Parallel import has nothing to do with it. Prices for video cards collapsed in Russia because they are no longer needed


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Prices for new video cards in Russia have fallen by 30-40%, including the top models. This is directly related to the drop in the profitability of mining in the country – the mining of cryptocurrencies has almost ceased to be profitable, and the Russians no longer see the point in “wholesale” purchases of cards.”

No more need to pay

In Russia, a huge drop in prices for video cards was recorded against the background of how the rest of the equipment is gradually becoming more expensive. Some models have become 40% cheaper than a few months ago, write “News».

First of all, cards of new lines fall in price, moreover, this mainly concerns models based on Nvidia chips, a company that is still in the spring of 2022. suspended their activities in Russia. According to the publication’s sources, the cards GeForce RTX 3080, for example, have become cheaper by about 40%, depending on the modification. In May 2022, they were estimated at an average of 145 thousand rubles, and a month later – 105 thousand rubles. Some models, as the editors of CNews found out, as of June 28, 2022, cost less than 100 thousand rubles.

3080 is one of the flagship video cards of the series RTX 3000the most relevant in the model range Nvidia for the summer of 2022. But prices are falling not only on it – the 3070, 3070 Ti and 3090 cards have also become much more affordable – by the same 40%, but in comparison not with May, but with March 2022 and June 2021. the 3090 Ti accelerator, which debuted earlier in 2022, also managed to fall in price, and again by 35-40%.

Cards from previous Nvidia lines, the RTX 2000 and GTX 1000, have also become more affordable for Russians, although in their case the price reduction is not so noticeable. For example, in “citylink» GeForce RTX 2060 production card Gigabyte with the GV-N2060D6-12GD index is 24% cheaper than before, while the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti from bygone companies from Russia Asus (TUF-GTX1660TI-O6G-EVO-GAMING) adjusted to 13%.

What is the reason

Falling prices for video cards has nothing to do with the launch of parallel imports and other efforts made by the authorities to combat the shortage of equipment in Russia. According to the publication, there are only two reasons why Russians can no longer take out a loan to buy a video accelerator.

The first and most obvious is collapse of cryptocurrencies, for the production of which farms based on video cards are used, moreover, as a rule, the most top-end ones. The fall in the rate of tokens led to the fact that the miners stopped making money on it, and some even went into the red, not having time to recoup the costs of buying equipment.

The payback period for many video cards, especially those that were bought in the wake of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and inadequately high prices for accelerators, can be measured in years. For example, a conditional one RTX 3080 card purchased at the peak of prices, at the current exchange rate Ethereum will pay off in five years.

In some cases, the income of Russian miners does not even cover the costs of electricityconsumed by farms. As a result, “crypto miners” began to sell their “hardware” on bulletin boards, necessarily indicating that their cards had never been used to mine cryptocurrencies. Read more about this in material CNews.

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Import substitution

Some interlocutors of the publication assure that the strengthening of the ruble against the main world currencies also affected the reduction in prices for video accelerators – euros and dollar. However, this is a highly controversial claim.

The ruble is really getting stronger, reaching new heights almost daily, but the technique and gadgets in Russian stores are not in a hurry to get cheaper. Moreover, CNews wrotewhich are the same smartphones after the launch of parallel imports, they became 10-20% more expensive.

There will be no crushing drop in demand

Disappointed in mining as a way to earn money, the Russians stopped buying video cards. But the demand for them is still very high – they are needed by those who for a long time could not buy the right adapter due to the inflated price amid the activity of miners and the shortage of cards caused by it.

We’re talking about gamers because miners it was gaming video cards that were bought up – they give the highest performance in the extraction of tokens. Having the opportunity not only to buy the desired card, but also not to pay for it beyond measure, video game players “attacked» retailers. For example, according to statistics Wildberriesin the period from May 22 to June 21, 2022 sales gaming graphics cards grew six times year on year.

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However, for video games, in the vast majority of cases, one, sometimes two, video cards are enough, while mining farms can accommodate a larger number of accelerators. As a result, the influx of gamers into stores did not lead to either a shortage of cards or an increase in their prices.

Experts interviewed by the publication believe that the faster the fall in cryptocurrency rates, the faster the cards will eventually become cheaper. Moreover, this applies to both new devices on store windows and used models that have been in mining– a farm.

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