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Park Seo Joon appears in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine. In it, he explains how being persistent helped him get started in acting, a career that owes largely to the help of his colleague Kim Soo Hyun.

Ten years ago, at 21, the korean actor He faced the difficult task of getting started in the world of entertainment, being rejected over and over again, because according to the filmmakers his face was old-fashioned and his way of speaking was very naive.

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That situation led him to seriously consider the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery. However, he decided to focus his attention on improving his acting skills. Thanks to this, he managed to debut with a small role in the film Perfect game from 2011.

In the meantime, between auditions and as a part-time actor in short films, he was assisted by Kim Soo Hyun, who at the time was starring in one of the best-known hits of his career, the K-drama Dream high (KBS2, 2011)

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Kim Soo Hyun brought Park Seo Joon to his agency back then, KeyEast Entertainment. After a successful audition, the actor managed to sign with them.

The company quickly set Park Seo Joon’s career on track by getting him to appear in the MV “I remember”, single de Bang Yong Guk (group leader K-pop B.A.P.) In collaboration with Yang Yo Seob |, vocalist of HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as B2ST / BEAST).

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Then came the role of Shi Woo for the second season of Dream High 2 in 2012. After acting in another K-drama, he finally managed to get noticed in. I summon you, gold! (MBC, 2013), having surpassed 100 actors who performed at the audition.

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From then on, Park Seo Joon became one of the most requested actors. His filmography includes the K-dramas Witch’s romance, Kill me, heal me, She was pretty, What’s wrong with secretary Kim, and the last one the success of JTBC, Itaewon class.

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Park Seo Joon: before and after

The actor did not need a surgical intervention to stand out once he began to be appreciated for his talent. However, in his nine-year career, he went through several changes in style.

This is how the Fight my way actor looked in his childhood and school years.

Seo Joon Park in front of the house.  Photo: channelkoreaSeo Joon Park in front of the house.  Photo: channelkorea“/>Seo Joon Park in front of the house.  Photo: channelkoreaSeo Joon Park in front of the house.  Photo: channelkorea“/>

It should be remembered that he did not have to pause his career for military service, since he enlisted at the age of 19. As a result, not many public images of his time in the Korean military are to be found.

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This was the actor’s look during one of his first forays into television with Dream High 2.

Park Seo Joon and Dream High 2. Photo: hancinemaPark Seo Joon and Dream High 2. Photo: hancinema“/>

And this was his appearance in the 50 episode series Shut up family (2013) where he met Choi Woo Shik and they became close friends to this day.

Choi Woo Shik y Park Seo Joon.  Photo: naverChoi Woo Shik y Park Seo Joon.  Photo: naver“/>

As a fun fact, we share the kiss that he shared with his Wooga Team friend in that second K-drama Park Seo Joon worked on.

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Park Seo Joon with IU in Dream

On the other hand, Park Seo Joon prepares the premiere of his next movie, called Dream, where Acts alongside IU and Lee Hyun Woo.

Regarding the film, it is known that it will arrive at the beginning of 2021 and that it will also have the Kang Ha Neul’s special appearance.

Script reading of the movie Dream.  Photo: NaverScript reading of the movie Dream.  Photo: Naver“/>

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