and everyone at the Games. The pool, the atmosphere, everything was great. "

"We felt great, a wonderful partner, everything is wonderful," said Lyskun. "There's a bit of exhaustion because this is the last day of the competition, but I liked everything here, it's a personal medal."

Cancellation DHDL: "Kaiserschlüpfer" has found a new investor


Despite the discharge is a success? Founders Julia Steinbach and Daniela Westberg-Heuer did not do very well on Tuesday at The Cave of the Lions. For their start-up "Kaiserschlüpfer" they design underwear, which is convenient for mothers after a caesarean section. From this idea, Hamburg women have also developed shapewear briefs and panties for women with regular complaints. While the basic idea of ​​Judith Williams (46) and Co. was well received, the "lions" did not believe in the success of the company and nobody wanted to invest. Julia and Daniela start anyway.

Shortly after the rejection of the show, the midwife and the marketing expert seemed rather determined. "Of course you go there with the goal of driving home with an agreement, but in retrospect we are absolutely satisfied with the progress. What we bring with us is to be even more proud of us and to see what we have already achieved ", they said in an interview Flash CelebrityIn the meantime, they have found another investor for their project and are very satisfied with the support.

Above all, Judith explained to women entrepreneurs that their laundry was not attractive enough to prevail in the market. Despite the criticism, Julia and Daniela did not make any changes, but this did not damage their sales figures: "We have many enthusiastic customers and, of course, many orders via our online store. Our products are now also available in the first branches of BabyOne and again at the Otto Group. In addition, we supply various retailers, midwives and pharmacies in Germany and Switzerland. "

MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer
Daniela Westberg-Heuer and Julia Steinbach from "Kaiserschlüpfer" to "La grotta dei lions"
MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maure

Daniela Westberg-Heuer and Julia Steinbach from "Kaiserschlüpfer" to "La grotta dei lions"
MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Daniela Westberg-Heuer and Julia Steinbach from "Kaiserschlüpfer" to "La grotta dei lions"

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Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 is so big that it needs 2 discs


The game world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is huge. The game is apparently so big that it has to be distributed on two discs. This shows at least one Japanese cover image.

Rockstar is known for its great Open Worlds from the GTA series and Red Dead Redemption. But even for rockstar relationships, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game giant.

So great is Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4: Recently, we know that the sales version of PS4 requires around 105 GB of storage space. Now reveals an image of the Japanese cover of the PS4 version, which this 105 GB is probably delivered with two Blu-Rays.

According to PS Store, the Red Dead Redemption 2 file size is 89.2 GB for digital download on PlayStation 4.

Update from 17.10. At 20:48: Meanwhile, even the cover images in English are circulating. It is also clear that Red Dead Redemption 2 needs "two discs". The symbol is different, but says "two discs" on it.

We have marked the appropriate icon for you, clearly shows different discs.

red redemption 2jap. coverage

Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably the biggest game for PS4

Since the space required for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 is known, it has been hypothesized whether it is available with more discs on the market. At least with the PS4 version that is now the case.

Does this affect Xbox One? So far it has only been possible to see the PS4 cover. Xbox One will not need a lot of space in the digital download with 88.6 GB, if several discs are not known, it is not known.

Why are different discs necessary? Conventional Blu-Ray discs typically have between 25 and 50 GB of storage space. Although there are Blu-Rays that offer over 100 GB of storage space, these are not supported by PS4 or PS4 Pro.

It never happened, right? In fact, in the past there were already some titles that required more records. These include titles like

  • Middle earth: Shadow of War (on Steam over 90 GB),
  • the BioShock collection
  • and Batman: Return to Arkham.

Rockstars GTA 5 also had several records on Xbox 360, but these were DVDs.

Players without a fast internet connection probably do not have to worry about having to upload a huge patch for release, as in the case of Black Ops 4.

Incidentally, the pre-load should start this week.

Red Dead Redemption 2 horses forest

Big world, long history – that costs a lot of memory

It was expected that Red Dead Redemption 2 needed so much space. In addition to the huge game world, which will provide many details, the game also has a vast history.

How long will it take to play? We are talking about 65 hours. It is not clear whether it is history or anything else.

With the size of the gaming world, however, it can be assumed that many players will spend much more time with RDR2.

Japanese exports fall for the first time since 2016, fears for the trade war increase


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This content was published on 18 October 2018 2:39

Of Tetsushi Kajimoto

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese exports declined in September for the first time since November 2016, due to a decline in shipments to the United States and China, which added concerns about the growing impact of a trade war between Washington and Beijing .

The data are known a few days after a Reuters poll showed that one third of the Japanese companies were affected by the trade dispute between the two largest economies in the world and that companies are worried about a slowdown in Chinese demand.

The authorities of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) are also concerned about the general impact of international trade tensions. A powerful typhoon that hit Japan last month added to factory pressure, interrupting production and physical distribution.

