A novel about the last days of Virginia Woolf: Michael Kumpfmüller’s “Oh, Virginia” culture

There is hardly a genre that seems to be as popular as that of biographical prose. Beethoven or Hölderlin, year after year there are suitable anniversaries to tell about the eventful life of a grand master. Touching or frivolous anecdotes about celebrities are well received by the audience, and the authors often benefit from the … Read more

VIDEO Tom Hanks thanks the nursing staff … Orlando Bloom remained single for 6 months before recovering with Katy Perry …

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, actress Rita Wilson – Avalon / Starface March 16, 2020 Tom Hanks thanks the caregivers who care for him Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are slowly recovering after learning that they are suffering from COVID-19. The actor, who was diagnosed while filming in Australia, thanked the caregivers … Read more

How many eggs can you eat to have a healthy diet

Eggs are one of the more versatile foods that exist: you can cook them in infinite ways, they satiate you for hours and are an inexhaustible source of protein and other nutrients that can help the health of your eyes, muscles and bones. Despite all these benefits, have had a bad reputation for years, largely … Read more

Data, Maps, Infographics: The Coronavirus Crisis in the United States

Monday March 16, 2020 By Martin Morcinek Walls and border closures cannot stop pathogens like Sars-CoV-2: inside the United States, health officials face multiple regional outbreaks. The number of Covid 19 patients is increasing. An overview. The global spread of the corona virus does not stop at the US’s external borders. In the United States, … Read more

Coronavirus : “The confinement is a necessary evil”, according to the epidemiologist Didier Pittet | TV5MONDE

Europe is barricade to address the epidemic of Covid – 19. The French government has he done well to hold the local election this Sunday, march 15th, in the midst of a crisis of health ? Epidemiologist Didier Pittet, from the World Health Organization in Geneva, calls for civility : “Every element of social distancing … Read more

Christian Wood positive for coronavirus

Third case of coronavirus in NBA: Christian Wood, of the Detroit Pistons, one of the last 5 opponents of Jazz, has, like Rudy Gobert and Donovan mitchell, tested positive. The winger had 30 points and 11 rebounds against the Jazz on Saturday before setting his career point record in Philadelphia (32 points) on Wednesday. Shams … Read more

protects-from-cancer | Know “https://news.google.com/SWR2” SWR

An estimated 150 million women worldwide take the pill regularly, protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy – and long-term against cancer. This is confirmed by a study recently published by the University of Aberdeen in Great Britain. The British researchers have collected an impressive amount of data for this: Over 46,000 women were asked to participate … Read more

Cuomo confirms first COVID-19 related death in NY

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed the state’s first coronavirus-related death. During a conference call from Albany, Cuomo detailed that the victim died on Friday. This is an 82-year-old woman whose medical history indicates that she suffered from pulmonary emphysema.. Cuomo explained that the victim was admitted to the hospital on March 3. The state … Read more

No case of coronavirus confirmed in the East-of-Quebec | COVID-19 | News | The Sun

“There are cases that will eventually be unveiled throughout Quebec, expects the director of public health of the CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent, le Dr Sylvain Leduc. […] From the moment, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, there are people who have travelled in various countries over the last two to three weeks past, it is not impossible that it may … Read more