Forget Lionel Messi’s International Trophy, British Media Harvests Criticism: Okezone Bola

LONDON – The debate over who is the best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo it usually happens. However, it can be dangerous if the comparison between the two is done with inaccurate data. Yes, until now, there are still many who often compare Messi and Ronaldo. Moreover, if you remember that the two greatest … Read more

Itsko Finci reads “Decameron” in a lecture by his wife Dr. Lisa Boeva

Itsko Finci and Lisa Boeva ​​PHOTO: ARCHIVE What is the way and how to behave the individual so that he survives not only physically, but also to preserve his human form in a very difficult situation, such as the plague epidemic. The Florentine writer Boccaccio gave very concrete steps in his Decameron. A lecture about … Read more

“Godmode” Glitch annoys players in Battle Royale

Home page // Games // Call of Duty Warzone: “Godmode” -Glitch annoys players in Battle Royale A Call of Duty: Warzone Godmode glitch (or cheat) is currently causing a stir! – (C) Activision Call of Duty: Warzone-Gamer know this glitch: Godmode. Invincible and unscratched, a player wins a battle royale round. And the glitch happens … Read more

Jon Helgheim: – I am probably done in Norwegian politics at this level

– I am some distance away from a seat in the Storting, there is still a possibility of an equalization mandate, but I am probably done in Norwegian politics at this level, he says to VG. Helgheim, who still has one year left in the FRP’s central board, was elected as the FRP’s second candidate … Read more

We managed Dacia Duster after the modernization. With an automatic transmission, it’s a hilarious car for every day

Dacia Duster is a very successful model of the Romanian brand, which has been with us for a second generation. She is currently coming after the facelift and we took a short ride with her around Paris. At the same time, we received a version with an automatic transmission. What’s new? The Duster facelift was … Read more

Study: The growth of mountains is more important than the temperature for the formation of unique species of animals

In 1802, the prominent German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt set out to conquer the top of the mountain, which at the time was considered the highest in the world. As he ascended the 6268-meter-high Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador, he made observations that helped change the natural sciences. With increasing altitude, animals and plants were constantly … Read more

Fantasy football, the 5 biggest surprises of this start of the championship

What are your shots at cheap fantasy football? Those who have studied well this summer can now reap the benefits of better investments in the quality / price ratio. Some of these have already been widely shown in these first three days. So here it is 5 great surprises at the start of the season. … Read more

“A line of cocaine, a coffee”

On January 14, 1986, Joana Balavoine was still in the womb of her mother, Corinne Barcessat, whenterrible helicopter crash tears off her daddy. Since birth, Daniel Balavoine’s daughter therefore had to learn to live without a father figure… but with a family name that automatically propelled her into the world of celebrity. While it hasn’t … Read more

WhatsApp will transcribe voice messages on iOS

Photo Europa Press WhatsApp works on the possibility of transcribe voice messages, a function that until now required the use of third-party applications but will arrive in a future update of the instant messaging service for iOS. The voicemail transcription It will be possible on Apple devices as an optional feature in WhatsApp, as reported … Read more

Crazy Rich RI Crowded Caplok Hospital, Looking for Cuan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The strategic move of the Emtek Group belonging to the Sariaatmadja Family through PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk (SAME) which plans to take 66% of the shares of the hospital manager, Grha Kedoya Hospital, PT Kedoya Adyaraya Tbk (RSGK), has attracted investors’ attention. In fact, Emtek started this plan on September … Read more