Parish leaders meeting with President share suggestions on how to tackle crisis caused by illegal migrants –

R. Karbauskis: we need to find diplomatic sanctions

“It was said in my speech that we need to find diplomatic sanctions, because otherwise we will simply not solve the problem. Needless to say, we have to make concessions to someone, we just have partners who can take away (the message – ELTA) what awaits Belarus if they do not stop behaving the way they do today, “the” peasant “leader told reporters after the meeting with the President. Ramūnas Karbauskis.

“And in this situation, due to the state of emergency, we have found that it simply does not make sense to declare it, because we have not yet used other means,” he added.

According to R. Karbauskis, it is the institutions of the European Union that should decide whether they appoint their own negotiators or look for third countries that could be intermediaries.

“But we need to talk about the fact that sanctions from the European Union may be even tougher and Belarus may fall completely into Russia’s arms. And hoping that Belarus as a state does not want to disappear, “said the politician.

“It is hopeful in this situation, there are already signals from the Belarusian side that they would like to talk about the fact that, however, assistance to these illegal migrant flows should be stopped,” he also emphasized.

V. Tomaševskis: we suggest to look for contacts with Belarusian officials

Valdemar Tomaševskis, chairman of the Lithuanian Election Campaign-Union of Christian Families (LLRA-KŠS), said that the party he led offered to seek contacts with Belarusian officials in order to establish a dialogue.

“We first offered to look for contacts with Belarusian officials. If there is no talk of Lukashenko, he is not recognized as president. This is the ministry, there are embassies, there are border officials. Another issue is my personal proposal, it is to strengthen self-government, “V. Tomaševskis told reporters.

He also stressed that the party he led had proposals related to the Rukla landfill.

“Rukla landfill, these are huge areas, 12 thousand. hectares, it is about half of Vilnius territory. This would be the right place to manage this crisis, if it does not end, “the chairman of LLRA-KŠS emphasized.

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A. Armonaitė: we must increase the pressure on Belarus and hope that the channel of illegal migration will be closed

Aušrinė Armonaitė, the chairwoman of the Freedom Party, who took part in the meeting, believes that the regime of Aliaksandr Lukashenko began to organize illegal migration flows in order to respond to the sanctions of the European Union. Nevertheless, the Freedom Party chair believes that sanctions should be further increased, putting pressure on the regime to bring about change.

“In order for the neighborhood to move towards democracy, we must continue with economic sanctions and deepen them so that the regime does not benefit from the European Union’s financial system, its policies. By creating pressure in this way, we can expect that the illegal migration channel, which is specially organized and opened in Lithuania, will close, ”said A. Armonaitė after the meeting.

V. Blinkevičiūtė: it is necessary to strengthen border protection by using EU institutions in foreign policy

For her part, Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (LSDP), states that it is first and foremost necessary to strengthen border protection, as well as to use all European Union institutions in foreign policy.

“First of all, border protection. Immediately and now, we need to mobilize all our capabilities so that we have real border protection, not what it was before. We also discussed this with the President, and we Social Democrats will certainly support all decisions to make border protection with a third country real, ”V. Blinkevičiūtė told reporters.

“Secondly, all European Union institutions must be involved in foreign policy. Work with the European Union institutions to dismantle illegal migration networks in the countries concerned and to reduce those flows. There is really no other way, “she emphasized.

The politician also stressed that the introduction of a state of emergency in border municipalities is not necessary in the opinion of the party she leads, so far.

“We Social Democrats say that we really should not impose a state of emergency today, because it cannot happen that three thousand illegal migrants could undermine the foundations of our state. But the situation needs to be monitored constantly and, if necessary, immediate action should be taken if such an emergency is needed, ”the politician said.

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E. Gentvilas: We see that some political parties are fueling unrest

Eugenijus Gentvilas, the elder of the Liberal Movement (LRLS) faction, also noted the continuity of Lithuania’s foreign policy towards Belarus.

“Gabriel Landsbergis does not pursue his foreign policy, this foreign policy towards Belarus is discussed, decided in all EU countries: not to recognize the alleged victory of the dictator, not to recognize the migrant crisis as legitimate and to impose economic sanctions on the regime. Let’s not say that someone in Lithuania pursues a different foreign policy from the EU, ”says E. Gentvilas.

The Liberal also stressed that political parties sometimes have a negative influence and sometimes provoke unrest among the local population over illegal migration.

“Political parties can have either a positive or a negative influence on one or another process. Municipal councils, mayors, communities. Sometimes we see that in individual cases, the influence of political parties is to stir up unrest instead of helping officials fight the crisis, ”said the elder of the LRLS faction.

He said he welcomed the ongoing debate on the introduction of a state of emergency, although at the same time said he did not yet support the idea of ​​moving to this legal regime.

“Liberals are positive that the possibility of introducing a state of emergency is being considered and analyzed, if there were no such analysis, there would be accusations, which is why we are not analyzing. Neither the president nor the leaders of political parties are in favor of imposing a state of emergency, but let government experts assess what benefits it could bring and under what circumstances, ”said E. Gentvilas.

V. Uspaskich: Labor Party for building a border on the Belarusian border

Viktor Uspaskich, the chairman of the Labor Party, emphasized that the Lithuanian state border must be protected. According to him, as a result, the Labor Party supports the initiative to build a border on the Belarusian border.

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“Lithuania is a state, it has its own state border, it must be protected. If the help of the army is needed, it must be given such an opportunity, such a mandate. “The Labor Party is really in favor of building a wall to give a mandate to protect the army,” said Uspaskich.

“These refugees need to be seen not only as refugees from some kind of war, they need to be looked at so that there is no infiltration between them. I would not like any similar events to take place in Lithuania as in 2001 in America, in Manhattan, ”he emphasized.

That is why, he said, strict controls on illegal migrants should be carried out.

V. Uspaskich also emphasized that in this crisis situation, Lithuania’s foreign policy should be common with the European Union.

J. Pinskus: whether Lithuanian foreign policy has accelerated the democratic processes in Belarus is a big question

For his part, Jonas Pinskus, Chairman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Labor Party (LSDDP), expressed concern about the results of Lithuania’s foreign policy.

“On behalf of the group and the party, I had to express such concern to the president that it is as if our foreign policy goals are good: democracy, etc. But when we analyze the results, the results are the opposite. Following these actions, which have now taken place in Belarus, we have actually lost the opposition. Opposition leaders have either fled, been arrested, or identified, “Pinskus told reporters.

Therefore, according to him, whether the Lithuanian government has accelerated the democratic processes in Belarus by its actions is a big question.

“Are we really, knowing that President Lukashenko will not give up, will we not push him into Russia’s arms and will there be 680 kilometers to our border with Belarus, or will there be Russian tanks. When analyzing the goals and analyzing the result, we really need to pay a lot of attention to the means by which we do it, ”he said.


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