Painful details.. An Arab prince stabs Dungean.. Rushdi Abaza in the back and having sex with his wife.. who broke his back and betrayed him in the State of Morocco?

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A painful story from the betrayal tales that the artist Rushdi Abaza was exposed to by his wife Sabah, who had previously publicly admitted to committing the incident in the State of Morocco with one of the Arab princes.

According to the media, he tells that a marriage began with a deep love story, where each of them had feelings of love and respect for the other, which made them have an emotional relationship that culminated in the marriage that took place in a quick time and also ended at the same speed.

Sabah, after becoming the wife of Rushdi Abaza, flew to Morocco for her association with the revival of a very important occasion in this country in which the unexpected happened.
While she was in Morocco, according to the accounts, “Sabah” received a call from her sister,

The one who told her that Samia Jamal had arrived in Lebanon and asked her and Rushdi Abaza, and she assured her that he was still his wife and had not divorced her, as he told her, and from here, “Al-Shahroura” decided to get a divorce.

On the other hand, Sabah revealed in a television interview that the reason for the divorce was treason, and she said that despite her love for Rushdie, this love did not prevent her from betraying him.

Sabah stated that she was on a visit to an Arab country during her marriage, and there she “fell in love” with one of the princes, stressing that this incident was the reason for her divorce from Rushdi Abaza at the time, and press reports circulated that Rushdie asked Sabah in his home to obey, arguing that she “wounded his manhood.” .

In addition to Rushdi Abaza, and because she is frank with her fans and does not want to deny him any truth about her, “Al-Shahroura” admitted that she betrayed her husbands just as they betrayed her, while stressing in a shocking statement that “betrayal is not far from the lives of artists.”


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