Papelón de Bielsa, Mourinho in improvised bench

English football finished the third round of the FA Cup, one of the most traditional tournaments, in which regional clubs are combined with professionals, which is why they usually give us several stories, such as Chorley, who was installed in the fourth round with everything and his Adele anthem.

For some teams this tournament is a good showcase for their youngest players to show themselves, such as Alfie Devine, Tottenham’s jewel of only 16 years. For other clubs it is the only chance to rub shoulders with Premier League clubs such as the Marine, who hosted the Spurs in their modest stadium.

The surprises of the FA Cup

The FA Cup from time to time gives us stories like David and Golliat, in which the small team defeats the big one. This case is that of Leeds United, of Marcelo Bielsa, who despite his tactical knowledge was eliminated by Crawley Town, from the fourth division and criticism of the ‘Loco’ begins to accumulate

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Nor did other Premier teams such as Aston Villa, Newcastle, y Crystal Palace, although in these cases they were eliminated against other Premier teams.

The survivors of the Premier

In the absence of what happens on Monday with West Ham, there are 12 Premier League teams that made it through the third round and with it the ridiculous, such as Leeds. The list of survivors is headed by Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal, y Chelsea.

Wolverhampton, Everton, Fulham, Sheffield, Leicester y Brighton complement the list.

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Covid limited teams in FA Cup

England is one of the countries most affected by the new strain of the coronavirus, which has triggered the number of infections and football could not escape from it. He Derby County, Championship team and directed by Wayne Rooney, had to play his match with Chorley with players from his U23 and U18 teams, since the first team was isolated by contagions and facilitated the victory of Chorley.

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Aston Villa He was another of those affected to such a degree that he had to close his facilities, so he played with young people against the Premier League champion and the result was a 4-1 win.

Mourinho seated in a modest chair

José Mourinho, Tottenham’s helmsman, has led elite teams and is therefore usually with all the comforts in the world on the bench, but this was not possible in front of the Marine.

The stadium of the sixth division team has a stadium with a capacity for less than 400 people and modest benches, which were not used for reasons of the pandemic and sanitary regulations, so that Mourinho and his coaching staff had to watch the game in common chairs.

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Fourth round

The next phase will be played from January 23 and the teams that manage to pass this phase will be awarded a prize of 90 thousand pounds sterling.


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