Paris: a young policewoman killed by one of her colleagues, the suspect in police custody


POLICE – A young policeman was killed by one of his colleagues on Sunday. The man, security assistant, manipulated his weapon while he was on the premises of the judicial police.

A 25-year-old policewoman died of a bullet in the head this Sunday, March 10th in the 17th district. The suspect is one of his colleagues, placed in custody. According to the first elements, it would be an accident.

The trace of the privileged incident

The guardian of peace was therefore stationed at 36, rue du Bastion. This is where the new headquarters of the Parisian judicial police headquarters are located in the north of the capital.

According to the first results, he was one of his colleagues, a security assistant, who shot him deadly while playing with a weapon. He accidentally shot the young woman, mortally wounding her head. The suspect was taken into custody. According to a union source mentioned by AFP, it would be an accidental shooting. The Public Prosecutor's Office of Paris has seized the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) to determine the circumstances of the tragedy.

The public prosecutor in Paris and the head of the judicial police were on site on Sunday evening, according to information from our colleagues in Paris.



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