News Palermo, huge fire in Altofonte: some houses evacuated

Palermo, huge fire in Altofonte: some houses evacuated

30 August 2020 00:52

The mayor: “Very serious situation”. The Councilor for the Territory: “Dramatic hours. We are doing what we can”

The firefighters are engaged in other fires in other towns of the province: Carini, Termini Imerese, Sciara, Polizzi Generosa and Santa Cristina Gela. A fire also broke out in Monte Pellegrino. In that case the air vehicles intervened.

The mayor of Altofonte: “The situation is very serious, get out of the house” “The situation is very serious, all citizens who live under the wood, even in the Campo Vecchio area, Cozzo di Castro, Corso Piano Renda, must move away. The flames and incandescent ash can cause fires even in the inhabited center. Get away all from your homes. .. go down to the valley of the village. Immediately “. This is the desperate appeal launched on Facebook by the mayor of Altofonte, Angela De Luca.

The Councilor for the Territory: “Dramatic hours” “I want to recommend, in these dramatic hours, to the citizens of Altofonte to listen to the indications of the men of the forestry corps and the firefighters at work at the moment. Some houses have been evacuated and all the men available and all means are committed to the fire front. We are doing everything possible and even more We hope well “. The councilor for the Territory of the Sicilian Region, Totò Cordaro, writes on Facebook.



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