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The Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV) criticizes health insurances for the financing of homeopathic services. “There is no sufficient scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathic procedures,” said the chairman of the Federal Association, Andreas Gassen, the Rheinische Post, “Who wants to have homeopathic remedies, they should also get, but please not at the expense of solidarity.”

In Germany is always over the homeopathy and whether the public must bear the costs of such a treatment. Although homeopathy is not part of the statutory benefits catalog of the health insurance companies in this country. However, many health insurance companies reimburse their insured for the cost of treatment because there is a demand.

In France, the government is likely to cancel the reimbursement of homeopathy by the health insurance companies. According to the highest health authority in the country, homeopathic medicine is not sufficiently effective scientifically. Consequently, the refund was not justified, the Authority said in an opinion at the end of June. Gassen welcomed the push from France.

Also SPD parliamentary vice Karl Lauterbach has recently spoken out against the reimbursement of homeopathy by statutory health insurance. “We have to talk about it in the Groko,” he had said in early July Tagesspiegel said. According to him, voluntary health insurance benefits should be economically and medically useful. The Federal Joint Committee (GBA), which decides on the compulsory benefits of the statutory funds, supports Lauterbach.

The healing power of homeopathy is based on the ideas of the German physician Samuel Hahnemann developed at the beginning of the 19th century.

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