Pancasila Youth Says AKBP Dermawan was beaten because of ‘Embracing’ his Cadres


Manager Youth of Pancasila (PP) revealed the trigger for the beating of AKBP Dermawan Karosekali by his cadres during a demonstration in front of the DPR RI building. The chairman of the Pancasila Youth Legal Counseling and Defending Agency (BPPH) Razman Arif Nasution said: beating it happened because of a misunderstanding.

“This is (again) a demonstration. Then Pak AKBP Dermawan ’embraces’ our cadres,” said Razman Arif Nasution at the National Police Criminal Investigation Department building, South Jakarta, Thursday (2/12) night.

Razman explained that the embrace carried out by AKBP Dermawan aroused the suspicion of other Pancasila Youth organizations. They thought that AKBP Dermawan Karosekali would bring his fellow demonstrators.

“Well, suspicious of his friends, ‘Wow… that’s our friend brought’, that’s it,” he said.

Razman then mentioned that AKBP Dermawan Karosekali is a former Pancasila Youth cadre. As a former PP cadre, according to Razman, Dermawan should understand the mass character of the Pancasila Youth organization.

“We got information, this AKBP Dermawan before he entered the SPA (officer school), he was a PP cadre. understand correct the character of this PP. They’re surprised, aren’t they? This person is more emotional, we don’t mean that his name is hit here and there, there is no indoctrination, “explained Razman.

AKBP Dermawan Denies Razman’s Statement

Contacted separately, AKBP Dermawan Karosekali denied Razman’s statement that he had been a PP cadre. The philanthropist insisted he had never been a PP cadre.

“The answer not,” said Dermawan Karosekali to, Friday (3/12).

Dermawan explained that he did have an adopted brother who happened to be a Pancasila Youth cadre. He was close to the person long before he became a cop.

“I do have an adopted brother who I really love before I became a police officer, the chairman (Pemuda Pancasila) was the chairman in North Jakarta,” he explained.

The mass beating of the Pancasila Youth Organization against AKBP Dermawan Karose once took place in front of the DPR building, Jl Gatot Subroto, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (25/11). Polda Metro Jaya has named six members of Pemuda Pancasila as suspects in the attack on AKBP Dermawan Karosekali.

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