Pamela Silva poses for the first time with Ford and the father of her son (PHOTO)

Pamela Silva with Ford.

Photo: Pamela Silva/ Instagram / Courtesy

Pamela silva, poses for the first time with Ford and the father of her child… In his style, with a low profile, almost going unnoticed, post a family image on the child’s Instagram.

In the middle of a photo gallery, where you see him Ford playing in a production made by Cristy & Co. Photo, appear an image where the three share an armchair. The little one in the middle, and Pam and the little one’s dad on either side.

The image does not bring details, you do not see his face, nor does it bring his name, but as we were able to confirm, it is Ford’s father Liam Siberry-Silva, who has preferred to be out of the public spot but very present in his son’s life.

Pamela Silva with her son Ford and the boy's fatherPamela Silva with her son Ford and the boy's father
Pamela Silva with her son Ford and the child’s father. Photo: Ford’s Instagram

The photo can be found in the following post on Ford’s Instagram:

Although ever since we learned that she was pregnant, through her divorce papers from Cesar Conde, Pamela has been very discreet about who Ford’s father is, he did make it clear in the court documents that the little boy had been conceived in a traditional way and that there was a dad.

Then we tell you that in the baptism papers in the church, Ford carried his father’s last name and people who live with them, assure that it is very present in the little one’s life. So much so, who was on the first birthday Y I was with him when last week he suffered the accident in the moutha.

In fact Pamela herself confirmed itor saying what following: “He was with his father when he called me at dawn. It is the call that no mother wants to receive, and when I saw him in person with his face covered in blood I almost fainted.“He explained at the time.

This was the first time he had named it, or let us see that Ford does have his father present, although he also hinted that they do not live together, because at dawn, when the accident happened, he was at Siberry’s house, however it would be a couple.

What is known about Ford’s father? From what we see in the photo it is light-haired, tall, athletic… Those who have shared with him They assure that he is very similar to Ben Affleck, who only speaks English, who is reserved and very friendly.

Although published later, these photos were taken a few days before the accident in which Ford had to undergo surgery to reconstruct part of his cheek and his lip.



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