Pain in Nicaragua, country of origin of several victims of the fire at the Fonda Milagros in Murcia

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8,600 kilometers from Murcia, the Nicaraguan media has reported with pain and indignation the tragic fire at the Fonda Milagros y Teatre, which has claimed the lives of seven members and friends of the Hernandez family, natives of Chinandega, in the northwest of the country and on the border with El Salvador. “The nightclubs burned in Spain did not have a license,” the channel highlighted 100% Newsthe most followed in the Central American country.

This television channel, expropriated by the Sandinista dictatorship and which continues to report with its directors and some of its journalists abroad, explained that together with Eric Hernandezthe soft drink delivery man who was celebrating his 30th birthday, his mother was also there Martahis brother Sergio and his romantic partner, Orfilia Landónwho leaves an orphaned girl in his country.

“The nightclub had an order to close from 2022,” he stressed. The Press, the other great medium of the Central American country. Although the deceased family had been in the Murcia region for between 20 and 15 years, the census of Nicas in this Spanish region began to increase after the savage government repression against the anti-government protests that began in 2018. Currently, there are almost 4,000 Nicaraguans registered in Murcia.

Government media have not delved into the information at this time. The co-president Rosario Murillo He ended his daily radio intervention today with a “greeting” to the family whose members “died in the fire that broke out in a restaurant and nightclub in Spain, after 16 years of working in Spain.”

The dictation womanr Daniel Ortega He detailed the names of the victims. “We raise our prayers to the creator to give comfort to the family and above all to let them know that this Nicaragua of all always thinking of our brothers who are working to improve their lives for 17 years in Spain,” he concluded.

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