Park Min-ha, the prettiest shooting youth national team.. “double slope” at the age of 16

[OSEN=장우영 기자] Child actor Park Min-ha wore the Taegeuk mark as the youth representative.

On the 8th, Park Min-ha posted on his Instagram, “Taegeuk mark. youth representative. Start training camp. I will work hard,” she posted.

In the published photos, Park Min-ha is starting training camp and is wearing a training suit with the Taegeuk mark at the dormitory and taking pictures. Recognized for her high-level shooting skills, she was selected as the youth representative and is preparing for the competition in earnest while receiving her training camp.

Earlier, Park Min-ha announced that she had become a youth representative by winning first place in the national middle and high school shooting contest during the 46th president period. From a child actor to a shooting youth national team, he is taking the lead in raising the national prestige. It is expected that she will become very popular with her beauty and skills.

Meanwhile, Park Min-ha will appear in the movie ‘Cooperation 2’, which will be released in September. /[email protected]

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