Enlisted, as horrible as World War II

In 2016, the spawners of War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment, announced that they were joining forces with Darkflow Software (Royal Cuisine) to develop Enlisted, a kind of MMOFPS on the Second World War. The game is just emerging from a test phase open to everyone. After Days of War and Battalion 1944, I thought the worst … Read more

The fuel cell: that’s why Professor Harald Lesch is wrong

from Josef Reitberger on 04.04.2020 gettyimages / AdrianHancuToyota Mirai: fuel cell car at the gas station. Professor Harald Lesch has at Terra X Lesch & Co once again made it clear what he thinks of electromobility with lithium batteries: nothing. EFAHRER editor-in-chief Josef Reitberger explains why the astro professor is wrong. Lesch explains that obtaining … Read more

The average age of Mexican soccer teams

In soccer, much is said about the age of each player. Although the most important thing is to analyze each item separately, it takes relevance to see its maturity, physical performance and resale value, among other aspects to consider. Opta released a report with the average age of each set in Liga MX. Some conclusions … Read more

BFMTV apologizes for slippage during Chinese tribute to coronavirus dead

the essential BFMTV apologized to viewers on Saturday and provisionally “indented” a reporter who made “totally inappropriate” remarks during the broadcast of the national tribute in China to victims of the coronavirus. “They bury Pokémon,” we could hear a person whispering Saturday morning on the channel antenna, during a sequence all in images, showing the … Read more

Coronavirus Mexico today April 4. Breaking news and cases, live

In the fight against coronavirus in Mexico, the head of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) called on Mexican society to exercise empathy with those people infected with covid-19, who have faced rejection and stigmatization. Regarding the situation of the pandemic in the country, Health authorities reported that the number of deaths amounts to … Read more

Get to know the latest newsletter with the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Madeira – DNoticias

Get to know the latest newsletter with the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Madeira DNoticias Covid-19: Madeira has 45 infectious cases jm-madeira.pt Covid-19: Madeira with another case, a pregnant woman and the first patient recovered Jornal Económico Two suspected cases of covid-19 in Madeira await laboratory results DNoticias Pregnant woman infected with coronavirus in … Read more

Coronavirus in the United States: more than 300,000 people infected and 8,000 dead

U.S this Saturday exceeded 300,000 cases of coronaviruses in its territory and accumulates more than 8,000 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University count. The threshold of 200,000 cases in the United States had been exceeded on Wednesday. The rapid increase is due, in part, to the increased availability of coronavirus screening tests in the … Read more

ARD broadcast terrifies with inappropriate program information – Corona-Extra after the news

Fritz Frey moderated the ARD extra for the corona crisis on Wednesday after the daily news. © ARD screenshot The ARD afforded a highly unfortunate overlay in the extra program following the daily news. Some spectators were irritated. in the ARD-Extra after daily News it was again about the spread of the corona virus. At … Read more