Jos B.’s lawyer wants to prevent the publication of a book about the Verstappen case

Gerald Roethof, lawyer for Jos B., wants to stop a publication about the Nicky Verstappen case by means of summary proceedings. The book would today be called The cyclist on the heath be released. Legal psychologists Peter van Koppen and Robert Horselenberg analyzed the criminal file in the book and wanted to publish their findings, … Read more

Suez Canal Blocked Again, Big Ship Stuck to Reap Netizen Reaction : Okezone Travel

CANAL Suez in Egypt was again blocked for the second time in the past year. As a result, sailing ships that were about to enter the congested route were stuck in the northern part of the canal. The situation prompted the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) to make a diversion while freeing the ship. SCA confirmed … Read more

Osman Müftüoğlu: We are slow in vaccination rate, we are late

Hürriyet newspaper editor-in-chief Prof. Dr. In today’s column, Osman Müftüoğlu said that we are going through difficult times and that we are slow in vaccination rate and delayed in vaccinating children. We are going through difficult times. We have many problems in every field. And of course, “health” is one of our problematic areas. If … Read more

The Football Association is looking forward to the reversal of the decline against Vietnam

Original title: The Football Association is looking forward to the reversal of the decline in Vietnam against the national football team to prepare for hard training Article source: Beijing Youth Daily According to the plan, the Chinese men’s football team will conduct the first outdoor training after arriving in Sharjah, UAE on the evening of … Read more

Sex scandal in the Royal Family – big mail for Prince Andrew

– Big mail for Prince Andrew The British Queen’s son has received a lawsuit alleging the sexual abuse of a minor in the United States. Peter Nonnenmacher Published: 09/11/2021, 8:41 PM Denies all allegations: Prince Andrew during a television interview in Windsor (April 11, 2021). Foto: Steve Parsons (AP, Keystone) Prince Andrew, the second eldest son … Read more

Rover “Perseverance” takes second sample from Mars rock

ARCHIVE – NASA’s “Perseverance” rover drives over the planet Mars. Photo: NASA / ZUMA Wire / dpa – ATTENTION: Only for editorial use and only with full mention of the above credits Keystone The “Perseverance” rover has taken a second sample from Mars rock – and has already carried out initial tests on both samples. … Read more

Certificates from the other.. Cairo Primo Bank certificates with the highest interest rate

Banque du Caire offers a number of investment certificates to clients in order to invest their money in a correct way, which enables them to obtain a monthly, quarterly or annual salary, while maintaining the original value of their funds. Cairo Primo Bank Certificates for Investment: 1- EGP certificates with a fixed return: Cairo Bank … Read more

20 years after the World Trade Center. The famous swimmer luckily did not die in the attack

On September 11, the almost 19-year-old Thorpe planned a visit to the WTC observation deck He was under the towers, but returned to the hotel for the manager’s wife. Another version says he forgot his camera The Australian continued his swimming career. He won a total of 9 medals at the Olympic Games, and 13 … Read more