Paladio Arte presents ‘Barro’, a project commissioned by the Spanish embassy in the United Arab Emirates

Paladio Arte has just finished its latest project “Barro”, an invitation to society to understand how the integration of people with diverse abilities into the theater can make a creative difference because of the genuine and authentic way they see and interpret the whole .

This experimental theater project, coordinated by the Segovia-based company, Paladio Arte at the initiative of the Spanish embassy in the United Arab Emirates and in collaboration with foundations from the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Mexico, has brought together 30 people with functional or intellectual diversity . Virtually, from November 9 to 25, they took the stage to tell stories, using clay as a creative element to show how people with diverse abilities in theater can make a creative difference and present a very different approach to the world. That surrounds them.

In the project, carried out in collaboration with Andrelo S (Coconut Pipes), the Embassy of Spain in the United Arab Emirates, the Embassy of Mexico in the United Arab Emirates, the SEDRA Foundation of the United Arab Emirates and the Especial Olimpics of Mexico have also participated.

The result can be seen in an online documentary made by Juan Carlos Gargiulo of the five sessions that the workshops lasted. Available through the following link.

Paladio Arte continues to demonstrate its ability to reinvent itself in times of pandemic, and it does so in the hands of the Department of Culture of the City of Segovia, with whom it maintains a collaboration agreement that allows to give visibility to people with different capacities.

Paladiio Arte is a Segovian non-profit association that works for the social and labor integration of people in social exclusion, mainly with people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities through a medium as effective as theater.


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