Data from the Ministry of Finance published on Thursday showed that Japanese exports fell 1.2% year-on-year in September, compared to the 1.9% increase estimated by economists in a survey Reuters and after a 6% increase. , 6 percent seen in August.

"The continued weakness of exports in September suggests that economic activity may have come to a halt in the third quarter," said Marcel Thieliant, senior economist for Japan at Capital Economics, in a note to customers.

Japan's exports to the United States decreased by 0.2% in the year to September, weighed down by lower shipments of machinery and mines, auto parts and medicines.

Imports from the United States grew by 3.1%, driven by crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas, which helped reduce Tokyo's trade surplus with Washington by 4.0% yoy to 590 billion yen ( 5.240 million dollars).

Exports to China, Japan's main trading partner, declined by 1.7% in September, its first decline in seven months, under the pressure of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Shipments to Asia, which account for over half of Japanese exports, grew by 0.9%. In general, imports increased by 7.0% in September, compared to the average estimate of an annual increase of 13.7%.

The trade balance showed a surplus of 139,600 million yen, which is compared to the average estimate of a deficit of 50,000 million yen.

(1 dollar = 112.5700 yen)

(Report by Tetsushi Kajimoto, Published in Spanish by Ricardo Figueroa)

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Carrie Underwood admits her second pregnancy Is "Harder on My Body" (Exclusive)


Carrie Underwood is managing her pregnancy as a professional, but admits that the second time is "more difficult".

The thirty-five-year-old pregnant singer presented the 2018 CMT Artists of the Year at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday. ET joined the singer "Cry Pretty", who admitted to having different symptoms than when she was pregnant with her son, Isaiah.

"It's definitely different than the first time," Underwood confessed. "When they say that every pregnancy is different, it really is, just different symptoms: it seems to me that this is only a little harder on my body for some reason, but it was really good."

The singer, who shone in a long-sleeved sequin dress with draped Tadashi Shoji with cut-out details, added: "I'm tightening in all the clothes I can fit in".

Carrie Underwood

Jason Kempin / Getty Images for CMT

Carrie Underwood

Jason Kempin / Getty Images for CMT

Underwood also revealed that her 3-year-old son and her husband Mike Fisher is thrilled to be a big brother, but there's one thing he will not do.

"He says he will not change any poopy diaper," said Underwood. "I see, maybe I can change my mind."

The couple, who announced they are expecting a second pack of joy in August, meanwhile are preparing for their child's arrival.

"We have chosen a name, but we are keeping it for ourselves right now," he revealed. "We are getting ready to move, I have not bought anything yet, we still have some things, cribs and stuff from my son, but we are going to find it, so I will start buying things once we are there. "

Underwood took to the stage during the CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, where the show featured an all-female list of awards.

"It's a marvelous declaration, I think tonight will be a fun evening", the American idol alum expressed. "We're going to see some of the best talent that this particular show has ever seen on stage together, not just because we're women, but because everyone here is incredible."

For more information on Underwood, see below.


Pregnant Carrie Underwood offers impressive performances of "Spinning Bottles" at the 2018 American Music Awards

Carrie Underwood shows her baby bump in gorgeous black dress at the 2018 American Music Awards

Baby Bump by Carrie Underwood on show at the American Music Awards Rehearsals


Failing to fully open the curtains makes people more likely to get sick, supports the research


FAILING to open curtains tends to make people more likely to get sick, suggests a study.
He discovered that sunlight kills bacteria that cause diseases that live in the dust, while darker conditions make them thrive.
Alamy Scientists recommend opening the curtains more often as it helps to kill the bacteria. The researchers warned that the problem also concerns windowless offices.
The study leader, dr. Ashkaan Fahimipour said: "Humans spend most of their time indoors, where exposure to dust particles carrying bacteria, including pathogens that can make us sick, is inevitable.
"Therefore, it is important to understand how the characteristics of the buildings we occupy affect the dust ecosystems and how this could affect our health".
His team at the America & # 39; s University of Oregon created 11 identical miniature rooms and allowed in different levels of light. After 90 days, the dark rooms have doubled the number of bacteria that can reproduce.
MIND ABOVE MATTERS What are the symptoms of anxiety, how can it be treated and others who suffer? From Zayn Malik to Will Young DOES NOT JUST SPOTS! Six common types of bumps on your skin – and those that could be deadly MEASURE IS IMPORTANT The length of the men's ring length determines how long they can last in bed, the research shows THE PAIN OF WORK That's why you should opt for a section C above the caliper when you give birth (for you and your baby) CANCER SCARE Most of the deadly skin cancers DO NOT BEGIN into existing moles – here's how to identify the signs FLU Jabs: the facts Our expert classifies the reality from fiction in the debate on influence
The dott. Fahimipour added: "We hope that with further understanding we can design daylight access in buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals and homes in order to reduce the risk of infections transmitted by dust".
The results were published in the journal Microbiome.
Bloke shares the footage of her bloody eyelid after opening it on a metal shower curtain hook