Papillomavirus: "A debate must open on vaccination", according to Gerard Bapt, former Member –


After the Ombudsman's business, does Gerard Bapt want to raise a new scandal? The former Member has just sent a letter to the Director General of Health, to the President of the INCA (National Cancer Institute) and to the Director General of Public Health to "take into account the data on the cancer registries" from four countries that have been massively vaccinated against papillomavirus (HPV) for about ten years. "Interview.

What exactly is this vaccine?

This vaccine is presented as a prevention of cervical cancer in connection with a papillomavirus (HPV) infection. This is not proven: it will take more than 15 years to have epidemiological evidence of what is just a hypothesis. The vaccine acts on tissue dysplasias of the valences involved, nine in the last specialty put on the market. But these dysplasias disappear spontaneously in more than 90% of cases … It does not act on the other 150 valences of the HPV.

Which documents did you rely on to alert health authorities?

These are official cancer registries in four countries where more than 80% of the vaccination campaigns have been conducted in targeted age groups of girls: Australia, Great Britain, Sweden and Norway. The incidence of invasive cancer, which increases in these categories, justifies the alert.

Are we aware of the number of complaints presented by girls with disorders that attribute to these injections?

The database on French pharmacovigilance reported 2,500 notifications, of which 639 were serious, in November 2015. We have been awaiting data from that date … About 80 families have started legal proceedings, much more for Oniam, & # 39; compensation office. medical accidents.

In 2011, you had already sounded the alarm. What happened since then?

In 2011, these were the conditions under which the laboratory had obtained marketing authorization (AMM) in the United States: part studies, bribery of officials, policy intervention … In France, the minister of the time had announced the reimbursement of the vaccine even before the warning, mandatory, of the High Authority of Health (HAS).

A kind of scandal Picks is going to emerge?

The health authorities have taken a long time to remove the Preliminaries … Recent examples, Dépakine, Androcur, breast implants, have shown that the reactivity, which has just been underlined by the Igas, the Social Affairs Inspection, was lacking. The circular for the implementation of the generalized screening has just been signed by the minister: all women, even those vaccinated, must submit to this surveillance every three years!

Health authorities continue to recommend the vaccine. Parents could be disoriented?

I do not see the point of systematically vaccinating all the girls. The unit cost is around 400 euros per vaccination. There would be no other medical priority to be funded than spending more than 300 million euros per year for a vaccine that does not include spot surveillance? That is why I asked that, based on recent data from the cancer registries in four countries, there should be a contradictory debate involving experts without ties of interest.

If we were to cancel it one day, what will it replace it?

The incidence of invasive cervical cancer decreases every year in France: from 1980 it has increased from 15 per 100,000 to 6 in 2017 … The women who are the victims are, for two thirds, those that are not detected by smudges.


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