Park Yeon-soo, Shim Gyeong-geul “Disposal of all property… If Ji-ah and Ji-wook live well, that’s revenge.”

picture explanationPark Yeon-soo. photo| Park Yeon-soo SNS

Actor Park Yeon-soo revealed his heart message.

On the 10th, Park Yeon-soo posted a past picture on her Instagram, saying, “It was exactly 4 years ago…”.

“I gained weight and got old. My back hurts a lot from spending all my time in the car, and I’m broke to take care of the kids after disposing of all my possessions.

Park Yeon-soo also said, “The wealth in my heart is increasing, and our Jia and Ji-wook are growing up.” If you guys become cool people and live well, that’s your revenge,” he said meaningfully.

Park Yeon-soo married Song Jong-guk, a member of the national soccer team, in 2006 and has siblings Song Ji-ah and Song Ji-wook. However, after about 9 years of her marriage, in September 2015 she divorced Song Jong-guk consensually and is raising her children alone.

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