Pampita turned years old and was moved to remember her daughter Blanca: “She is at all times”

Carolina ‘Pampita’ Ardohain celebrated not only a new birthday but a great personal moment. 2021 gave him many work and family successes –like the birth of her daughter Ana-, so he decided to inaugurate this new stage of his life with a celebration surrounded by loved ones. Accompanied by her children and her husband Roberto Garcia Moritan, was very grateful and took a moment to say a few words. Visibly moved, remembered Blanquita, fruit of his relationship with Benjamin Vicuna, who died in 2012.

As he spoke, he looked at each of his children and dedicated a few heartfelt words to them. With glazed eyes and a smile on his face, he looked up at the sky and paused for a few seconds. “Here are all my gentlemen. Blanquita in heaven, she is in all the special moments lighting up my life”, he expressed.

The speeches of Roberto García Moritán and Pampita during the celebration – Instagram: @floppytesouro

His words resonated with everyone present and when he finished his speech, they melted into huge applause and began to sing happy birthday to him. To his sayings were added those of Garcia Moritan. The businessman also wanted to dedicate a few words to the assembled family that they formed some time ago, with the arrival of his daughter Ana.

“I have the memory of our first birthday, in Punta del Este, also a similar celebration with all our friends and family. We look into each other’s eyes and in silence we make the same wish”, he recalled. With his hand he pointed to his youngest daughter and continued: “The desire had to see not only that Ana was going to mean that our families are united forever but this, what you are seeing, this spectacular family”.

Roberto García Moritán, Pampita and her daughter Ana (Photo: Instagram/@pampitaoficial)

Pampita’s birthday was attended by all her friends and, given the good relationship they have lately, the presence of Pampita was not surprising. Benjamin Vicuna. According to what he could know THE NATION, The celebration took place in a renowned restaurant on the Costanera and they were present around 70 guests.

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Once the celebration where Pampita was entertained was over, there was another celebration that began at twelve o’clock. This second part had former Chilean soccer player Iván Zamorano, a close friend of the host, and Roberto García Moritán as protagonists. Both men have birthdays on January 18.

Pampita's birthday in a waterfront restaurant
Pampita’s birthday in a waterfront restaurant # – RS Photos

all this event was attended by the team of Paramount+ since the recordings are currently being carried out from the second season of reality Being Pampita which already has ten episodes available on the platform and narrates the entire stage of Carolina’s pregnancy until the arrival of little Ana.

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