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The one that awaits the thousands of people scheduled for the scheduled events awaits tomorrow. There will be yellow gilets, but also students and many categories of workers. The climate walk has also been confirmed. Saturday, at a crucial period for the economy like the pre-Christmas, the capital will be a sort of city in a state of siege, with the Eiffel Tower closed, but also other monuments, museums and shops, bolted.

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Lowered gate valves also on the Champs-Elysées. Cancel numerous events and events as well as the Ligue 1 Paris-Saint-Germain Montpellier match. Also the department stores Printemps and Lafayette will be closed tomorrow to avert the risk of violence and devastation during the protest. The two Parisian shopping temples, visited every year by millions of tourists, were evacuated and then bolted again last Saturday, when the casseurs entered into action in the central district of the Opera.

"We fear that there will be deaths and injuries. We wonder how many deaths and injuries it will take before Emmanuel Macron listens to the wrath of the people … »said Benjamin Cauchy, one of the spokesmen of the so-called" free "gilet-yellows, those open to negotiations with the government and condemning every form of violence, launching a strong appeal "to calm" and not to take to the streets tomorrow in Paris. "We ask the French not to fall into the trap of violence," he added at a press conference.

The spokesman for the moderate wing of the yellow waistcoats regretted that "the government wants to make us pass for casseurs, when it is not so. We have no desire to have dead and wounded on the conscience. Perhaps the president wants it … we certainly do not, we just want him to listen to the anger of the people. "

Then he turned to the gilets-jaunes so that they do not fall into the "trap" of demonstrating tomorrow in Paris and the request to "respect public goods" and "law enforcement". Before the microphones of the main French media, the spokesman then pointed to the "chaos strategy" of these last days. "We have gone from a social protest to a beginning of insurrection," he said, again urging Emmanuel Macron to "listen to the anger that spreads everywhere in France".

Intimus the Paris prosecutors announced the opening of an investigation against the 33-year-old truck driver Eric Drouet, one of the leaders of the protest of the yellow vests, who had urged to invade Saturday the Elysee, the residence of the French president. The French media reported it. In statements on Facebook, recalls Le Figaro, the truck driver wrote that tomorrow's demonstration in Paris should be "the final outcome" of the protest of the yellow vests: "Saturday will be the Elisha … it must be really Saturday .. we will advance towards the Elysée ».

Star of the social with his videos inside the truck, Drouet was interviewed Wednesday by the issuer BfmTv who asked him if his was a coup appeal. "Everyone wants to go up there, it's the symbol of the Republic," he replied. And, faced with the precise question on what he wanted to do at the Élysée, he had merely said, "Let's get inside." Drouet then said on Facebook that his was just an appeal to go to the Elysee "to be heard".

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