Panama has a digital vaccination card

Citizens can enter the digital vaccination card against the disease Covid-19 when registering on the portal, informed Luis Oliva, administrator of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG).

An application is also under development to let people know when a dose is available at a vaccination center near their location.

This is how you can access your digital Covid-19 vaccination card

Panama has a digital vaccination card for Covid-19 on the portal that allows to certify basic information such as: batch, brand, date of application of the doses of the vaccines, and if the person has the necessary doses to be fully immunized.

Citizens must register on the portal and, once registered, they will be able to enter with their username and password. The system will also ask you for additional information to create your security pin and secret questions (see graphic).

Digital vaccination card.

Luis Oliva, administrator of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), explained that they have developed a QR code (information storage module) that shows three colors depending on the status of the citizen’s vaccination process: when it marks red, the person has not received any doses; if it is yellow, you have already received a dose; if it is blue, the person has already received both doses (if the vaccine is a single dose, it will come out directly blue); and green, when the days necessary for it to be effective have passed.

Oliva said that the information on the vaccination card is key for the development of the health passport, since it is within the country’s plans to issue it due to the Covid-19 issue.

At this time, Panama adopts standards with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and through the Passport Authority and the Foreign Ministry we are seeing all the information that is generated internationally in this regard, Oliva stressed.

Cómo inscribirse en para solicitar certificación Covid-19

He said that they are working on an app to inform people when there is a dose of the anticovid vaccine available in a vaccination center near their location, so that in this way they can approach this center to be vaccinated.

In addition, the AIG develops an application called Vacu-Check, with which the person, by showing their identity card and scanning the barcode, will know if the person who enters the business premises is not in quarantine or is vaccinated, in such a way In such a way that there is a digital registry and, in the future, this technology is contemplated when carrying out massive events.

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