Panda Has Dark Circles On Eyes, It Turns Out That’s What They Use


Ever heard of the term panda eyes? usually the term panda eyes is used to indicate black circles in the eyes. Actually, what is the use of dark circles on the original panda eyes?

If you pay close attention, pandas don’t only have round heads, like to eat bamboo, and gentle temperaments. But also has unique dark circles around his eyes.

A recent study quoted from the page California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) revealed the reason why the panda’s color contrasts so much.

The research was conducted by Ted Standkowich, a Cal State Long Beach assistant professor and student assistant who joined a team of biologists from UC Davis.

Works for Camouflage

In the four-year study, scientists broke down thousands of color grids and images and compared the colors of 195 carnivore species and 39 bear subspecies. Then, match their pattern with their environment.

In his research, Standkowich said his team concluded that this panda pattern serves both camouflage and communication. This finding was the first time they published it in Behavioral Ecology.

This study revealed that these carnivores tend to have white or light fur on their bodies and necks and tend to live in snowier environments.

Meanwhile, carnivores that have dark or black shoulders tend to live in forest environments. This temperature also makes little difference.

Panda’s Color Reflects Its Environmental Conditions

Then what about pandas? As we know that the country of origin of the panda, namely China, has a climate that is reflected in the color of the panda. The panda’s color reflects how active they are throughout the year in both environments.

The head and body of this white panda can blend with the snow. Meanwhile, the arms and legs of this dark panda can hide underground.

The scientists from CSULB and UC Davis argue that the panda’s striking coloration comes from a mono diet of bamboo, which lacks nutrients that allow other bears to hibernate or be inactive in winter.

This is why pandas have to travel long distances throughout the year in various habitats, from snowy places to shady forests.

Stankowich stated that he once thought that these pandas were trying to compromise or balance their coloration patterns being cryptic or camouflaged in both types of environments. Stankowich and other researchers think this is an attempt to conceal themselves year-round in any environment they encounter.

Dark Circles on Pandas for Communicating

Then what about the dark circles on the panda’s face? This panda face with dark circles around its eyes and ears conveys a different message. The researchers concluded that pandas communicate with these traits.

Stankowich suggests that these ears may indicate how ferocious, dangerous or ferocious they are and how willing they are to defend themselves. When pandas see another species with darker ears, it means they are more vicious or dangerous.

In addition, pandas also use it as a signal by moving it and maybe this makes them look more ferocious by highlighting their faces. The eyes can also indicate that.

Stankowich also said that panda eye patches vary in shape and size. Based on previous research this shows that it correlates with how domineering this animal’s behavior is. Circles around the eyes can also help pandas recognize each other.

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