Page’s PSOE refuses to debate a statement against the amnesty accusing the PP of "handle" the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha

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The PSOE of Castilla la Mancha This Thursday he opposed the processing of a institutional declaration in the regional courts to reject the possibility of an amnesty for those convicted of the illegal 1-O referendum, which the acting President of the Government himself has already admitted that he is negotiating, and of a hypothetical independence referendum in Catalonia. He has done so by accusing the PP – the parliamentary group that promoted it – of trying to “manipulate” the institutions to “sneak a political debate through the back door“.

Los popular, in turn, have regretted that an initiative “in defense of the equality of Spaniards” that “contains verbatim phrases” publicly pronounced by the regional president himself, Emiliano García-Page, is “prohibited.” The socialist baron is the active leader of the party based on Ferraz Street in Madrid that has most clearly positioned itself against the possibility of Pedro Sánchez acceding to the demands of the pro-independence parties to ensure his continuity at the helm. from La Moncloa.

In the text of the institutional declaration proposed this Thursday by the PP in the Castilian-Manchego Parliament, “any secessionist pretension leading to the self-determination of any territory in Spain.” “It is simply impossible and the sooner it is made clear the better (…). It has no moral basis and violates the principle of equality before the law of all Spaniards,” he adds.

Furthermore, it proclaims “disagreement with any measure of amnesty“for those convicted of the illegal referendum in Catalonia in 2017, another of the demands of ERC and Junts in exchange for their support for Sánchez’s investiture. In the event that the Congress of Deputies approves any initiative in this regard – he adds the document -, the Constitutional Court “would have to suspend it before it came into force to analyze it.”

“He PSOE has rejected an institutional declaration for us to express our commitment and loyalty to the Constitution,” lamented the parliamentary spokesperson and general secretary of the PP in the region, Carolina Agudo. “Excuses are not valid here, the political will of the PSOE is valid so that the parliamentary groups can agree on an institutional declaration in favor of the interests of Castilla-La Mancha,” he added.

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