Paolo Pilotto | Who is the new mayor of Monza

Paolo Pilot he is the new mayor of Monza and after five years of center-right administration the city returns to the center-left. Despite the benefit recorded in the first round by the opponent Dario Allevi, Pilotto after a head-to-head managed to overturn the political game at ballot. 62 years old, married and with two children, teacher and vice-principal of the Liceo Zucchi in Monza. The center-left candidate won in the ballot obtaining 51.21% of the votes against the outgoing mayor and center-right candidate Dario Allevi who stopped at 48.79%. There were 18,307 votes in favor of Pilotto, 17,445 those for Allevi with a difference of less than a thousand preferences. A result on which the abstention rate that registered at the polls with less than four out of ten Monza people who showed up at the polls also weighed heavily.

Pilotto arrived at the town hall around half past midnight, followed by an orange “wave” of supporters and politicians including Democratic Party senator Roberto Rampi. A victory that he called “of the whole coalition” and not surprisingly. “We did 130 days of electoral campaign building it on ideas, on the meeting and let me also say on the smile and on the dialogue and we realized day after day, inch by inch, that this new way of communicating worked and that citizens were they entered reassured and seeking dialogue “. In these 15 days we have continued to talk to people as we have done in these 130 days, we have talked, we have met and moved by the needs of the people “. And again” I am not talking about myself but of a coalition that has field 250 people, who built together a manifesto, the primaries, the program, the electoral campaign and today is here to say probably something of this message has passed and something of what we have said to the citizens is interested “.

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“We must remember that there is an increasing share of people who do not participate in the voice and the mayor has the responsibility to remember that one responds to a preferential vote but also to a huge number of citizens who or did not participate in the vote or they voted otherwise “said Pilotto, referring to the abstention that was also registered in Monza where 36.82% of the voters voted. Around a quarter past one in the town hall, the outgoing mayor, defeated in the ballot, Dario Allevi, also arrived, complimented the newly elected and said that he had done everything that was possible to do and that he will sit at the opposition benches.

“The Monza people have chosen, a choice that we respect. We remain deeply convinced that we have made the right choice. We wish the new Mayor Paolo Pilotto a good job. In the city council, on the benches of the minority, we will give our best as always” said the third most voted candidate in the city, Paolo Piffer of Civicamente Monza who had chosen to support Dario Allevi in ​​the ballot.

Who is Paolo Pilotto

Paolo Pilotto is the center-left candidate who won the primary overcoming the young and very favorite Marco Lamperti. La di lui is a grand coalition where the different souls of the left are brought together. Pilotto distinguished himself for a calm electoral campaign and available to listen by participating in “thermometer” events of the sensitivity of the center left such as the ceremony for the end of Ramadan with the meeting with the Islamic community of Monza, and the Brianza Pride for the recognition of the rights of the LGBT community. In his program, attention to the peripheries and the needs of the territory, an idea of ​​security totally different from that of the center right with prevention projects in schools and sports clubs. And then the very delicate theme of construction with the project of an increasingly green Monza with photovoltaic panels on the roofs of public buildings, and the reforestation of the city starting from abandoned areas.

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Among the priorities included in the electoral program the farewell to the 70-liter red bag, the revision of the waste contract. And still encourage the role of local police, civil protection and ecological guards at the service of the citizen. Support the organization of the local police force and its departments to strengthen the garrison in the neighborhoods. Introduce state-of-the-art technological equipment and activate an integrated system to guarantee controls and immediate interventions on the territory. Promote the liveliness of neighborhoods, culture and sport, neighborhood networks, defense projects and services to increase safety in neighborhoods, in the historic center and in the park. Protect and encourage the activities of commerce, crafts, small and medium-sized enterprises.

And yet to implement a new urban regeneration plan, a variant of the PGT, towards ecological transition and negative soil consumption. More attention to the environment and more attention to energy efficiency. To recover disused public areas (ex-Macello, ex-Fossati / Lamperti, ex-TPM…) with urban and neighborhood public service projects and with the inclusion of new urban parks and green corridors.

How many people have voted in Monza

In Monza on Sunday 26 June 36.82% of those entitled voted for the ballot. This is the definitive survey of 11 pm, after the closing of the polling stations and the counting of the voters who turned up at the polls. The figure is down compared to the turnout recorded during the first round of elections when 46.56% of Monza had turned up to vote. In the Brianza capital for the administrative elections on 12 June, 45,902 voters had come to the polls to choose the new mayor, less than half of those entitled. The figure relating to the percentage is lower than that of five years ago when 51.88% of citizens voted to elect the new mayor. The ballot figure is even lower.

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For the administrative elections in Monza, the citizens with the right to vote were 98,073: 46,920 males and 51,153 females (the figure also includes the voters registered with AIRE, the added lists from the Community and the Province of Bolzano).

All the mayors of Monza in the last 100 years

In 1922 the lawyer Giacomo Gianoglio lasted less than a year, then the commissioner Oreste Scascheroni (1922-1923), the lawyer Mascheroni (1923-1923) immediately commissariat until 1926, then Cesare Vigoni elected mayor in 1926 and remained in office as podestà until 1932; for 11 years the mayor Ulisse Cattaneo remained in office, in 1943-44 the mayor was the engineer Giulio Carera and in 1944-45 Angelantonio Bianchi. With the end of the conflict, the return to the old figure of the mayor: Enrico Farè (1945), Giuseppe Citterio (1945-1946), Leo Sorteni (1946-1951), Carlo Zucca (1951-1956), Alfredo Casiraghi (1956-1960) , Carlo Caimi (1960), Giovanni Centemero (1960-1965), Giacomo Nava (1965-1970), Luigi Pavia (1970-1971).

Up to the mayors of the last fifty years whose names are known even to the youngest: professor Pier Franco Bertazzini (1971-1975), doctor Dario Chiarino (1975-1978), accountant Luigi Fumagalli (1978), the Dr. Alfio Licandro (1978-1979), the lawyer Emanuele Cirillo (1979-1983), the architect Elio Malvezzi (1983-1985), Rosella Panzeri the only woman to have held the office of mayor (1986-1991), doctor Mario Gatti (1991-1992), then Bruno Ferrante (1992-1993), Aldo Moltofiori (1993-1995), professor Mario Marcante (1995), doctor Marco Mariani (1995-1997), Roberto Colombo (1997-2002) ) who led the city into the new millennium, the architect Michele Faglia (2002-2007), again Dr. Marco Mariani (2007-2012), Roberto Scanagatti (2012-2017) and Dario Allevi (2017-2002). The new name written in the history of the city is now that of Paolo Pilotto.

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